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Judicial Watch Investigating John Kerry's Medals

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posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 08:11 AM

Judicial Watch, a non profit organization, will be investigating
John Kerry's medals and the events surrounding his award of
them. This is a non partison group. If there was any wrong
doing from anyone ... they will find it and everyone will know.
Heads will roll - be they republican or democrat.

(I wonder if Hillary got this kicked off ... she can't have John
Kerry winning this year. That would kill her chances in 2008
and I'm sure she wouldn't let that happen).

Excerpt from the complaint against Kerry filed with Judicial Watch-

Eyewitness accounts of officers, sailors and one medical doctor (who treated a “wound” Senator Kerry allegedly suffered from enemy fire) refute Senator Kerry’s version of events in a number of instances. Questions of fraud, false official statements and abuse by Senator Kerry must be answered. Specifically, the Silver Star, Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts awarded to Senator Kerry during the period 2 December 1968 to 17 March 1969 appear to be based upon Senator Kerry’s false official statements, distortions of fact and subornation. The evidence and testimony compiled in Exhibit 2 may oblige the Secretary of the Navy to revoke Senator Kerry’s awards.

A second and equally important matter concerns Senator Kerry’s actions while serving as a commissioned officer in the inactive Naval Reserve. Dishonorable and possibly unlawful actions by Senator Kerry during the early 1970s – actions that manifestly benefited a foreign power with which the U.S. was at war – are so grievously damaging to the dignity, honor and traditions of the U.S. Navy and the American republic that the Secretary of the Navy may be compelled to revoke Senator Kerry’s awards.

This complaint and request for investigation is based on the public statements of U.S. Navy flag officers, commissioned officers and sailors. Combat veterans and career naval professionals have staked their personal honor and lives to correct the record and reveal the full, complete and accurate history of the events Senator Kerry has repeatedly leveraged for personal political gain since 1970. In the least, the U.S. Navy and the Department of Defense owe a full investigation to all those who fought and died for this country

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