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Ron Paul clobbers Rick Perry in latest poll

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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 05:11 PM

Answering the question, “If the Texas Republican primary were held today, which presidential candidate would you be most likely to vote for?” 22 percent of those polled selected Mr. Paul. Just 17 percent of respondents voted in favor of Mr. Perry. The poll comes just days after Mr. Perry announced his intention to seek the Republican presidential nomination. The Texas Republican governor had hinted at an entry earlier this year, testing levels of support for his candidacy.

At the poll at the end of the article he has 70% of the online vote.

Things should be real interesting in Texas. Almost forgot for a second they were both from that state. God, I would love it if he owned Perry in Texas.

Link to story

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 05:38 PM
Goooooooooo RP!!

Keeping america's hope alive

(and not only america)

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 05:55 PM
"But he can't Win"...

Anybody can win.

Didn't we already prove that?

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 06:06 PM
You and me both. Regardless of how disgusted I am with the system, and retracting some of my previous statements on the pointlessness of voting, I will do everything in my power to build support of this man.

If there is hope for this country, I believe he is the closest thing we have.

Take em down RP.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 08:48 PM
RP money bomb coming August 20th - FYI

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 08:57 PM

Originally posted by Dance4Life
RP money bomb coming August 20th - FYI
This will be the first time I ever sent money to a politician.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by Thunderheart

You mean you don't check that box for donations when filing your yearly taxes?

Same here.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 02:54 AM
Ron Paul has already won, Now its time that we win and elect him Commander and CHief.

imagine a Liberty Patriot wielding the peoples army!
Not some fake hair al gore campaign chairman Rick Perry, Or an IRS TAX-COLLECTOR Bachman, or some puppet named obama. or the Alaskan housewife palin.

There is no other choice for a country breaking free of the international banker chains.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 09:53 AM
Never in my life have I deemed a politician worthy of a contribution from myself until now. There is no way that this man will keep up with the runners who are being heavily subsidized by the corps and people who want to keep things exactly the way they are now. Ron Paul WILL get a contribution from me and when I do I will make sure to honestly give what I can afford. I'm not going to throw a paltry contribution out there relative to what my resources are. This may be the only chance that my part will go towards something that is truely right! I want to be able to look at my future grandchildren in the eyes and know that I at least tried. Yeah I'm sure people have negatives to say about certain aspects of this guy but he is true to form and consistent. Sure we will feel some pain if he gets elected but the immediate pain will be a far better dose of medicine than complete destitution that comes from continuously kicking the can! I personnally will be putting resources into publicizing for this guy in my area!

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