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Who started the Tea Party?

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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 03:44 AM
Yep you guessed it, Who is dominating the 2012 political debate 4 years ahead of time? yeah you guessed it. Which way is the wind blowing in the republican party. You know who it is.

Ron Paul inspired the modern day tea party, and republicans in order to not get destroyed are pandering and displaying insincere rhetoric to stay relevant on today's topics.
The republicans candidates are treating the public like children, they don't really believe the garbage they say, You know its true just look at the past 60 years of governance in our country.

Ron Paul lives and votes and acts with the constitutional principles . NOT AS A PUNCHLINE!
You must vote for Ron Paul

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 03:50 AM
What's the use? Haven't you heard the MSM? He can't win!!

RON PAUL 2012!!!

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 03:51 AM
no one watches the news on tv anyway!!!!

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:01 AM
It was not RP
It was some old guys in boston.
And I am glad they did.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 01:44 AM
How deep down the rabbit hole are you willing to go to answer that question?
It is not something that is left up to Ronny or some old man in Boston, I assure you.
It would not logically explain the huge waves of people at one time.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 04:42 AM
What in the hell is the fascination with this guy? I have to admit it... I do like the guy. But I sure as hell don't want this guy for President. I'd like to see him appointed head of the Federal Reserve though.

Financially, he's a genious. He knows the ins and outs of the banking industry like nobody's business and also has the CORRECT views on the follies of said system. I very much admire him for that.

Foriegn policy wise, the guy's a complete kook! Were it for people like him, Hitler would have run over the world. His views on Iran having nuclear weapons strikes me as being profoundly stupid! I just don't get it. When a nation's leader make it expressly clear that they want Israel wiped off the map, how in the hell can you sit there and conclude that their motivation for desiring these weapons is to garner more respect from superpower nations? When your neighbor informs you that he's going to kill another neighbor then buys a roll of carpet and a big ol' shovel what do you do? Do you assume he wants to carpet the frostline or do you conclude he's probably prepping to do the job? Then what do you do? NOTHING?!?!?

That said, I really do admire the guys tenacity, his honesty and his absolute, inside out knowledge of finance, but I simply cannot support him for President. His foriegn policy views are, in my humble opinion, shaky at best.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by Rafale

Is the biggest issue with your country currently the threat of iran to isreal or your economy? sounds like you are voting about the former when you should be more concerned about the latter.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 08:32 AM
It is my lot in live to burst your bubble.

I remember very well a tea party rally being held in Montgomery, Alabama in 2002.

This was in protest to the state's new governor changing the way for property taxes being collected.

Some of the main proponents for this rally were two Birmingham talk show hosts; Russ and Dee Fine.

They are, sadly, no longer working in this capacity however. They made the "mistake" of pointing out some really bad positions held by this same governor on the day he was to entertain a visit by George W Bush.

They were fired while on air so as to send a strong message for anyone else who wanted to continue looking into such matters.

As such things often back fire; the stations ratings fell so far and fast, they changed from the talk show format and have "powered down" so much they are barely heard outside of Birmingham.

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