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Younis was killed by NATO agents?

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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:57 AM

There is division within NATO forces on the ground, people don't understand why this division exists and I hope there is a thorough explanation.

There are two factions within NATO commanded forces:

1. The forces which were protesting for reform within the governing system of Libya (Ubaideyat tribe which believed it deserves more power (because it being the biggest tribe)).
2. The forces which were operating from abroad under US command (to topple the Libyan government and replace with a puppet).

Ofcourse in the end there will be a division and clash, there is the force of the Ubaideyat tribe, who were protesting for reform (more power), and the Libyan government agreed. Then there were the Haftari forces, foreign governed forces who started the bloodshed and unrest.

Haftar has been in US Virginia since 1990s, controlling his own militia with US sponsorship (source - "UNHCR"
Khalifa Belqasim Haftar - The militia's job was to cause chaos, unrest and the toppling of Libyan government. Obviously the media played a huge role in helping these foreign forces.

That being said, why the split? Because there is a force which wants to control Libya for the benefit of foreign interests. Then there is a force which wants to bring reform to Libya's governing system, or wants more control (because the Ubaideyat tribe is no doubt the biggest in Libya). These two forces would have eventually end up clashing, they only have one thing in common, and that is their fight against the current government.

So it is foreign interests VS Tribal interests. The Younis killing shows that the power struggle between these two forces has already began. NATO forces has tried hard to keep silence about this, and has tried even harder to keep spreading non sense about how they have advanced here and there when in reality they are just moving in after bombs falls, but when the bombs stop falling they run away like cowards.

The Ubaideyat tribe claims that Younis was tortured before killed, then the bodies were burned. There is huge confusion, they blame Islamists (what ever that means), but in reality that is propaganda created by those who uphold the interests of foreign forces (agents like Haftar).

The Guardian reports "Tensions within the opposition military have been apparent for some time, fuelled by rivalry between Younes and Khalifa Haftar, a popular opposition figure who returned from exile in the US." (source -

This is clear that this is a struggle between foreign interests and Tribal interests. But both are commanded by NATO at the moment.

That could change as groups in Mirata are saying they will not follow NTC orders. The split is becoming more obvious, and the crack is deepening.

The recent cabinet that was sacked is evidence of who actually killed Younis, it hints to forces which are trying to uphold foreign interests. Note, the cabinet was full of those who returned from abroad, "Most were in exile and returned to high ranking positions" (­net/40995/), like Haftar himself. These were agents of US and NATO. Obviously words such as agents, traitors etc isn't used by Al-Jazeera, but I think it should be. There is a clear split, and we know what forces are clashing each other, it is mainly foreign agents, VS reformists (AKS those who believe they deserve more power).

If the war between these two forces continue, the Ubaideyat tribe might give up its ambition for more power and side with the Libyan government to defeat those working for foreign interests. Some have suggested this as a possibility, and some have said they will take the matter of justice in to their own hands (as TNC agents have failed to bring justice). If that happens, then no doubt, Ubaideyat needs the Libyan government's help, because NATO would slaughter them.

It could be true, that US is trying to get its agent to be the head of the future Libyan army. In that case it can control Libya like it controlled Turkey, every elected government that does not uphold US interests then the military would implement a coup and start again.

This is interesting.

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