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Restart the U.S. economy with massive infrastructure spending.

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 02:37 AM
I think you should read Economics in One Lesson. It is available freely online.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 09:40 AM
I fully agee with OP and title.

Pessimists claimed that there is NO money.

For a long time, since the 30s, USA long had NO money of its own. It had to, or forced to, borrow from banks inorder to initiate social programmes such as education, infrastructure, etc.

The good is that massive funds were avaliable, more than what the national GDP could bring into the treasury, for the expansion of the economy. The bad happened when morons used those funds frivously, and enlargened the debt to what it is today, placing both current and next generations of americans to pay for those loans.

Right now, the current situation is this.
a. The rich had hoarded up their wealth gathering dusts.
b. The 1st bailouts was to banks, whom had only hoarded up taxpayers fund to balance their bank sheets, pay for their way of life and not for lending or circulating wealth.
c. Majority of the rich had refused to pay taxes to help the nation, using lame excuses such as 'further frivolous spending' or the delusional 'tax breaks will help create jobs' nonsense.

The only way out is to circulate money, for anyone who touches it will be enriched, setting off a chain action that will save the economy. And the only way to do it is through massive infrastructure spending, so long as american labour and technology is used and not foriegn labor or tech companies.

As the Fed private banks still have much wealth, along with social pensions funds awaiting better interest payouts, there is money to be loaned. Better such loans be made to circulate wealth than to continually pay bankers or bailout failing corporations.

With infrastructure spending, massive labour and tech expenditure will be utilised, creating jobs and helping companies survive, as well as the critical secondary indirect companies linked to infrastructure spending-such as material and food suppliers, lodgings, rest and recreation facillities, etc.

And the best part of this programme is that once the infrastructure is in place, it will enhance the economy, for example - with better roads, bridges and electrical supply, manufacturing and service sectors will be able to cut down precious time and increase productivity. This is the smallest example, amongst many many more to be listed here.

WIth today's current infrastructure, USA GDP is already at a heady $15 trillion earned. With improved infrastructure, the GDP will sky rocket. With more GDP earned, the revenues that goes to the gov will increased, and thus the debt level will be driven downwards and the next generations spared.

Infrasture over hauling is not the only thing that can save US economy. With its intelligent workforce, greater productivity and innovation in tech and science, through better education models, will leapfrog the economy to the stratosphere.

The only obstacle to achieve this reality is Greed by the intelligent and the rich. Will they give a chance to Americans or do americans have to come to push and shove inorder to survive?

May the morons in Congress be wise, even if it is an election year. GOP or Democrat, each is an american, with obligations to save the nation, not just for the rich, but for all. WIthout the masses loyalty, allegience, and productivity for generations, USA would have been a Somalia today.

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