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Earth School: The Next Evolution of the Human Mind(Breaking the Matrix)

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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 05:04 AM

We begin our journey into the next evolution of the Human mind as an infant, only having the basics. We have our life force energy, our imagination, our emotions, and our desire. Fortunately, these are the components of creation. The Universal mind takes the place of your parental figure and does those things that you cannot yet do for yourself, you simply have to know how to ask. An infant will cry in order to ask for the fulfillment of a desire. Lets take a moment to look at this process.

When an infant cries we must guess their desire. Is it hold me, feed me, change me, walk me, cuddle me, hold me up, too hot, too cold, too cramped, don't want to sleep and so on and so forth. After time both the parental figure and the infant learn to understand each other. Different cries for different desires. An infant will cry until the desire has been met or the desire changes. This is the same process when asking the Universal mind to fill your desire. One thought, one desire mixed with emotion. This is called forming an ideal.

This ideal is your cry to the Universe. It is our job first to learn how. When we
have a desire we cry because we are infants. We cry in the form of prayer or wishing, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, we think that it was not meant to be. When it does, we feel for the most part, short term happiness. The Universe, as a parental figure, wants us to be happy. It wants to fulfill our desires. This is called the One Principle. It is the job of the Universe to fulfill your desires, but it must be able to hear your cry and recognize your desire.

Your emotion is your cry. This is what the Universe understands. If you feel the emotion of sorrow because you do not have, the Universe will not give. If you feel the joy of having, the Universe will give. This is what is called harmonizing your vibrational frequency with the Universe. Anger, sorrow, depression, and loneliness are a few of the lower frequency emotions. The Universe vibrates much higher in frequency and does not “hear the cry” clearly. Love, happiness, joy, and bliss are a few of the higher frequency emotions and the Universe “hears your cry” loud and clear.

In order to begin making a connection to the Universal mind, you must practice harmonizing your vibrational frequency. As stated before the Universe “hears” only the higher vibrational frequencies clearly therefore to maintain a connection or harmonization, your emotions must remain in the higher frequencies. This will be difficult at first, monitoring your emotions, but with practice and new learned responses it will become much easier.

A very good place to start is paying attention to your emotions as they come to you. Recognize what they are and what caused them. You must understand that your emotions are yours and yours alone. No one or nothing can tell you how to feel. No one can make you sad or happy because they are your learned responses, not theirs. Feel compassion for those in pain, but remain in control of your own vibrational frequency. Find the way to make sadness become happiness. A very good way to help maintain the frequency is through gratitude and appreciation. Feel the emotions of gratitude and appreciation for what and whom you have in your life as often as possible. When you feel a lower vibration, recognize what it is and what truly caused it, find the happiness through the gratitude and appreciation of a better understanding and through practice and a little time your learned response will change making it easier to remain in a state of higher vibrational frequencies.

Now the Universe can hear you. The Universe actually “hears” all of your emotions to the intensity that you feel them and can, and does, work against you, as you would perceive it, and this is why. If you feel and maintain the feeling of not having enough you are telling the Universe that you don’t want enough and, because the Universe wants you to be happy and have what you desire it does not give you enough. This unfortunately can become a downward spiral. The Universe wants you to be happy and cannot understand your depression therefore continues to give you less and less until ultimately you die. Positive emotion brings positive results.

Positive emotion gets the attention of the Universe stronger and faster than a negative emotion. Now that you have its attention, how do you say “can I have abundance?” This is where it becomes a little more difficult. Visualize yourself living in abundance. See yourself having more than you need of all that you desire. Feel the emotions of gratitude and appreciation for having those desires already. With repetition of visualization and the emotion of having, your focus begins to sharpen. Your mental picture or movies become crystal clear and you believe without a doubt through the emotion of already having what you see as your desires, and your idea or desire becomes an ideal.

This strengthens your connection to the higher vibrational frequencies and gives the Universe a better understanding of what you want. It is like saying to the Universe “I would like a cookie” versus “I would like a chewy, chocolate chip cookie with fudge chunks.” Once an ideal is created, let it go, knowing that it is already yours. Trust the Universe to put it in line for you. Then the Universe manifests it into the world of form. As an infant you do not understand how it manifests only that it does. The Universe will direct you to the things it has set for you and all you have to do is listen and act. Pay attention to your feelings and “intuition”(that gut feeling). This is how the Universe communicates. You give emotion and it uses emotion to direct, so if you feel the need to do something and it feels positive, GO, DO IT. This is the process of the One Principle.

Use the process for every desire you have. Practice using it. The Universe does not understand ”small” or “large” only the ideal. Use it to receive the small things as well as the large or, as you may perceive, more complicated. Build and develop your visualizations to be sharper, clearer, and faster. Strengthen your positive emotions so you feel the higher vibrational frequencies stronger and faster. The better you get the easier it will be for you to accomplish and you can move on to be a Kindergartner.

As you practice drawing your desires to your life, you begin to realize you are actually looking toward the future and aligning yourself to receive. When you have developed the skills to draw all you, and those around you need or desire it becomes easier, cleaner, and faster. You will soon find you are stretching out to the community. It is at this point where you can see into the future, per say. When you can achieve a clear vision and the joy is full in you easily and quickly let it go. No longer focus on that desire. Obtain the clarity to the ideal and give it to the Universe joyfully knowing it has come to be, then quiet the mind in that clarity and watch its impact.

See what changes and those affected by it. As you see problems, issues, or new opportunities to help, see it as you would your desires and be joyful in its manifestation and move on. One can affect the joy and prosperity of the World. When you reach that clarity of vision, you have lowered the brain frequency of your analytical mind and raised the vibrational frequency of your creative mind. This brings you into balance. Both sides of your brain are working together on the same frequency. This is known as the Alpha state. It is in this state where creation exists. Here, you can do anything you wish with a single directed thought. For those who have developed their belief in themselves and removed limitation and all forms of doubt from their mind, this post ends here.

When you reach the clarity and emotional equivalent in an instant and your belief that what you desire will manifest is unwavering it will be instant. You no longer need even close your eyes. When you reach this point, you step into the World from School Child to Middle School.

In your practice of bringing your ideal into focus you are reaching the Alpha State. When your focus is clear, stop all action in this state. Quiet your thoughts and just be. Go into this silence and emerge yourself in it. Pictures and/or thoughts will come to you, let them flow. You will find inspirations, knowledge, and wisdom. This is the Universal Internet or Akashic Records. It holds every idea, thought, or action that has ever been, it is a complete record of consciousness. When you begin this lesson of the mental computer, you may doubt where the information is coming from. Do not doubt or the two hemispheres of your brain will slip out of balance and the vibrational frequency will be lost.

It is easy to return to this state, and will become automatic, the more, and longer you are there, but as long as you have doubt you will go no further. When the doubt is gone and you accept the knowledge being given to you, you will earn your “library card.” You can always access information, even in the beginning but as long as you have doubt you will only get pieces.

The process for looking up information is easy for some and difficult for others. When you are quiet in your Alpha state and the Universe is open, simply whisper your desire. Most people, when they think, it is in words and is not really audible in your mind. When I say whisper, I mean to make it audible in your mind as a whisper. This may take some practice. Use your analytical mind to whisper your desire to your creative mind then return to the silence. Your creative mind will then access the information from the Universe and will begin to give it to you via pictures and feelings. It will come to you as a completed understanding that may be difficult to put into words. Experience all of your senses while there and you will find a true meaning of reality. You are free to continue asking questions or begin a conversation if you like, the Universal mind will answer. Get to know this source. Soon you will come to understand that Everything is part of the whole or ONE. It is this oneness that locks the Alpha state in place and it remains open permanently. Now all that is needed is to begin the Ascension. Ascension is a philosophical word meaning, to go beyond the physical reality without mortal death or shortly after death, but either way the body is not left behind. Ascension is the next step of the evolution of the
human mind.

Once you have ascended, you are no longer bound by the physical reality, yet you may return and leave as you desire. When you ascend your body turns to light, and returns to the source but it can be retrieved at any time you wish. Because you took your body with you, you are just as physical as you wish to be.

Ascension is achieved by raising the vibrational frequency of your body. You may notice, when you are creating or manifesting your desires you are actually lowering their vibrational frequencies in order to bring it into this reality. The opposite is true when sending things into the Universe. All things return, in natures time, as the molecules break free from their physical casing and are recycled or used to create something new. Think of a world where garbage and scrap were simply given back to the Universe. Again, this is achieved by raising the vibrational frequency of every molecule.

When in your Alpha state see one molecule in your body, not your whole body because one is all you need. Focus on that molecule and see the energy as light, a golden white light. See the light grow in intensity as it vibrates faster. That molecule will make the molecules next to it raise in vibration as well and so on. There is no need to help it spread, just focus on the one. Within a short period of time, with some practice, every molecule will vibrate the same and will become light. This light is always present and is known as your Aura, however, when the vibrational frequency is raised this light becomes visible to all. When this state is reached, your body is perfect, as it was meant to be, young and vibrant, healthy and pure, in perfect shape and beautiful.

Ascension occurs when your mind and body are vibrating as one at the same frequency as the Universe. In the example of the garbage being given back you may have realized that the molecules are separated and used. This may cause fear to creep into your mind. Yes, it is true that when you ascend the molecules in your physical body are given back to the Universe. The molecules in your body right now are always coming and going as it is, so let the fears go. Those specific molecules are not needed when ascended. You are a light being with true consciousness connected to the Universal mind. You can go anywhere and do anything in the process of learning the more detailed lessons of the Universe. If and/or when you choose to become physical you simply create the ideal or body, bring it into focus and lower your vibrational frequency. Ascension is the goal, the graduation from Earth school.

In all things we learn the basics in order to compound our ideas or concepts, to make bigger more complex understandings. Once the basics are understood, the imagination comes into play. Our imagination takes known understandings and compounds them with others to form new understandings or desires. It is then when we become human. We become creators within our own mind. It is at this point when we truly begin to express ourselves as an individual. That expression develops into a desire to be known and the ego is born. We need to impress to move forward. This is the first step away from the whole or unity of all things, and we get caught up in the maze of amazement.

We travel through this maze of life amazing either ourselves or others. Being caught up in this maze further separates us from the whole and our own abilities and power, for we remain in the world of supposed reality and our imagination becomes stagnant to this world. Yes, we may imagine ourselves as superheroes but, we do not truly believe we are that super hero, simply because we are taught that humans are limited and we do not develop those abilities. Instead we look to technology to accomplish those feats for us. We get caught up in the mundane day to day activities and the majority of our desires are for self and those around us whom we deem important. This final step solidifies our separateness from the whole.

So as we get caught up in the maze of amazement we forget there is an end to the maze and that the path of life continues on to the mountain of knowledge and power. Some call this mountain “the mountain of enlightenment,” others call it “God,” and yet others call it “the universal mind or energy,” but no matter how you see it or what you call it, this mountain must be climbed in order to comprehend the universal understanding beyond the obvious physical world. Throughout history, kings and queens, governments, religious leaders, and most other forms of outside authority, have maintained control over mankind and have hindered the growth into the next evolutionary step of the human mind. This has been done simply by taking control of the separateness that is perceived to be and by creating new limitations within the minds of the people.

The definition of “leader” has changed throughout history. It has gone from “one who shows the way” to “one who is in control and must be obeyed.” The reason for this is to form civilizations and to teach respect and proper ways of living together and working for the whole, a logical step to bring the people back to the oneness. However, we as a people place so much trust and adornment in our leaders that being a leader is coveted and the control of the people is desired. The classes were born. Because the taught oneness is simply that city, region, or country, even the oneness has remained limited, Which has strengthened the separation factor of the individual. Because we, the people, are not taught that all is within our power and ability, we look toward technology and again we are limited to our understandings of the perceived reality. Through all of our learned frames of reference from all sides we have come to accept a simple existence of life and death, and only dream of more. Most of us feel there is more, but have not the knowledge to find it. These are the secrets of life.

All of us, from time to time, see these secrets but do not recognize them as truth, We feel they are beyond our capability, or are deemed as, “from the devil.” There have been many teachers or leaders, in the true sense, that have attempted to help us understand, but have been quieted by those in control, because they would lose their assumed control, thus mankind sits in stagnation.

Mankind was meant to be limitless in understanding, ability, power, and creation. Even death is a conscious choice. People believe that one must die and due to our stagnation we do. The blockage of energy, due to non use creates dis-ease and we have become sick. Our bodies become bogged down and the cells die, our energy flow stops and we wither away to our deaths. Those of us who live a healthy life still die because we believe we are supposed to and we succumb to it.

As you can see, through this post, there are patterns we all go through in our growth and development. As we learn and understand we progress, when we stop or slow down we become stagnant, grow old and die. The free flowing energy or life force gives us life and health, when blocked it becomes stagnant. Its vibrational frequency drops or slows down and manifests into the physical in the form of dis-ease like cancer.

Therefore the lessons we have from our youth are learn and grow, understand and develop, maintain and use the life force energy, and oneness with all. The process into the mind is also the same as we used to get where we are today. As we used them to grow, learn, and develop into who we are today, so can we use them to be who we will be tomorrow.

Sound creates vibrations in the molecules of the air. As we communicate with each other using words, we create varied vibrational frequencies which are recorded by the Universe and dissipate back to their original vibration. There are some words that contains, in their sounds, higher frequencies than others. For instance the word “God”is the highest vibrational frequency. The word ॐ or OM , pronounced AUM, is the second highest vibrational frequency, and when translated into English, I AM, it is the third highest vibrational frequency.

The vibrational frequencies are higher when they are sung or intoned. Intoning is the use of sounds spoken in a singing fashion by drawing out each of their sounds. The statement I AM GOD begins in a very high vibrational frequency and ascends to the highest. This statement vibrates the molecules in the air so fast that all the molecules in the area begin to match the frequency and it takes much longer for them to return to their normal state.

Intoning changes our vibrational frequency as well. We feel this change and we see it as joyful or empowering. The same is true with music and song. The difference between intoning, music, and song is, in intoning you are focusing on the specific vibrations and in singing or music it is the vibrational variance. That vibrational roller coaster, if you will. Different people enjoy this variance in different ways, and thus there are many different styles.

When you understand what each sounds vibrations feel like, both in a physical and emotional way, you are able to alter your own vibrational frequencies in order to raise or lower your personal frequency as needed. The higher your frequency, the more connected to the whole you are and become. Through the use of your voice to alter your frequency you can, obviously pick yourself up when you are down, but also form a connection to the Universal mind. This connection will enable you to see, feel, and hear the vibrational frequencies around you. You will see the energy fields around all animate and inanimate things. You will feel those frequencies when you come into its vibratory field. Low vibrations feel heavy and depressing and high vibrations feel light and joyful. Lies and deceit are seen as small and dark, where the truth is seen as large and bright. You will hear those vibrations as tones or hums. This is how the Universe sings its beautiful song of creation. You can then pick and
choose by vibrational frequency what you have in your home to surround you.The more you practice using your senses in regards to vibrational frequencies the more you will understand all that is around you.

You will soon realize, once you feel, see, and hear confidently, that this is a realm of communication. You will come to know the needs of plants, animals, and the people around you. Ascended Masters are always around you guiding you through your lessons, but when you have raised your vibrational frequencies, they become visible and real to you. You can contact them in many ways and if you have practiced the previous techniques, you may have already met them. Any technique you use you must raise your vibrational frequency to meet theirs. These Ascended Masters are guides and teachers that have ascended and have chosen to help all of Mankind in the ascension process. This is not the realm of darkness, it is the realm of light. Darkness and evil exist in the minds of man and reside at a very low vibrational frequency. Anyone you meet at a higher frequency will be of light and therefor, good. They are here to help all of us. They take true joy in your success of lessons learned and their goal is to help you ascend.

Plants, animals, and subconsciously, humans are drawn to someone of a higher frequency. They trust these people easily. Please, do not miss interpret strength of vibration with height of frequency. Most people do, and thus lower frequency beings are put into positions that are meant for higher frequency beings. This is where mistrust and corruption begin.

While maintaining a higher frequency, plants and animals around you thrive, and are healthy. One story to show this point is this;

A man of higher frequency purchased a cactus. Every day he talked to his cactus and assured it that it was safe. He expressed love toward his cactus, telling it that it no longer needed its needles to protect itself for he would be his protector. One day, when the man went to his cactus, as he always did, he found that the cactus had indeed shed its needles and was healthier than ever.

Animals of all kinds come to and follow those in a higher vibrational frequency. Even animals that have been deemed dangerous will come gently and lovingly without fear and aggression. Here is an example of the Animal World using these vibrational frequencies. A shark has a low frequency. It seeks out low frequencies that show age, sickness, or injury. This makes it easier to hunt. A dolphin has a much higher vibrational frequency. It also hunts in this way but, a dolphin senses love and equality for beings of higher frequencies. Humans have the same vibratory level as dolphins. It is slightly different in frequency but the same level. This is why a dolphin will come to humans without aggression but, will also protect humans from a shark. You might have guessed, if the humans vibrational frequency is high enough the shark wont attack anyway.

Vibrational frequencies also produce color that humans may see. It isn’t just dark and light or shades of grey. These fields are vibrant in color. It is true that lower frequencies are darker and higher frequencies are brighter, but there is color associated with both. These colors fall predominantly into four main colors associated with the elements of life. Earth is yellow, Water is blue, Air is white, and Fire is red.

The color of an energy can tell us many different things. The chart below shows the color and its vibrational influence. The one true color of the highest frequency is Violet. Violet is a mix between Love, Clean, and Pure. It is the vibrational frequency of true Spirit. The true highest vibrational frequency of Humans is White-Gold. White-Gold is pure light.

Humans have the ability to visualize and generate these colors in vibrational frequency and use it on themselves or any other thing they desire to help. With them we heal, warm and love, clean and purify anything we touch with intent. These energies are brought to us by our desires from the Universe and is unlimited thus, does not deplete our personal life force energy. Therefor, all energy is available at the moment of our desire to fulfill our ideal without fail, or harm to ourselves.

Karma, simply put is the Universes way of maintaining balance within itself. It returns what is sent out regardless of the height of frequency. Let us imagine that the Universe is a pail of water. It is in true balance, and is level. When you drop a stone into this pail of water, the stone causes three symmetrical waves to expand one after another in all directions. Call this the energy you have sent out into the Universe. These three rings continue outward until they impact the outer edge of the pail then return at the same speed to the center one after another until the surface is again level. Call this the Universe balancing out and returning that energy to you. Like wise, if you take energy, the Universe, in order to form balance, will take from you.

We send out energy into the Universe constantly, through our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. Most of us send both high and low frequencies and they return to us the same. We have come to accept this as normal day to day activities, the “highs and lows” of life. When we are sad, angry, or depressed, we radiate out low frequencies and that is what we receive more of, three times. When we are happy, joyful, or loving that is what we receive more of, also three times. When we send out low or perceived negative energy we receive more and if this pattern is not changed we fall deeper and deeper into this vibrational downward spiral until the desire for death is seen. With a simple change of thought and emotion the opposite is also true.

Becoming positive/of a higher frequency is difficult at first because the residual waves sent out before are still returning to you. However, if you choose to maintain that higher frequency, once all the lower vibrations have returned, you will have the higher vibrations to look forward to. You can remain here simply by keeping positive thought, emotions, words, and actions. These vibrational waves travel at faster speeds and are more intense when the energy sent out involves other people or other forms of life. So, as I am sure you understand the implications of the positive/negative, I will continue. The Karma of others can affect you and vice versa if the emotions are felt along with the recipient of the Karmic action. In other words, if someone around you wins the lottery and you feel the positive emotions, you are sending them out. If someone you know loses someone and in your compassion, you feel sad, that is what you are sending out. It is positive to feel compassion for the person but, if you assume the emotions of that person, that negativity or low vibration is what will return to you.
Emotion is a very personal feeling. Sometimes we choose to share the same emotion but, you must realize that the emotions someone feel are theirs and you need to decide your emotion to better help that other person. Joy helps joy but, sorrow feeds sorrow. Life is truly what you feel inside. Emotions are the key AND the lock in regards to your experiences in the Universe. Feel the Love , Joy, happiness, and Bliss and they will be yours. If you share your abundance with others, that abundance is returned three fold.

Your brain is such a wonderful and complex organ, with all its intricacies of function. Our brains work much like the internet in the sense of recall, much faster, much more detailed, but maybe not so accurate at times, but the same principal. Pictures, audio, and video are stored in specific places. Pictures on a computer are simple shapes the computer put together making the loading faster. It also remembers commonly occurring images. On the internet, you do a search for information and a list of resources comes up to choose from. The brain is alike in that you have many experiences and knowledge stored in many places in the memory centers. A memory is an event in your past and is recorded chronologically in your life, it is also recorded in visual memory and audible memory as well as smell, taste, and touch. It is also recorded in emotional memory and as a whole and in part in every cell in your body, as it experienced that memory. As on the internet one link does not give you every Piece of the information on one page, so are memories. A mental memory may not be a complete memory. In an example; Your visual or audio memory may have missed a change of attitude that the vibratory senors in your sense of feeling or your emotional sense, also known as empathy, may have picked it up. In order to have a true memory you must return in your mind and experience it again, paying attention to the
whole. The more you live your life in the whole the easier it will be to return to those memories. When you have learned to return easily, you can enter into the alpha state or One Mind and experience your desired knowledge from all of your memory senses. This is where mental time and dimensional travel begin to become possible.

In order to achieve the clarity in focus you must have a healthy clean brain. The brain goes through its cellular life and death cycle every nine months.`Every nine months you have abrand new brain. By eliminating drugs, including alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, and fluoride you can and will heal itself with proper care. The entire brain benefits in healing, growth, strength, and smoothness of flow from broccoli, fish oil, and exercising. Both physical and mental exercise are needed. Mental exercise is achieved by learning constantly, problem solving, and practicing its functions. If you are practicing any of the techniques in this book you are well on your way. Assuming that you have added broccoli, fish oil, and exercise to your diet it will be used in conjunction with the following; If you have problems with A.D.D., concentration, or focus, add proteins and lower carbs until balance is achieved. And write out your goals. If you have problems with distraction, too many options, or your error detection, add carbs and lower proteins. Or, if you have problems with your emotions, do not believe everything you think and maintain a positive attitude through gratitude and appreciation and naturally sweetened chocolate. In all accounts you should understand the importance of your brain in its function and abilities.

There are several truths that must be remembered and practiced for proper function of the brain. Take responsibility for your own happiness, practice forgiveness, and compassion. Emotions are connected to the heart by way of endorphins, focus on gratitude, practice meditation, and mind fullness, live a life inspired by purpose, cultivate positive and nourishing relationships, and see the beauty in all things around you. Positive thoughts grow the brain, negative thoughts shrink the brain. Sex is very good for the brain. It is considered food for the brain. It develops the memory sensors, creates regeneration, and relieves stress, not to mention the positive effects on the emotional centers and cardiovascular system. It is considered one of the best forms of exercise for the body and brain. There is however, a down side to sex. Each time you climax, you release some of your Life force energy. This energy expelled is traditionally charged with Love, but rarely is done today. The focus is on the physical predominately, not emotional. This Life force energy is readily available but it does not replenish itself without rest. You must consciously draw it into yourself. The process for replenishing your Life force energy is the use of violet energy known as the true spirit. Close your eyes, until you can see it with them open, and visualize a pillar of violet energy and go to the alpha state. Each time you inhale you bring in this energy. Each time you exhale you release the dark used energy you have in you. Continue this until you are full and you feel radiant and alive. Allow the pillar to dissipate and feel the positive emotions of gratitude for this Life. The more you use this technique the healthier, younger, and more beautiful you become. Aging will cease to occur. When you have learned to hold a continuous flow, an automatic response, the pillar is no longer needed and you breath in this Life force energy all the time. When your brain is healthy, you are healthy, below is a list activities and foods to develop a strong healthy brain;

    Protect your brain at all costs.

    Avoid toxic substances

    Feed the brain right (lean protein, low sugar, and Omega 4 fatty acids)

    Water, water and water

    new learning is essential

Exercise is essential ie. Aerobic and coordination activities like table tennis, Frisbee, or Hack sack Eat positive foods like Salmon, tuna, Avocados, Red Bell Peppers, Jalapenos, Oranges, Spinach, Gingko Biloba, Blueberries, Almonds, Walnuts, Oatmeal, Turkey, Green Tea, and Multi vitamins The mind is just as important as the brain. If you do not care for it, practice using it, and develop it, it will be lost to you, leaving only the analytical brain doing all the work and your artistic or creative mind trying to get an image in edge wise. Your brain works using electrical impulses. Your mind works on thoughts and images. If you ignore your creative and imaginative side, you lose the ability to turn an idea into an ideal. Practice using your imagination through meditation and imagery.

First begin with small single items and master them before moving onto more complex items or scenes. Picture an Orange. Use your imagination to see it in its entirety. The color shades, the texture, the weight, size, temperature, smell, etc. Peal it. Add your other senses of taste, smell, and texture. Experience that Orange as though you are really eating one. Feel the energy you receive from it. Obviously, if you do not care for Oranges chose something else but, the key is to use all your senses. When you see your imagination as an experience your brain believes it to be real. The same synopsis fire, the same, muscle reactions, even the heart rate and breathing are the same. This was understood in the nineteen eighties, when a study on Olympians was performed In order to see the functions of the brain during visualization. This once more builds and trains you to enter the Alpha state and again this is the place of creation.

When you are consistent with your imagery begin your practice of day dreaming. With your eyes open, in your mind form a story and be there. See your vision in front of you. Either an item or a place, whatever, wherever, whoever, and whenever. See it as real around you. This practice will lead to the powers we all have yet, lye dormant within ourselves. These are manifesting and travel. Manifesting takes place when we achieve the clarity in our daydream and allow it to be. All things exist in all points of space, as shown in Quantum Physics. When we put it there in our minds it is there, we must simply just allow it to be there as we see it. This is true with ideals that are not physical manifestations. In example; a true manifestation would be bringing into being many fish or loaves of bread, but also it is the ability to fly, walk on water, or move the mountain.

Travel takes place when you visualize another place and that place is clear around you to all your senses and you accept it as real. This is commonly known as teleportation. You can teleport to anywhere and anytime you choose to be. Travel is instant and complete. Another power you will discover along the way is called remote viewing. The United States Government, F.B.I., and C.I.A. did experiments in the nineteen sixties that show remote viewing is possible and has been used in service to the country. Remote viewing is the ability to enter the Alpha state and focus on a place or person and see it or them in actual time. It is the last focus before the conscious choice to teleport or be there. The difference between remote viewing and preparation to teleport is, in remote viewing, the bodies vibration is lowered in order to raise the brains frequency, and in teleportation they are both raised.

The imagination can also be developed by forming mental puzzles. These puzzles are seen as multiple ideals in the form of puzzle pieces that can be put together in many ways to create a super puzzle of ideals. By consciously putting the puzzles together a truer Understanding of those ideals occurs. This strengthens the connection to the whole and helps you take on the conscious use of your file system. Which in turn strengthens the minds connection to the brain, bringing the balance of vibrational frequencies within the Mind, which again places you in the Alpha state And, there is the obvious and easiest way to use your imagination which is simply to visualize the latest book. read, Read, READ. Reading builds ideas both realized and unrealized and helps to supply new ideal puzzle pieces.

Meditation is a form of using your brain and developing your Mind.. Meditation is the relaxation of the body. Feeling it become heavy as it is being relaxed. This lowers the physical bodies vibration. Through relaxation and controlled breathing, deep and slow, the focus can be put on thought, which raises the brains frequency and places you into the Library or One Mind described before. It is easier for most people to begin access in this fashion and it teaches the body to be comfortable in this state. Relaxation releases stress which can be a hindrance or block of thought or energy flow. To move forward you must lean to energize and raise the bodies vibrations without tension or stress. This again leads to ascension.

You will notice all of the techniques presented lead to the same objective. You may be wondering, why then you need to practice and strengthen them all instead of choosing one path. This is development of all your powers or abilities brings you to the whole understanding. Not only in a complete Understanding of the Whole we belong to.

In learning forward movement we learn to crawl, walk, skip, trot, hop, jump, run, and sprint. All of which achieve the same end but different speeds of action. We learn them all because one may be needed , where another may not be the most logical way. As we would not sprint three feet, we also would not crawl the mile, unless of course you needed to do so.

The objective is ascension to the Whole or One Universal Mind. And although this goal can be reached through one path it makes it much more difficult to use another technique in the ascended state, without complete understanding of it, and there is a higher chance of self doubt, which lowers the vibrational frequency and the goal is lost. However, you can achieve Oneness and ascend simply by removing doubt, finding Universal Love, and have true belief in that, what you want or desire is true and manifest, at which point, practice is not necessary and you realize your Oneness with the Whole. The truth is, this is all that holds you back, that and being in the Alpha state permanently.

Once you learn and accept the lessons to an Understanding and you have achieved your goal or ideal those lessons are cast away and forgotten because it ’is the goal, ideal, or Understanding that holds the importance. We teach others the way through Understanding and our achieving of the goal. It is the simple job of acceptance and belief that the student need to do to also achieve this goal. It is our own doubt and recognition of the Alpha state that holds us back.The powers of the Universe are for the use of any and all forms of consciousness. At this point only Mankind has had a realization of consciousness. These powers are as easy as we allow them to be. The One and True adversary we meet and must overcome is the self, in the form of doubt. Therefore, once you have defeated and removed all limiting doubt from your being, your path becomes clear, unobstructed, and clear. For most of us this is the most difficult of all Understandings.

We begin to see the origins of doubt in the toddler. It actually begins earlier but until that toddler express verbally I CAN”T, it is simply limited understanding. I CAN’T is the opposite of I AM and when uttered places limitation. It is at this young and impressionable point that it is much easier to say I CAN’T than to say What is the process. As we go through our lives and experiences we realize or are taught the steps to achieve what we previously could not do, but the power of the I CAN’T has already taken hold. We use it a lot more often than most of us realize. The brain is our computer and it does what we, our mind tells it what or what not to do. It takes all the input information from all the senses and emotion then awaits the order from the mind. If the brain receives the frequency, I CAN’T it files it away for future rebuttals to the minds commands. When you say, I AM, the brain says Waite, you said I CAN’T therefore you are Not. The vibrational frequency of the I AM effects the brain but the doubt or I CANT applies tension and the frequency does not rise as far and as fast. The emotional frequency of I CANT is disappointment where the frequency of I AM is true joy. You then have conflicting emotions, like the stretching of a rubber band between the two, thus limitation.

In order to remove doubt you must convince the brain that previous commands are not valid in the now. These commands are previous learned responses from an emotional and/or verbal command. In order to live in the now as it truly is, you must remove or release those learned responses. Looking at our brain as the computer we can simply delete or change the programming. Unfortunately, most of us have trouble simply saying to the brain Let go of the commands of my past memories and listen to them only when they are given. So the process is one at a time, file by file, what you say and how you say it is very important when talking to yourself so be careful.

When we are young and we try something new, and fail, we say I CANT the Understanding of the parental figure after that statement is YET, but the young feel the emotion of depression in failure. Later in life we learn to accomplish that specific act through practice. With practice we achieve and with achieving we release the depression of failure to the joy of success, but until we release the doubt It does not become second nature and is simply done.

In the release of doubt is the perfection. Nervousness in an action shows the lack of perfection. Thus, doubt has not completely been overcome. All that is accomplished is done by the release of doubt and the command of I AM. Each process is designed, ultimately to release the doubt. For, without doubt the process is second nature. You do not have to think about getting out of your chair, walking over, reaching out and flipping the switch to turn on the light. You simply think Turn on the Light and move through the process. Once the process is Understood and the doubt is released the emotions or reactions are basically a single thought. For most of us, doubt is our only wall or obstacle. Belief is therefore our key, but remember, once it is unlocked and your belief has cleared the way, belief must be released as well, for it too becomes second nature. You do not consciously believe you can turn on the light. You just do it. Turning on a light is the same as moving a mountain when this has been realized,Understood and accepted.
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I found that very interesting
Most athletes I think will agree with the importance of visualisation and focus so to me its not a stretch to bring it a step or two further.

Well put together.
I will come back to this.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:01 AM

God is the divine principle flowing through you and is ALL. All that God is YOU ARE. You are a Christ of God, a God-Man. All that God is, is for God-Man to use.Thus when you can say I AM you are entitled to use All substance in an unlimited capacity. The Human mind can do Anything it desires to do with a single directed thought.We are not going to get into techniques on how to prepare for using powers, because that should have been learned using and living the Law of Attraction. We are going to take a few examples of powers and give you a process in which to follow for each one. As stated before you have the ability to do anything. Throughout History, if you look hard enough, you will find people who have accomplished this. The flying monk, healers, shape shifters, levitaters, teleporters, mental telepathy, telekinesis, mediums, etc. etc. etc. They have shown the way.


Teleportation uses visualization. This visualization must be as crystal clear as being there. Every detail must be realized. Every rock, tree, brick in every building, position of the Sun or Moon. You must also be able to perceive every part of all your senses. Once you have achieved this "picture" you simply "be there". If you do not succeed stop and remember, your lack of success is due to you limiting yourself and not BEING the One.


Levitation uses both Energy and Visualization. First move the Energies of the Universe rapidly through your body from the Crown Chakra downward and onto the Earth. This helps in creating a magnetic field beneath you. Then feel that magnetic field push you up. Visualize yourself being lifted by helium balloons from beneath you. Don't open your eyes to check, this will make you loose concentration until you are proficient in the meditation. Always remember to lower yourself by decreasing the energy and visualize yourself coming to a soft landing. We don't want injuries. I will give you the understanding of flight once you have mastered levitation. It can be extremely dangerous, as loss of concentration can lead to injury or death.


The healing of another is one of the true selfless things you can do. It is the giving of energy to another for their well being. In the beginning, as you learn to heal, you go through a process of energy work. Then as you get better and release doubt within your own mind it becomes faster and more complete. First you place your dominant hand on the one to be healeds head, picture and feel a light blue (Water) energy flowing in your recessive hand through your body and down through the body of the one being healed. See it pushing black flakes out the bottoms of their feet. When you see the blue energy flowing clean and pure stop the flow and watch it drain from them. Second, bring in the yellow healing (Earth) energy in from your recessive hand and into their body through you dominant hand. This time see it pool in the body, not flowing out like the blue energy. See it fill them. Notice bright spots in the body, these are the points being healed. When the energy balances out to a uniform color open the gates of the feet and let it drain. Third and fourth, repeat the second step with white (Air) energy to purify the body and red (Fire) energy to fill with love and warmth. Always remember to give thanks to the One for their healing and rejoice in its success. By the way, if you will notice, I never said "Person". This is because it is the same for Rocks, Plants, and Animals as well as yourself.


All things have a vibrational frequency. It is there whether or not you feel it. The vibrational frequency of the physical world is between 7.23MHz and 14.79MHz. The Human mind can think at 23.7MHz. This in no way limits the potential vibrational frequency. Invisibility is achieved by raising your bodies frequency to beyond this level. Fill your body with Golden white light. The more intense this energy is the higher the bodies vibrational frequency. Taking your vibrational frequency higher begins to turn you to light and can and will lead to ascension.

-Shields and Protection-

Creating a shield in order to protect yourself or others can be accomplished in two different ways. The first is the radiance of Love. Love, when generated strong enough, will cause the would be attacker to divert their attack either completely or cause them to turn on themselves. The second is by lowering the vibrational frequency of your aura (personal energy field) and/or the auras of others causing it to solidify. This is done by radiating your energy out to its farthest point and concentrating it. Both techniques take much practice.

-Mental Telepathy-

Mental telepathy is the ability to move objects with your mind. This is achieved by focusing you personal energy to a fine point and reaching out with it. Light switches are a good way to practice this. Focus on the switch, reach out with your energy and visualize it pulling on the switch. Try seeing your energy as a rubber band stretching tighter and tighter until the tension pulls the switch. Larger objects are just as easy. Size and weight are only relative to your personal doubt. Remember, Gravity only works when you need it to or by default if you are not choosing to turn it off.


Telekinesis is achieved by going into the silence and connecting to the Akashic records, focusing in on the one you wish to communicate with and doing it. The same is true for remote viewing (watching someone or something from a distance) .

-Fire or energy balls-

All this is is generating large amounts of energy in a focused spot and throwing it. This should only be practiced on inanimate nonflammable objects. Higher beings have very little use for this because defense is preferred over offense.

-Seeing the Future-

Seeing the future is done by entering the silence and the Akashic records, recognizing a path in which events are moving, applying that information to similar or identical paths from the path an seeing the outcome. Then taking that information and forming an educated guess. This sounds like a lot and time consuming but it actually happens in an instant if you are truly focused. Remember the future is not set and can be accepted, altered, or changed depending on the decisions made or actions taken.

-Shape Shifting-

With-in the Human DNA are the codes for every living thing from this planet, past or present. Your cell structure remembers all of it. Go into the silence, then the Akashic records, remember what it was like, choose to become and BE.

-Astral Projection-

Projecting yourself astrally is done through a deep meditation. Make sure you are in a safe place that you will not be bothered. If you are awoken your astral body will return in an instant and it can be disorientating. Feel your body becoming heavier and heavier but at the same time feel your mind becoming lighter and lighter. Picture and feel yourself rising out of your body. Your first several times you will feel one of two sensations just prior to the actual separation, spinning or shaking. These sensations can be severe. This is because your astral body is not used to being separate and has formed a strong connection to your physical body. Once you have gone through this period of spinning or shaking your astral body is free. Movement and travel are controlled by your thoughts. You are not limited to locations or times during astral travel. In order to return to your body you simply focus on returning to it and you are there.

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Good stuff.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 09:56 AM
Thank you so much for this thread. I have been looking for this info.
And UTUBE is no help

I already U2U'd you with some more personal question's.

Do you think that Jesus came from this source of light.
I believe he may have from him saying I am the light.
I am not of this world.


posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 01:30 PM
Fascinating! So much soulfood. A lot of it will just fly over the free will of many though. Those who've schosen to remain downgraded.

The wisdom need to be shared nonetheless, especially in these times!

Thank you OP, S+F!

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 02:39 PM

Star and Flag.

It took me most of the afternoon to go over the information. This very well may be the most complete and well-rounded spiritual thread I have read on ATS. You articulated wonderfully how to purify and strengthen mind, body, and spirit, as well as how to be aware of our true potentials. This thread is most definitely a sparkling gem. By personal experience and understanding, you have presented us with truth.

I am so glad to be here 'now,' in a time where such knowledge is openly shared and not confined to esoteric circles, occultist cabals, medicine-men, shaman, witches, wizards, or the inner sanctums of religious hierarchies.

I am but a humble student and seeker, but for what it's worth, I fully approve this thread.

May many gain from this thread, and may you be blessed in your efforts to openly share.
Peace and Love be with you Agarta.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 03:24 PM
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Thanks for posting! looking forward to digging in!

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:15 PM
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ty so much for posting this
as someone who has only recently changed my thought process this explains much of my new found excitement

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:53 PM
Star and Flag!
Going to read over the next day..need to give my self some time to digest it all. Thank you!

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 07:13 PM
Wonderful post, thank you so much. I find this forum to have the best content on ATS and on the net in general. Amazing stuff, thanks for the contribution.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 07:18 PM
I do not believe the Universe gives a # about you. Really I don't....

There is no explanation for the death of babies that I will accept. I am not sure how any caring universe would rip the new life from someone like that. There may be a medical reason...but not a philosophical religious reason that I will accept.

There are MANY other things out there that I can point to but the universe caring? please... We are probably watched like farm animals and nothing more.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 07:36 PM

Originally posted by Old77
I do not believe the Universe gives a # about you. Really I don't....

There is no explanation for the death of babies that I will accept. I am not sure how any caring universe would rip the new life from someone like that. There may be a medical reason...but not a philosophical religious reason that I will accept.

There are MANY other things out there that I can point to but the universe caring? please... We are probably watched like farm animals and nothing more.

I can conceive of an individual who would want to know and experience what it is like to be a baby that dies. The point of being a physical human is to learn from within the limitations and the feelings. Though it is harsh... dying as a baby is a conceivable condition therefore it will be explored by a consciousness somewhere to better help the All understand itself by experiencing itself within itself.

Be thankful to the individual who chose to experience this, and compassionate to the burden they took on in choosing to learn from such an experience.

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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 07:57 PM
Great presentation of much wisdom! Great topics for the Metaphysical/Philosophy forum as well.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 08:14 PM

Originally posted by Old77
I do not believe the Universe gives a # about you. Really I don't....

There is no explanation for the death of babies that I will accept. I am not sure how any caring universe would rip the new life from someone like that. There may be a medical reason...but not a philosophical religious reason that I will accept.

There are MANY other things out there that I can point to but the universe caring? please... We are probably watched like farm animals and nothing more.

I realize you have probably heard different ways to explain this but I would like to throw out my belief, having lost a child to SIDS.

I believe that a Soul, being a conscious entity with a purpose, enters into this life for multiple reasons. It may need to understand something, learn a lesson and/or help other Souls to find understanding or lessons within its physical life. The teachings of the Masters are that we are all part of the ONE and work together in a spiritual realm toward that ONE. Physical life is the first of these lessons. Whether it is compassion, love, hate, depression etc. these lessons are chosen before birth into the physical realm. In the case of a child prematurely passing that Soul may have chosen to go through that process simply to help those of us in the physical to understand our own lessons or only needed to learn a single or few lessons that we of the physical may take for granted. Having learned the lesson the death(as we call it) or the metamorphosis into the higher realms occurs.

It is said, we are closest to enlightened understanding at birth and death and it is the time between in which we learn our lessons. As we are part of the ONE and the goal is to Love the ONE we must love all equally and this is a hard lesson indeed. I personally have a hard time loving the Rapist or Murderer equal to my family(but that is a lesson that is on me to learn as I am not qualified to tell anyone their lessons). However, we all do have our lessons and challenges that we must face and learn. It is our limited understanding of True Spirit that effects our emotions and thus our lessons on acceptance and/or understanding.


posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 09:00 PM

If you are practicing any of the techniques in this book you are well on your way.

Book? What book is this an excerpt from?

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 09:07 PM
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The thread post is an online book I wrote a couple of years ago and thought I would post it here. I thought I had changed all the references to the book version but I must have missed it. You can download it as a PDF here I guess I will give out my real name along with it. If you scroll down you will see the copyright is Agarta Enterprises.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 09:23 PM
Thank you for this thread. I just recently learned about our vibrations and frequency last week when I participated in a webinar. There were ten thousand who participated. After learning some of what you posted here, we did a group meditation, which was an amazing experience. Thank you so much for posting this.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 10:07 PM
Hi Agarta, a lot of information here, thanks for the thread. I am a bit confused though....I thought Telekinesis was moving objects with your mind and Telepathy was reading thoughts? Is this incorrect?

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 10:23 PM
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Amazing stuff Agarta. This is some of the best information I have seen in a long time.

I especially enjoyed the segment about paying attention to your emotions. This I have always thought is a very important part of knowing ones self.

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