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I am tired of people posting "Aliens do not exist" threads. We HAVE contact.

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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 08:07 AM

Originally posted by ThePeopleParty
I dont know why I started thinking this or if it is on topic to your thread, but there is a question I just asked my self about a minute ago. Could there be Dark Life? Not sure if that makes sense but what I mean is with a lot of the universe been made up of dark matter, could there be dark life out there? Or none visible to us? Iv often wondered weather life has to exsist as we see it, or weather it could allso exsist in unimaginable forms?

Serious response to a fascinating aside:
First yes. i totally can comprehend a anti-ilife or dark life. Though i think your conceived name would be more fitting. As the phrase anti-life would suggest opposites.
life is a force in nature.the main thing life can do, in all forms is break down the universe at 'will'. like a fire that can only burn certain matter. even the lowly protists can cause change in the environment by breaking down components and leaving behind an all together separate form of matter.coral reefs are a good example of this. in essence life is the only thing in the known universe that can alter it's environment at will. a fact that has always stunned and fascinated me about us (life).
if we think of life as a cycle, then it would in some form qualify as a wave but a unique one that can adapt to environmental changes.the process of evolution has clearly demonstrated this.
however, i digress a dark life would merely represent a form that has in some way adapted and perfected it's particular strategy for survival.
take titan and its potential promise. we have no idea how life can exist there.yet it is wholly and entirely possible.a place where water is lava, bubbles flow down , not up and somehow amino chains exist.when we think of some life functions we consider the chemistry, a science that deals with at least two other universal forces at any one time. life, occurs at a prime condition and is specific. much like gravity , whose origin still eludes us. it also demonstrates a duality like light being both matter (particle based) and wave theory applicable (emf , as is demonstrated by a shark and pretty much every other fish in the ocean, the lateral line, hammerheads bring this into a good focus considering their unique shape to the species of shark is strictly to detect the emf of prey below the sand). Life has a similar duality being a cycle and a universal matter recycling thing. not sure what to call that..sounds too 50's sci-fi..'quick robin use the matter recycling feeder apparatus and eat that bat burger'...holy antivegan plug batdude we are going to get hate mail...anyways..
seriously and sanely, yes, but i don't suspect it to be definitely different then us.see, the physical laws of the universe are set. everything has to abide by them to exist, in theory for instance, to demonstrate what i mean. there very well could be life on the moon. as at one point from the central focus of the solar light from the sun as it reach the far ends of the globe. there should be considerably a prime spot for life as it would exist on that environment to occur.would we see it? not likely, no atmosphere, however the physical universe and its laws suggest that since, microbes can live in ice (freezer burn is an example) and that since even when it is 'solid' ice classifies as an atmosphere due to the distance of the atoms and the movement, making it somewhat see is highly likely. that moon at Jupiter is a prime example of what could potentially exist.the fact that sunlight has been proven to not be required for life to exist by the tube worms alone opens this aspect up completely.heck i would even wager that since that microbe in that Californian salt water solution was able to rewrite it's dna to include arsenic. whether manipulated or not demonstrates immutable possibilities.
so i would think, in theory at least, that yes, it is highly possible there is dark life. as life is a universal force. as for seeing it, that is hard one.because it would be specific to it's domain and its particular strategy. in a funny way, i wouldn't know a cave salamander exists if it wasn't for a flashlight. thanks for the interesting question.hope i at least entertained you

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 08:07 AM
OK , I read the book. I didn't read anything there that proves anything. Kind of a simple sci-fi story that is terribly dated. Color me not convinced.

While we're on the subject, after 20 years of being a ufo/alien "believer" now consider myself a skeptic. I do suspect that there is intelligent life somewhere "out there", only that they're WAY out there and are no more capable of visiting us than we are of visiting them. The distances are too vast. I now believe that most sightings are secret man made craft, natural phenomena or just plain bulls**t. As a famous scientist once said about the supposed galactic population ... "Where is everybody?"

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 08:22 AM

Originally posted by Irunini
Mankind through the course of time has degenerated in DNA,morality,health,and most of all Spiritually.
Some of us Anunnaki never left or abandoned humankind....How can a good parent leave their offspring?
We've been here watching along side of you as garbagemen,politicians,followers and leaders alike.

We've done this in a "Blend-in" sort of way to live and see mans/womans woes that we can elevate and make it better for mankind/our family.
We got caught into the reincarnational cycles due to the true "Fallen Ones". Lust was the downfall.Greed,sloth,averace,etc... They envi and covet that which is not rightfully earned.They are of dark light.
You call it the devil....It is but one being into many parts which men and womens evildoings feed and give more energy to...Each thought,act and deed feeds this Idd.
It tries to mimick the Anunnaki and other races as well.It has usurped and caused the ruination of several planets and stars... Armagghedon is already in progress. Light will overcome dark.
There are many here that should be at the higher realms,but the devil in desparation has tried to trick and barr...

Keep faith in light and love
yours always Goddess Inanna/Ishtar*---lol! wish that asterisk was 8pointed.

Goddess Inanna/Ishtar

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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 09:03 AM
There is no physical proof in existence, (at least that the public has access to) of definitive human/extraterrestrial contact, of a kind that atheists/strongly Cartesian scientific materialists are going to accept as legitimate. I feel extremely confident in making that statement.

That does not mean that I necessarily disbelieve in contact having occurred myself. It simply means that I know that we don't have anything that people with the above described mentality are going to accept.
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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 09:06 AM
We are still discovering animals and non-animal species here on Earth that nobody knew for a fact existed. For a person to draw such a conclusion that life outside our world does not exist just make sense. Before, most people didn't believe, but now new worlds are popping up almost every day. In addition, mathematically speaking, it is now believed that odds are far in favor of life existing on other worlds, or at least for life to have existed at some point and time. Now if the question is, are they visiting us, this is still grounds for debate and with good reason. People all the time say they have proof, usually some video or something where a believer sees it, gets excited and immediately declares it as a form of such proof. The truth is, to the best of my knowledge, there is no such proof at this time. However, this does not mean visitations are not real. After all, out of all the videos and testimonies, if just one of them turned out to be true...this would collaborate the possibility of alien visitations. Before the internet, people from all over the world, some in countries that have no developed so much as television, had sworn to seeing a "Grey", and all the testimonies shared the same image of what a Grey looked like, this was actually a featured article in Omni Magazine years ago. This is how the grey representation is the first image that comes to mind when someone says the word alien. It wasn't just something that was made up by any single person, it wasn't something that came from a movie, in fact it was the other way around. Though this is not evidence, it does make a person think.

Is there life out there? Probably. Are they visiting us? I do not know. Nothing that can be posted on a web site can prove this, no video and no images, because everyone must admit that people like to fake this kinds of things. Same goes for the crop circles, they were considered proof at one point as well, until a few folks came forward and claimed to have faked them. Were they lying about faking them? Possible, or they could have been faked. The truth is that the only way the whole world will believe this is if we get mass visitations, i'm talking about seeing it on CNN and then looking up in the sky and seeing a mothership hovering over the city. Even the Battle of Los Angeles wasn't enough, the entire L.A. area saw the military attempt to shoot down an object, but later blew it off as a weather least this was the military explanation. They didn't question how a weather balloon could stay airborne after taking 4000 rounds of ammo, I guess overall it was just easier to believe. This incident actually had more witnesses than the Roswell incident, but somehow it received far less attention. Another form of evidence of course, would be for the government to come out and say, yes extraterrestrials do exist and they have been visiting us. Why would we believe them though? Probably due to the fact that they denied it for so long that the fact that they came and told us it has or is happening, means it is probably true.

So yes, I find it illogical for a person to be hard headed enough to come out and say they simply don't exist. But I find it equally illogical for someone to come on and say they have definite proof, when in reality it is no different than something we had already seen or heard. All we have is theories, statements from credible persons and media which may or may not be real. I guess some people are so determined to believe in something that they are willing to fake it, or buy into a fake just to know they are not alone in their belief.

I personally hope there is life out there, or at the very least, planets where life can be sustained. In addition, I hope one day we develop the technology to get to these worlds...because lord knows we are screwing this world up. As for visitations, I can't be certain how I feel about this. I have to ask myself, why would they visit us? If they have the technology to get here, chances are we are pretty boring to them. If they wanted to help us out, now would be a good time. But we have to keep in mind, this world has a lot of resources, and its possible not a lot of other worlds out there have resources like this one does. If this is the case, they could be dangerous...but at the same time, they could have already taken us out and taken this world for themselves if they are in fact advanced enough to make it here. Perhaps resources for such an operation wouldn't justify what it would take to successfully invade Earth. I do find it odd that we were using horses and wagons not long ago, suddenly the microchip comes along, almost out of nowhere as if it was given to us. Is this proof? No, it is what is called circumstantial evidence.

The truth is, we as a people just do not know...though some of us who may have seen such things have every reason to believe. Others however, have every reason not to, but this doesn't mean they should shut out the possibility.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 09:20 AM
reply to post by Beamish

The way I was raised was to understand that when people channel, they are simply put not taking responsibility for their own inner wisdom, that and it is usually scoffed at to say "I know this", it has to be attached to some superior being rather than the intelligence of an ordinary human being.

Fun stuff when you decide to quit playing the reality mask games and see life as it is in its fullest potential. I suppose btw that I could have walked away with 'evidence' yet for some reason at the time I had no intent to expose them or my involvements.

I just do not see them as here to interfere, just to carry out their scientific work, or at least the ones I have met.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by TXRabbit

If anyone wants proof of the ET presence it is very simple. So simple no one ever talks about it.

Turn off your TV, grab your camera or video recorder, go outside, preferably in the day time so you can see better, then sit down and relax. Close you eyes and clear your mind. Get it nice and still. Then when you are relaxed and your mind is still, project the mental thought up towards the sky and ask them to manifest in a clear way so you can see them. Trust it will happen and then wait.

They will appear for you and you WILL have the proof you are looking for. At first it will seem surreal to you as your comfort zone/reality will be slightly shaken. Having REAL proof is a very wonderful experience.

It is that simple. Have patience and don't try to force the issue. When they do appear, simply thank them.

Share with the world the proof you have photographed or video recorded and encourage others to do the same.


posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 09:33 AM
Take a look at this's rather mind blowing!

"A file from 1993 (while Pope was chief of the UFO Project) describes how European Union funds had been wasted on a report that included a theory that aliens had established a base in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

It turns out that Pope may have been directly involved with this case."


posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 09:53 AM
I personally believe that life exists somewhere else in the universe and also believe they possibly already made contact with us. But i have no "hard" proof. Only the fact that it's plausible and that mathematically, it's highly possible. That's enought to make me believe and not tell ppl that really know that they are delusional or crazy.

What bothers me the most, is people that keep saying "Solid hard proof or it's not true.." and i'm pretty sure a lot of these people are part of any religion.... LOL!

They will say : You have read this in a book written by a "wackjob" and it cannot be true.

Who wrote the Bible or the Coran or any "holy" book?? Anybody here know these guys? How do you know its not just a good writer that wanted to write a nice story?

Peace out
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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:44 AM

Originally posted by karen61057
reply to post by Mclaneinc

Well you picked the three least credible sources as your example. What about all the documentation released by the worlds governments. Sure, there is no smoking gun there but there are credible witnesses from the government and the military heck even NASA. Even if there is no solid "yep here they are" evidence, the comments from these people should be enough to say that we should enter a serious dialog about what may be going on. Not every piece of evidence comes from you-tube. There are credible sources of information that should be investigated. I can understand how anyone could dismiss this subject as ridiculous if the sources your site are the only ones they are investigating. The serious research takes work. It takes digging. Many armchair enthusiasts and debunkers do not care to do the kind of research required and so are either blindly led or simply blind .

I deliberately used the 3 sources often used on here as proof, I didn't expand beyond them because I wanted to make a point about some members of the ATS community.

Sadly I'm still awaiting something more concrete from the big wigs like Nasa and the credible people. As a believer I'm willing to focus on material but I'll also focus on the person doing it and what may be the reasoning behind it. I've heard some people I respect greatly speak about things but just as it gets interesting the speaking stops. I respect people's safety but if you fear for your life it's probably not a good job to speak about it at all or spill the whole thing.

And that's what I've not seen...

I've seen deathbed confessions but can I trust someone's story on the edge of death, also some of the credible witnesses suddenly begin changing their story, in some cases for a lucrative cash cow from the UFO community.

Believe me, I want to know the truth just as much as most of us in here just like you but how long can we rely on old documents without something new and concrete.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:50 AM

Originally posted by dontlaughthink
Well here's where some of you can have a good laugh

I have personally met aliens, and I don't care if you believe me or not.

I am not going to make money out of this fact.... or the device I am to build for us yes us.

Why have you chosen to not build this device, surely if it's so simple you could knock it up easily and provide a good to the world.

No disrespect but again I hear the words and don't see the action...
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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:03 AM

Originally posted by flexy123

Originally posted by kauskau
the things that come nearest to the truth are the things who have the biggest touch of a cliché.

Notice that i did not deny this. I did not say that a certain form of simplicity/cliche would exclude the fact that this wisdom can also be profound or true.

But you are acting as if his statements and messages are something *new/special* in terms of profound wisdom and insight into metaphysics - which (IMO) they are not.

That's why a i does not need an Alien to come up with insights like "The only reality is there is no reality" etc..etc...this is philosophy i can come up with some friends while drinking a few beers - it's "kindergarten philosophy". (Which, BY THE WAY does NOT mean it's not true or intelligent in a sense, but its still kindergarten-level philosophy and a little "flat" - nonetheless)

By the way i am not here to "disassemble" or debunk what he says, this is not the point..the point is that you take his messages and used them to make a thread because it's supposedly proof for Alien existence.

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its not what he says. Its how he says it . At least darryl anka is a genius. I know you are searching for hard facts and proof but its not about that. Its about: how does the person feel that asks the question afterwards. And the job bashar does is better than any psychologist. As i said. The proof that lies within the bashar tapes is not hard proof.
Its proof for people who can sense it. I know this sound arrogant. But as i said thousand times: i can not understand that you can not sense that the way he processes information is not human....
but lets leave it here. i dont want to discuss anymore. We are too different. For example: you think that what you (really hard to remember not writing "u " as i am used to that) said is kindergarten philosophy..and i know: its not. You seem only to see the flat words. But you dont experience that way. YOu dont experience that life is an illusion. You dont really understand the question "why is there something and not nothing". Otherwise you would not call it flat. The words are flat. The meaning behind it is simple but deep. So simple that it is too complex for the mind. The mind can only misunderstand that truth. Read some nisargadatta literature and you will see that what you call "kindergarden philosophy" is not a philosophy at all. But pure experience without filters and misinterpretation of the mind.
But i am really tired to discuss.
Communication sucks often. We are too different. and i have a language barrier. Sometimes language is just not enough to transport something.

Ironically, even Anka said on the site (as far as i remember) that he was not even sure about whether the "messages" are truly from an extraterrestrial entity or "from a part of his own consciousness" or similar...that's at least how i read it.

that makes him even more credible to me. And he often says at the beginning that we should also listen to him that way: that it does not matter where his information come from .The most important thing is what the information does.
But still: no doubt for me that darryl knows for sure that the information is ET. He just addresses the skeptics with that.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by kauskau

why do only certain people see them.

If they are superior why do they not confront us directly instead of by stealth, if you can even call it that. and philosphical more enlightened reasons for it are bs. If it is debated there good and bad aliens one side would have already played their hand with us.

Lights in the sky are lights in they sky, they can be that or military planes inspired by the ufo hysteria.

why do aliens have much in common with paranormal activity as many times aliens can be seen as interdimensional just like paranormal beings.

believing in aliens is much akin to believing in demons/angels

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:20 AM

Originally posted by kauskau
As i said: if i start explaining you why i think this is real..we only will discuss about my view...

Here...let me help.

"your view" is real in the sense that it is "your view".

Alien contact is not "real" in the sense that anyone has provided literal physical or scientific proof beyond their "view", "opinions" or stories.

It is false to claim that this book provides "proof" becuase it's story is in the context of a logical construct. Most science fiction is written with the same internal consistency.

Someone telling a believable story is NOT proof of anything.

Until someone presents clear physical evidence that can not be explained by terrestrial science which is also strongly corroborated by video/photographic evidence accompanied by a large number of credible witnesses..all centered on the same phenomena/event, there is absolutely no reason anyone should take a claim seriously.

In time an alien abducts you...ask THEM for a DNA sample, steal something from the exam room when no one is looking...ANYTHING. Absent proof, what remains is a story and a really far fetched one at that.

Now...before anyone gets hurt feelings, I do believe that the current science leans toward the probable existance of alien life and I do believe despite the light-speed barrier that it is possible that Aliens could theoretically visit this planet, but I have yet to see any fully credible "proof" that has happened yet.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:23 AM
A Person trying to prove that Aliens exist is like a Fish trying to prove that People exist.
Granted, today, there might be enough stuff in the water. But a thousand years ago, I meant to say only a hundred years ago, there were no plastic garbage islands, no pipelines running through the ocean, and very few boats (compared to the size of the ocean) .

It would be like; One fish would say, "Dude, there are beings living outside of the water." Then the other fish would say, "Prove it." Then the other fish would say, "I saw them." And the other fish would say, "You're an idiot." And here we are.

Basically, I think that saying that the Earth is the only planet in the universe with life, and that the human race is the smartest race in the entire universe (internal combustion with liquid petroleum, rubber wheels, and mud brick houses), just doesn’t make any since.
I mean, just look at the size of our closest neighbors. We ain't worth the hair on Neptune and Uranus' asses. And compared to Jupiter and Saturn, we barely even exist.

The question of alien life (inner or outer space) is actually pretty silly to me. I have to think that the odds are too great that the universe is actually riddled with life. Yes, even life that is smarter than us.

UFO’s are a different question. All the ones people have seen could be us. (Secret ops.)

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by XplanetX

This is becoming a commonly used closed minded opinion ....from people who are unable accept an alien reality unless it fits into thier Religious understanding..sorry...but its pretty Laughable ...
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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by XplanetX

This is a joke right? (:
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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:28 AM

Originally posted by XplanetX
Aliens do exist...

but they are not creatures from distant galaxies, they are simply demons.

This is becoming a commonly used closed minded response ....from people who are unable accept an alien reality unless it fits into thier Religious understanding..sorry...but its pretty Laughable ...

I don't necessarily agree agree with all the op's examples....But the message is Right this point in fact..saying that aliens exist is like beating a dead horse..

Nice job op
s & f

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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by Indigo5

Ok for the last time: i never said that the book is scientifically accepted evidence of contact.
I also never said that i can not understand when this is not enough proof for you.

The combination of the things i read, the people i met, the things i experienced, the senses i developed , the concepts i compiled made the named sources credible proof for contact. I swear to you: 4 years ago this would not have been the case and i would be judging myself as you do.
You are right: its not hard proof that works for itself. And it certainly is not enough for everybody.

But please for gods sake: just accept that for some people Bashar is evidence.
You know the way youtube works dont you? Read the comments under bashar videos. The general energy about him is positive. I know many you here don´t trust people. You don´t even trust your senses often. And for me that is the sadest thing above all. That you can not even distinguish when someone is lying and making a show from a being that flows in truth.
And its really annoying me how you judge those people who can sense that bashar is real.
I swear to you: there comes a day when u will know for sure that bashar is a real ET Contact. Until than i can not prove anything to you. Because the things that prove it to me are not facts..are not scientific concepts. What proves it to me is his way of thinking, processing information, his speed, his energy and his consistency. There is no lie that can work like that. There is no fraud-motive that can trick me like that.

Believe or not : i can not be tricked in a spiritual way. And this person is one of the most spiritual and good meaning beings i ever perceived. And a good vibration can not come from a lie. But i know you dont believe that. Cause you dont trust your own senses. BUt watch at your own life. Were you really tricked so bad once in your life?
(i am not talking to the people who already think that bashars energy is that of an actor i talk to the people who feel his positive vibe but still think he tricks you) : Don´t you trust your senses?

Be in the now. Be present. Focus. And watch how he flows. Flow...can not come from a lie. THats all proof i need. Watch the people around you , watch closely. Watch people that only have the motive of making money. Watch how they talk, how they think, how they react, how they answer. You will always sense there is something wrong if you are focused. At the beginning you do the same with bashar. You think he acts really unnatural. But when you are focused and give it a few more minutes you will perceive the joy beyond it. You will perceive that the way of talking is just a way of enjoying every single sentence that he is speaking.

Try it. And if it does not work. Fine. Its just not meant to be.


posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by kauskau

So why doesn't bashar know about photons again? He is supposed to be a super advanced "channeled"
being, right?

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