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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 03:35 AM
hi all
as u can see from my avatar i love zx spectrums
plz americans no bashing the speccy with the commodore64 lol
they both had good points (i have a 64 also)
any way i have a rare issue 1 zx mint condition
and instead of getting that out to play a game i use an emulator
and the roms are freely available at world of spectrum
so i downloaded a rom called The complete guide to medicine 1983
loaded the programme and of the list of options i chose stress
the explanation of it (with matchstick men ilustrations lol)
i thought was great,so the following is whats written on the programme

Bad food and no exercise are two of the big three killers of the 80s
the 3rd and the most misunderstood of the 3 is stress.
Before undertanding how best to deal with the stress in your life
you must recognize that you are living in an outdated body.
your body was designed for instant action, so that when your ancestor
came out of his cave and found himself face to face with a man eating tiger
he could run or climb a tree or fight!
to help him run or fight, your ancestors body would respond to the stress
in a number of ways...
his heart would beat faster
his muscles would tense
acid would pour into his stomach to mobalize food supplies
and his blood pressure would go up and send more blood into the tissue.
Today your pressure are likely to be very different.
You arent likely to find yourself meeting many man eating tigers,
but you are likely to have to worry about inflation,unemployment
mortgage rises electricity bills and so on.
The one thing all these have in common is that they all go on and on,
they cannot easily be solved,often there is no specific solution at all.
If you are worrying about money problems for weeks monthes or even yrs at a time
the same goes for unemployment.Your body does not recognise the difference
in the type of stresses you have to endure.
And it responds in the same way as your ancestors body responded to the
threat of meeting a man eating tiger, by putting up your blood pressure,
tensing your muscles and making your heart beat faster.
The result is that modern stress causes many illnesses.
It is directly related to common problems such as heart disease,strokes
stomach ulcers,asthma,eczema and many many more.
Stress causes problems because we are not well adapted to the world we live in.
Our bodies were designed to deal with simple, soluble problems.
We have changed our world and our problems,but we have not changed our bodies
thats why we have trouble.

basically the programme goes on to help you eleviate stress
i wont type anymore because i think this thread is long enough as it is lol
to me the zx emulator allows me to relive childhood memories
without the risk of my real zx beaing marked
any way folks thx for reading (if you got this far lol)


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