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America and Americans - What exactly are we good at? What makes us "the best"?

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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 02:38 AM

Originally posted by SaturnFX
Quick question that has been bothering me for awhile now.

As I watch nasa being dismantled and ripped apart, as I watch legislation trying to be passed to retard the scientific process even more, I wonder...What are we good at now

What is the vision? In the 60s, it was going into the 90s, it was all about pushing the internet to be the medium that connects the globe, but where is our vision now?

Robotics are now gone to the far east for superiority
Physics is the domain of europe
Medicine is also becoming a european breakthrough area
Serious money is now being pushed into places like bollywood and other foreign entertainment industries (not to mention the massive rise in japanese entertainment)

What is our place in this new world? Are we becoming redundant? Have we lost the will to strive for great things? Do we even have the right to call ourselves the best at anything anymore (beyond military, but lets be honest...that is not a point of pride...just because someone carries the largest stick doesn't mean he is the best person to know).

So...this is actually -not- an america bashing thread...its actually a where do we go, what can we do type thread. I love the global community, but I sit currently in America, and I don't like this sunk ship feeling.

What national projects should we unify and push for? or should we simply give up and give the greatness name to some other nation that will step up and lead the new century

I have the impression that the United States of America is systematically being dismantled and run into the ground.

Hungry greed and power obsessed people have noticed that is has become a free for all if you are connected with the right people.

With being connected I mean.....being part of the inner circle. The inner circle consists of people who attent secret gatherings like Bohemian Grove and freemason lodges. These people twisted themselves in an uncontrolable spiral of corruption and illegal activities.

In 1991 Bush senior presented the (old) idea of a NWO to the world. He and his co-conspiritors were already millionairs and could focus on the construction and organisation. They are idialists who are not in it for the money but for the power. But in order to make the organistaion happen they need the help of many "wanna be millionairs too". The only way to realise such an NWO idea is operating in secrecy and in the based on corruption. And that is why the US is going down the drain and will this NWO the way Bush dreamed of not work.

Their infiltration into government, media, justice and what not has given them free-pass and protection for their activities. And it seems that nobody has the authority to end it.

The objective of this infiltration was to develop the US to a stronger nation but instead of using their combined knowledge and resources for constructive enterprises they are now only interested in their own ego.

To put it simple: there is hundred dollars given for investment......90 dollars go into their own pocket and the other 10 is written as 100 dollars in the books as investment.

It got out of hand.....and it is getting worse.......some can not even think straight anymore.....blinded by fortune and power. It is not just the US but it is spreading like a cancer all over the world.

All the NWO-homies see other homies stealing and raping the original NWO-idea and decide to dig in too before there is nothing left. There is no money for science, social-security, education, research, NASA or whatever what is good for the people or country.

If nobody or anything will stop the global rape that is going on somebody will go really bananas and press the reset button.

Thank you for your you for the thread.....needed that of my chest.

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 05:49 AM
reply to post by SaturnFX

This has bothered me a lot recently as well.

Unfortunately I think too many Americans are blind patriots and feel America can do no wrong.

If you point out our many shortcomings than you aren't trying to help the situation, you hate America, in their eyes that is.

We have to acknowledge the many areas where we are lacking in order for us to begin fixing them. And we can't allow pride and ideology to prevent us from following the examples of other countries who have had success in various areas like health care, education, R&D funding, etc.

If all of that money that goes to military R&D went to R&D for public use we would take a huge step in the right direction.

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