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MLB's Controversial Decision To Stop Nats From Wearing Military Tribute Hats

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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 12:03 AM
No sport in America is more patriotic than Major League Baseball, so it was odd that the powers that be got in the way of a tribute to our fallen military heroes.

The Washington Nationals, who play their home games just down the street from the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol, wanted to wear special hats with military insignias during their game with the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday night. This was the Nats' first home game since 30 soldiers riding in a helicopter were killed in Afghanistan on August 6th. But Commissioner Bud Selig's top executives stopped it from happening.

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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 01:11 AM
I'm glad they stopped it to be honest. Being on the field is supposed to be a fantasy world that is on the tip of everyone's grasp, but remains out of the reach still. It's a world where everyone in the stands thinks about "the good ole days" once again. The fans transport themselves onto that field to be the baseball players they wanted to be when they were kids. They reflect back to whatever generation they were a part of --in the stands they ARE a part of Ted Williams, the Mick, Nolan Ryan, Ryne Sandberg and Albert Pujols and they're NOT a part of The Korean War, the Cold War, Gulf War or War on Terrorism.

When you walk up the steps and see the field for the first time, it's a magical place!

When you're watching a baseball game it truly is supposed to be a Field Of Dreams. The baseball field is not a place for real war, where we all are reminded of The Real World, but a Dream War where there are no casualties. The Baseball Field is a place where we all get together and settle our differences using a bat, a ball, not a grenade and a gun.

There are Times and Places for everything, but I say America's Past Time is Baseball, not War, although it could be seen as though, could it not? Where every baseball generation has the Drysdale, the Yaz, the Gywnn, and the Jeter, we also have SOME KIND of war or conflict to go along each generation as well, don't we?

I say leave it off the baseball field and leave war to have its own field. Can't We The People go SOMEWHERE without being reminded of war and all the politics it consumes along with the lives?

Hey, here's an idea --let us sort out our World differences on the baseball field, shall we? Or how about this? For the 2012 Major League Baseball Season, every time a base runner scores and steps on home, we bring one of our soldiers home! How about that? "From Our Home To Your Home, Baseball brings families together in their home at the dinner table where all family members have their own plate in front of them."

Baseball brings families together.

And take off all of those silly hats and leave them at the door, for once you pass within these doors and you stand within these hallowed halls of America's Past Time, STOP, and listen...shhh!....hear that?..."Let me hear ya, good and loud! A-one...a-two...a-three...TAKE, me out to the ballgame, TAKE me out with the crowd, buy me some... ...for it's ONE...TWO...THREE Strikes and yer out at the, HEY!"


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