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Finnish businessman Björn Wahlroos wants to tax our leisure time

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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 07:15 AM
Ok, found this from our national business newspaper site. Google translated it poorly, but I tried to fix some parts of it.

Bjorn Wahlroos suggests: Leisure time tax

European high taxes is the worst obstacle to economic growth, said Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sampo Bjorn Wahlroos in Helsinki on Wednesday.

- Leisure time is value. In fact, it is the only pre-tax asset. Why not be taxed, said Chairman of the Board of Sampo Bjorn Wahlroos business forum in Helsinki on Wednesday.
Wahlroos believes that free time tax neutralizes the economic decisions that people make to maximize their leisure time.

- If the work does not remain in any of the hand after tax, people do not do it, he said.

Downshifting, according to Wahlroos is "the modern communism."

- Get to work less, but then you have to accept a lower standard of living, he said.

Wahlroos calculations, only the Norwegians do less work than the Finns.

- But the Norwegians have their oil and they are already smarter.

The Finns are working about 1,500 hours a year. This is not Wahlroos that it would be a problem yet, but it becomes a problem when the work is only 35 years.

- Others do work for 45-50 years, he said.

Translated article

This person never did real work, he is from wealthy family. Now he wants us to work harder, or if we don't work, we have to pay tax of our leisure time. He is one crazy millionaire, who lets all kinds of frogs from his mouth. Earlier he said that our student financial aid should be removed. Sometimes the elites make me sick, wanting to tax from ANYTHING!
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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 01:23 PM
Silly Balkaners. Just because you gullibly give half of your income to the state doesn't mean we have to.

Nokia phones suck now, anyways. Finland will circle down the toilet soon. Rejoice!

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