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OK Woman's Legal Battle: REAL ID Driver's License Unconstitutional

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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 04:56 PM
I've been posting about biometrics and how they relate to the mark of the beast prophecy.

Specifically, High res face scan and high res hand print scan directly relating to the mark being on the "forehead" and "right hand".

I don't want to get religious up in your grill.. but i mean. This Real ID thing.. i had no clue. I know i missed it because i believed it to be some stupid RFID card. But now i understand that high res scans of face and hand/finger are used to generate your UniqueID/Number/Hash.. The card is a smokescreen of course.. as it serves no purpose once you've accepted the mark,... er.. the scans i mean.

"Beach’s fight is against the REAL ID and the biometric technology upon which it relies. Those who are issued REAL ID driver’s licenses must submit to fingerprinting and having their picture taken with high resolution digital cameras which capture, map, and digitize their features for use with facial recognition technology. (See photos above left.)"

Something to take note of.. or understand is these scans are used to generate a number/ID. The number is your Unique identifier and will be used ultimately for identification for your credit/bank accounts, licensing, internet accounts on sites like google/facebook/yahoo/twitter/ATS, cellphone/vehicle access etc.

The network where all your activity, purchases and identity information already exists. It's called the internet. The challenge ALL of the big players have been battling to own is the Identification and Authentication bit. Generated HASHES/ID's from biometric scans makes relating all the various datastores together a nightmarish reality.

India btw has instituted a national biometric card. Everyone loves it! ;')
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