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Im losing the ability to communicate with people.

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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 11:49 AM

Originally posted by JoyDreamer
I know what you mean. This is why I think we were ment to communicate telepathically. We could than instantly communicate thoughts and feelings without translating them into limited words.

I don't like that particular way. Inadvertantly think something inappropriate and get in trouble..

You'd need a medium... like a mental usb stick, lol.. you charge it with your thoughts and emotions and it can be played back to someone else, no missing context.

ahhh we'll never see it in our lifetime...

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 11:53 AM
You might be totally right,because this website is probably the only place i can have a descend conversations,share ideas.......One question though:is it possible that the more you seek the truth,the more you realize you may have been under some sort of control,i wouldn't even say under control,more like brainwash to the point where you think what They want you to think,watch what they want you to watch,even shop where they want you to shop?

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 11:57 AM
It is not "ideas" you can't communicate to others, it is the emotional energy behind the ideas. You simply operate on a more refined frequency than those around you. You're just a little time-shifted from some of your fellow humans. Isolating from the world is fine for short periods of time. It allows you to replenish your emotions. However, do not get disconnected from the human condition. Remember, we are all one. What happens to one happens to all. Your presence is needed amongst those "slower" than you to balance these energetics. When you feel low remember, this is your purpose.
We're all in this prison together. Some of us have reached the outer walls, but there are still walls to dismantle. It's a daily struggle. Have understanding and compassion for your fellow inmates. Do this with humility and grace.
Remember Gandhi's words "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle".

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by BohemianBrim

I mayself went through a similiar process that I think many of us on here can relate to and empathize with. Wanting to know truth then share truth is at the very basis of achieving a higher consciousness, enlightenment or whatever catch phrase one uses now to describe a better way of life. The connection to each other is vital however, and it is important to not only communicate but understand why it is imperitive that we continue to do so. Throughout history people have been overlooked or misunderstood for one reason or another but they didn't give up. There are plenty of cliches we are all familiar with how people didn't fully understand another person's gift and that person was left wondering the basic question, "how do I convey to someone else what I know of myself or a situation, so that they will in turn see it or understand it the way that I do." Michael Jordan and Albert Einstein are tremendous examples of people who weren't fully understood but finally, once given the opportunity that they knew they had worked for, they made good on it and will go down as prominent figures in history in their respective disciplines.

Not only is this a touchy-feely work-hard-and-you-will-achieve-your-dream "Rudy" type story, it shows that there are people out there that do get it, and do want to give people an opportunity to "blow their mind," and it is imperative on the person who is on the path to higher consciousness to know that there is always more than one way to convey what you want to a person. Both Jordan and Einstein were great overall, but specifically they were great at many things and could convey their talents in multiple ways. That meant they had to use different methods to convey complex ideas to people that had never realized what they had already realized. Any new idea is just that, new, so someone has to give it a chance for anything in this world to be possible.

I have a teaching background so I focused on the nine multiple intelligences that Howard Gardner presented in 1983. You can check out the idea here:

It will explain the ideas behind the Theory, and it is just that a theory, about how people are capable of reaching genious level abilities in othe areas that people in education and the workplace don't necassarily focus on. It uses ways to communicate like math, interpersonal communications, intrapersonal communications, and a variety of other methods that are the standard, I talk, you listen and allows a person to tap into various teaching philosophies in order to try and achieve the idea of relating the same material to people who all learn it differently. This technique proved vital to me in the classroom and has been a valuable resource for me in my careers since and it helped me better relate to those I knew and strangers I met on the way. I found the same frustrating issues you did but once I listened to the other person and figured out how they communicated and what they responded to, I was able to learn techniques that would be beneficial for the to recieve what I was saying. Your path inward will eventually lead out and you need to know what to do with that or you will be very confused like i was but when you can make that connection and someone starts to realize it on their own (which is the only true way of learning, seeing it and understanding it for yourself, which is why your idea of just putting your idea into someone's head makes complete sense).

This is is no way an endorsement of our public or private education system in America but rather a tool I feel could and should be used more to better the education and remove the crutches it is providing to our youth, stifling the very flame that we need to ignite an evolution of consciosness....intelligence.

There are many different ways to communicate and I commend you on your pursuit inward to find answers you need but please know there is another component to that and it is being able to achieve that connection and unity with everything around you. I know it has made my life completely joy filled and no amount of fear will ever prevent me from communicating with others ideas to better all of our lives. Silence and solitude are completely necassary on the path but it is a path to light from a path that was dark that you seek, so to remain in the dark will be to never truly know the light. Continue on your journey and good luck to all of you.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:30 PM
I don't typically volunteer the information that I have attained through my search for the truth. However, I find myself in many situations where and individual will say something that will open the door for me to try and throw in my two cents. It's tricky because you really have to know your target audience and get on their level... in other words, make it all about them if you want them to listen. Next time you want to talk to someone and share your knowlege... just take yourself out of the picture

I don't get frustrated and I don't feel superior even though I consider myself ready for anything with eyes wide open vs. those around me who are so caught up in their superficial daily agenda they barely notice a thing. I do however feel it's somewhat my resonsibility to at least try and spread what I know to my friends and family so they too might have a chance at enlightenment. When I do hand out information, I do it with a very light touch... just a sprinkling on top... with a polite suggestion or a gentle nudge in a different direction.

What they do from that point on is on them.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 01:02 PM
maybe these truths can't be shared and every human being on earth has to find it out for themselves.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 01:02 PM
They have several calming drugs to help you ease all that confusion... See your doctor.


Originally posted by BohemianBrim
the more the focus of my mind goes inward, deeper and deeper in a search for truth, and the more insane and mind-blowing truth i discover. the more difficult and nearly impossible it becomes to share my thoughts. there are many things i would love to express, things i think would help you if i could share them. but cant seem to. words dont seem able to encompass the ideas. i want nothing less than to take the thought out of my head and put it into yours, but how? lol
saying these things out loud IS impossible now, mainly because i have no one around me that shares the same sort of "reference points".. if i dont think someone is going to understand what i am saying, i cant say it, because they will only misunderstand and that will cause "negative karma" of a sort.
i can rarely manage on the internet, because the audience is so vast, i just pretend im talking to myself lol. but lately... so often i have tried, and i have to keep editing and editing and adding and explaining.. i end up deleting the post because it just becomes nonsense. inside my head its a simple thing, but when i try to pull it out it becomes a monster. and if i go ahead and post it anyway, many people seem drawn to these posts, but then it is so hard to keep talking because i feel i barely expressed the idea, so... and again.. this is getting hard to express. but its like im trying to share a thought with people, literally, and when the thought sort of goes off, i lose it and cant come back to it....

when i am able to talk with people it always tends towards superficial. i can express myself as well as i feel like on things that dont matter at all.
even here, i get sucked into political threads even though, deep down, i know better.. i just want to talk to people.

but what i really want to express and talk about is the whole REAL DEEP "human condition"... i would need several decades.. and it would end up a novel.

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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by BohemianBrim

I know EXACTLY what you mean.
I have mind blowing revelations that have been coming to me recently, yet I cant share them with others due to the lack of comunication available. It all makes perfect sense in my head, but when I write/ say it. It just comes out nonsense. It's extremly frustrating.

Its almost like spoken language hits a brick wall when trying to verbalize it.
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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 01:36 PM
I have had this here and there, even people who are very close to me I have difficulty expressing some of these huge concepts so I know the feeling. I have found that this and keeping a journal or a blog can help clear my mind out filter out the thoughts and define what I am wanting to express. I make it just addressed to no one in particular, maybe as letters too myself so it does not just become word salad. But this too is still a work in progress that I neglect most of the time. I am also a visual person so to describe something using words seems to limit my process. ESP would be simpler right? LOL

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 01:54 PM
After many different variations of posts... I just decided to go with "I totally get the sensation you are describing, BohemianBrim".

The posters who think the OP is struggling because they are confused are missing the point. It's a similar condition to being asked to summarize a Mystery Novel in a twitter post... the medium just isn't sufficient to properly express the idea and actually get the full depth. Think about how many people don't even get the full depth when the read the actual book? Now add the challenge of using a twitter post to describe War and Peace... to someone who can't read.

The "describe a color to someone who is colorblind" comparison is even more appropriate.

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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 01:55 PM
"Be who you are and say what you feel,because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind".....Dr Seuss

S&F to the OP!

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 02:07 PM
Dear BohemianBrim, our Mysterious Stranger,
You are not alone in this, totally at least. It is a struggle but hold on for the good part of the ride, it will come I promise.
Previously in my life when I was where you are now, I found a friend of two who could ''sorta' handle my thoughts, and at times we would just do what I call swapping Energy. Left hand to right hand, right hand to left, and sitting looking into each others eyes we would ''swap'' energy that could not be expressed. We pictured it like an electric current passing between our hands, through our bodies. It was very palatable and visceral in feeling. Later I found when no one was around who could do this with me, it worked just as well doing it with the Earth. Hands to the ground. In and out. If nothing else it had a calming effect on my mind,, but I know it did more.
Also, had another friend who worked with me (still does) named White Crow, she and I got each other out of 'boxes'.
We tried to read the same materials, so that we were on the 'same' page so to speak, then we would banter about our own theories, regarding this and that,, pushing each others limits. When one of us was stuck, the other spent the time ''fishing'' for worms of information,, that we used to ''bait'' each other with,, to bring about a ''Eureka'' moment of knowing that Freed us of One Box,,, but the Human Condition and Catch is there is always another "Box"
Most people Live there lives inside of just One Small Box that they usually accept from parent conditioning,, school, work,, social status.
Others,,, Like you my friend,, myself, and White Crow know better than to believe we can rest assured in our ""Knowledge"",,,
It can always be Deconstructed , taken down,, reworked and/or Transformed into something 'higher'. and better.
Thinking OutSide ''the Box" is Now a game for us. When one of us is 'boxed' in by our 'new' thoughts or Enlightening Moments,, the other will shove, play Devils advocate, cynic, or just fill in the missing piece that takes us to the 'next level'.
I wish I could describe it better, but want you to know, there are others out here who have been there, and actually survived and made better of the solitude that comes with thinking some of the 'heavy' thoughts we think here on ATS. It does make one Hermit Like, I understand.
Some of the advice given by others here is very good,,, I am adding a few things to my game. One post suggested reading. Yes this can give one the words to articulate better, but I remember when I met Tim Leary he always thought it useless to talk to someone who didn't have PhD level learning. Sounded arrogant at the time, but I came to understand that some people do not have the Frame of Reference that gives us these Insights that lead us to Awakening our Higher Selves and Minds.
Thus the reason Jesus and other Avatars used Parables.
Humans are Thick Skulled. Notice I didn't say stupid,,, just thick skulled.
You do at times have to drop to there level so to speak.
When I speak to Christians, it is hard for me, because I actually have read the Bible,, they alot of times are replaying what someone else said.. there is not a lot of original thought. But I continue to 'argue' as I find it hones my Logic skills and ability to communicate better when I have an intelligent conversation with an intellectual equal or better. Practice makes perfect is true...
Define a subject of Interest to yourself, and Learn all you can about it. Then you will find the words flow,,, because you know the subject so well,,, you will be able to explain your subject to Children and Thick Skull alike. Given Practice.
The wonder of the Internet is We Are Connected.
You and I,,, right now. even if not physically together,,, we can mentally and with words work through alot that is of good use in this regards.
Don't give up my friend, you are Not Alone.
Study some Semantics, Neuro Linguistic Programming maybe. Exercise your desire to communicate better Here. I see you have already,, and think you are doing well so far. Keep it up.
Good Luck

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by USASAgencyman

Forget throwing Drugs at this,, and Run from the Doctors I say,, they will want to suppress the Mind thoughts you have,,,
as long as you are not having Self or Other people hurting thoughts. If so,, then seek a professional who has dealt with such,,,, Usually a Jungian therapist can help.

Otherwise,,, I say this is the Epitome of American Culture,,, Drug it Down.
Don't fall into that trap,,, drugs have there uses but don't help Dark Nights of the Soul ,, nor Inquisitive Inquiring minds that are seeking to Awaken from the Stupor Humanity is in at the Moment.

Appalled by this line of thinking USASAgencyman,, I hope it was just your attempt at humor.... sadly you failed in both humor and offering of sound advice.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 02:29 PM

It's nice to know that at least a handful of others feel the same way. I was just saying this again last night to my husband- how I'm having more and more trouble communicating what I feel/know.

Honestly, I think I'm on the tail end of it. When I first started noticing this I would become extremely frustrated with myself and whoever I was trying to communicate with. Then, if I were able to get anything out, it wouldn't make a lick of sense.

Now, I find, although I still have trouble 'spitting it out' so to speak, I don't get nearly as upset.

A new part of this truth has given me some kind of understanding. Something that makes me believe that it's ok if I can't get my point across to person A.

I, too, am still quite good at keeping up 'trivial' conversations with folks. I keep up (enough) on politics, celebs and weather to 'appear' that I'm still part of the normal society. It's unfortunate that I really just want to discuss everything BUT those topics.

Alas, like other posters have said, we are all learning/knowing at our own pace. If you give someone a piece of sand they may just be able to build a castle. :-)

Namaste, friend

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 03:04 PM
Ha! I have read most of the posts and I too feel "inward" most of the time. I am a very social person or at least I once was. I get along with people and love to have "deep" conversations....always have. The ones that truly know me think I off a little bit because I like to talk about the unknowns or my belief in spiritual love. I like subjects that take my mind "far out there".

I find that most people I encounter other than ATS are pretty complacent and do not like to talk about uncomfortable subjects whereas I am all about them.

When I try to talk with people about REAL LIFE CHANGING stuff.....they think I am crazy.

I may be a little crazy but I do not think I as crazy as others.

Since I became a member of ATS I have found like minded people. I love this forum and the people who contribute as well.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 03:32 PM
I cannot Fathom the pop culture society that has continuously grown around me and has become the normal "mindset" of the masses, it is ego driven and selfish and has no idea what meaning "sorry" really is.

Once my enlightenment hit full on, and the altruism took full root, I realized that I am in essence a stranger in my own land.

I devote myself to quiet study of the soft-sciences, sciences, and gaining knowledge. yes i am a christian, but i was a pagan, agnostic, aetheist, then a believer again after witnessing little miracles which were right below the surface, and then suddenly profoundly loud in my psyche.

We are not an I am, but we are a we, fooling ourselves. A species struggling with it's identity, through a handfull of individuals which re-discover what is means to strive at being human, not a mockery of modernisms and aquisitions.


posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by BohemianBrim

Geetings ...
... I look forward to your novel .... if you let your thoughts flow out, one of us will pick them up ....even if it's only in a dream ... telepathic transmission does occur it's just a matter of your thoughts landing on the right receptor .... patience is what is required because blue smarties are rarer.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 09:26 PM
Once the Door is open, there is no off switch. Artificially peering through the cracks in the Door with various drugs is chicken because you have faith that the drug will wear off, and the Presence will fade. Without any such artificial induction, the opened Door causes all the bridges behind you to be burned. There is no place left to go as you have advanced into THE Absolute. Things of this world fade and you have no choice.

Be careful to be ready to surrender your whole life if you want to See. It is not that you were supposed to give away all your earthy possessions to have bestowed upon you a reward of the Whole. No. Once you have the Presence, all your earthy possessions have no value, you have no choice left and it couldn't be any better.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 09:34 PM

Originally posted by randomname
maybe these truths can't be shared and every human being on earth has to find it out for themselves.

Mind of the Infinite, once constricted to be within any finite structure, like the human mind, becomes a static contaminated snapshot, a motionless shadow. Yet it is the open consciousness of the individual that can collect a series of these exposures from the "other side". Each time, huge bites are taken out of your precognition and ignorance until there is a tripping point. Then you are no more as you have always been.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 09:35 PM
Interesting post. I'm not sure how to help. But you can start by using capital I's instead of i's all the time, like most people in this thread. At least then you'll have an extra form of communication everyone can relate to.

But anyway I understand where your coming from, I can remember some occasions where I've wanted to explain something that sounded simple in my mind, but once I start talking it comes out like a confusing mess haha.
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