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Who is Shepard Fairey & What's His Real Agenda?

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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 09:32 AM
Maybe you don't recognize the name, but he is the controversial artist who designed the Obama Hope campaign posters.

He was just in Copenhagen and got roughed up for more propaganda art he created there. His attackers called him "Obama Illuminati" and told him to go back home -- among other things.
Not that I'm trying to sway you in any way, but you may notice as you're reading the article that certain words and numbers may jump out at you. I'd love to discuss what I and you noticed later after you've checked everything out.

Fairey seems to be an odd character, to me at least. He gave birth to Obey Giant Art, Inc.

The company touts "Manufacturing Quality Dissent Since 1989".
Website Homepage:

On the company's homepage, there's a write up from Shepard about his trip to Copenhagen. It states:

Obey Copenhagen post 1 (Good)

Copenhagen was a very, intense trip. I made 110 pieces of art for the show at V1, so I had already been working long hours before I left for Copenhagen. Once we arrived, we hung the show and then the crew and I dove into long days of murals, two of them being three stories high. The Peace Dove mural was all painted, and the AK-47/M-16 mural was painted and pasted. We also did a lot of smaller(comparably), but still large murals all over town. We rode bikes all over town and got a lot of sun and exercise. The opening at V1 and after party were amazing. The V1 crew did an excellent job. My one regret, is that I did not have more time to enjoy the city other than through street art. Copenhagen is a progressive, culturally rich place with great design, art, architecture, and environmental consciousness. The people(for the most part) are incredibly friendly and thoughtful. Not everyone in Copenhagen was hospitable, but that deserves a longer and more thorough explanation and analysis that I will get to in the next couple days with Obey Copenhagen post 2 (Bad). Meanwhile, check out the great coverage by Obey Clothing photographer and free lance mural assistant Jon Furlong, and the Arrested Motion coverage by super cool Danish photographer Henrik Haven. Thanks to Dan Flores, Nic Bowers, Z Bomit, and everyone else who helped out in Copenhagen.

On the company's website, you can download an "Urban Renewal Kit" FREE!!!!!!! (How generous)
There is an ominous phrase included in the instructions for using the spray painting stencils, which says: (the powers that be do not approve of you subverting the dominant paradigm)
Here is a link to the page:

Here is a link to the "Fine Art Archive":

Here's a link to the website's store:
Pay special attention to the photo of the money and the inverted star that's part of another picture.

Want to spread Obey Giant's message? Wear their clothing! Yes you can! (Just be warned that there isn't much to choose from. There appears to be only one choice per gender. Then again, maybe the clothes are unisex. (Remember, socialism is all about making things easier for your tiny brain by helping you to have less choices to make.)

Fairey is quite open about the fact that his artwork is propaganda. He even includes a 'Warning' page on his website that begins: Please use common sense and consideration when applying stickers or other propaganda materials. Giant is designed to provoke thought about the mechanics of the system we live in…not to destroy it.
Well, that's interesting, Mr. Fairey! Does it hurt to speak out of both sides of your mouth? How do you recommend people think freely and obey at the same time? Just wondering...

Take special note that the website is done in red, black, and white. You'll notice that many cable (Comcast) and satellite T.V. providers as well as other media/communications related companies (Verizon) also use these three colors. Coincidence?

You may also notice the Eye of Horus is present as well as the horizon rays for the New Dawn. Is it just me or is Fairey paying tribute to the Military Industrial Complex, too?
(Tsk! I'm sure I'm just being paranoid!)

Well, there's so, so much more I could discuss and point out, but I'd like all of you people to read the article about Copenhagen and check out the website. I already know what I think, but I don't want to tell you what to think. I'm confident you can figure it out.

(Besides, I don't want to be a tank and squash your Propaganda Scavenger Hunt. Where's the fun in telling you where Waldo is?

Also, pay special attention to Mr. Fairey's first name. I wonder why he spells it S-H-E-P-A-R-D. It would be interesting to see who his parents are.

Before I leave you to scavenge on your own, I'd like to say that I'm left wondering if Shepard was disappointed that he wasn't the artist commissioned to design the Denver Airport murals.

(I apologize for not including any of the artist's propaganda art, but photobucket isn't cooperating with me right now.)
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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by Afterthought

This brand is so big in the UK, as much as i like it i cannot wear it at all as its got too much symbolism in it for me, i think its weird you raised the connection of his name being sheppard as if hes the shepard of his herd (sheeple who wear his clothes) ? Interesting thought there.

Ive always seen the symbolism in OBEY, the mere fact its called OBEY screams out at me let alone all the symbolism images he uses in his designs, i have many friends who wear his clothing and i just *facepalm whenever i do, do they realise there tee shirt has a pentagram on it ? or the all seeing eye etc... You know, i mean i know the whole 'illuminati' clothing copies is getting pretty mainstream now, but do these people think its cool ? Or do they just not have a clue about what the images are 'refering too' so to speak, i dont know. I like how you linked it to socialism, it is true all the clothes are unisex i know boys and girls alike who would wear the same OBEY tee's etc.. In turn making them the same as everyone else, when you could say they have the mentality of them being 'different' by wearing this brand.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 10:14 AM
Lol OP you're gonna love this guess what i just found on this photo

Above the left globe it says ' Hostile Takeover '

Under the left globe it says ' New World Order '

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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 10:16 AM
I do think it's amusing that the "Hate obama" soundtrack has left the USA to become more universal. When he was first elected, he was Europe's darling.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by Vanishr

Good eye, Vanishr! I hadn't caught that one.

I haven't yet had the chance to look at all the "artwork", but I will as soon as I get back from running some errands. I love talking about and finding symbolism. This should be a fun thread indeed!

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 10:27 AM
Like most, I first saw Fairey's work with his red, turquise, and ecru(!?!) HopeyChangey posters for Dear Leader. Subliminal 'change' there in the color pallet--traditional USA red, white and blue were just not 'right' for a multi-national, cultural, racial Chicago politician with not only a Messiah complex, but deep pocketed puppet masters. So a swell, edgy graphic was needed and Fairey supplied splendidly...I still think the trademark 'O' was a last minute steal from Pepsi...but that's just me.

I am HOPE(tm)ful that scales (Obama logos?) Are falling from eyes all around the world...and people are seeing how played we all are.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 10:27 AM
reply to post by Afterthought

With Obey iam just not sure, in some of his symbolism you think 'well maybe hes trying to raise awareness' then again you think is he subliminally pushing there message, i just cant think that if hes not on 'their' side, that he would be so renowned worldwide and as if he would have designed Obama ad posters if he wasnt supporting there agenda,.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by Vanishr

I think he's plain trying to create controversy. Don't get me wrong, like a lot of artists, he's a liberal or even more, but it's not just because he believes in any of his own rhetoric. Art thrives off controversy, and it's not necesserily a negative thing--it jsut exists as a normal part of everyday art.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 10:51 AM
One last post before running off for a bit:

It's OK to be on the fence with this man and his art. It is controversial, but where there is smoke there's usually fire.

I encourage people to review the Georgia Guidestones as well. I believe you'll see some connections.

Also, pay close attention to the title headings for other pages on his website and be aware of the double speak being used.

Just connect the dots and think about what you feel is a message you would want for a new world.
What is your gut telling you about Shepard's message and the images he uses?
You may also like to check out another thread I did on Forum for the Future videos.
All of these topics combine to make a great fruit salad!
(Please forgive me for the broken video links in the Op. Working video links are provided further down on the first page.)
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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 01:17 PM
The following is Shephard Fairey's account of what went down in Copenhagen:

He does state that his artwork is controversial as he intends it to be.

The donated wall at V1 had to be approved prior to its creation. It is a peace dove in a target with police in riot gear underneath.

This is a picture of the artwork that provoked Fairey's beatdown.

The artist states in his lengthy account that the "controversy" didn't start until two days after the murals were complete. Disapproving people splashed it with paint and said that it was disrespectful to 69 Youth House where the children staying there were evicted in 2007. Fairey states that he was "puzzled by the negativity" his mural received.

He stands by the belief that his murals are anti-war and considers people who oppose his artwork to be "reactionary and paranoid". Every artist knows that their artwork will be interpreted differently by different people and I find it disrespectful and irresponsible of him to label those who don't condone his form of expression as if they have mental problems.

Though I was flattered by the acknowledgement of my incredible fashion sense bordering on annoying obsession, I was puzzled by the negativity. Then I found out what the newspaper article had written about me, basically positioning me as a pawn of local government propaganda (if one were predisposed to such reactionary and paranoid interpretation… not to slight analysis, I think it is better to be too skeptical, rather than not skeptical enough). I asked the gallery to please correct the record on that subject with the media, and I decided to go back and fix the mural as soon as I could. Persistence has been crucial to my accomplishments, and though I can’t control other people’s actions, I can try to make things the way I think they should be, which in this case meant restoring the mural.

After reading through his accounts of what exactly happened, he blames the newspapers for twisting his words around and reporting a falsified account of who commissioned the murals for 69 Youth House.

Well, after reading his accounts and viewing the artwork myself, I have to believe that he is an antagonizer who purposefully plays dumb when people disapprove of his work. His decision to consider these people paranoid and reactionary is ridiculous; especially when he is purposefully creating controversy.

After reading the website, reviewing his propaganda pieces, and his personal report of what led to his beat down, I have to honestly say that he asked for it. I'm not afraid to say that I don't like his views and I don't appreciate his chosen form of expression. He seems to be creating an air of confusion and aggression on purpose, then has the audacity to act as though he's the one who is confused by the viewer's negativity.

All I can say is I hope he keeps his precious propaganda out of my neighborhood.
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