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Corporations: Not Persons, but Kings

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 10:12 AM
From recent web cache of info...

I liked this part where we get to see the Certificate one gets when they completely give themselves to "Zion"...

Notice the the person in question is "Priory of The Mountain of the House of the Lord"

Now isn't this little thread here, true?

And therefore, can you say that Corporations are not Kings?

And when the next "French Revolution" rises against Kings who say "let them eat cake or work at McDonalds", well, will you be able to identify the links to the past?

Because all lawyers, all bankers, all puppets of all kinds, base their actions, on the information they have at hand. And very few of them actually study the past because the past gets explained to them. They get history fed to them like little baby birds eating mommy's vomit. You really can't blame them for being clueless retards, the power and the chewed up worms of history, go straight to their empty bellies.
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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 03:24 PM
Some dude here is complaining about Ron Paul mentioning "nullification" as being a bad thing.

Nullification is where a jury says a law is BS and removes its validity. Congress issues so-called "positive law" so this means that the jury nullification concept, is the whole point I am getting at, when I mention my idea of "Superjury(tm)".

Dude below says "Oh but the slavers wanted to nullify Federal anti slavery laws!" and he uses this to then leap to the conclusion that nullififying Federal laws is a silly idea. You are meant to then equate nullifying Federal laws with "enabling slavery". That is the ploy here.


This isn’t the first time Paul has endorsed nullification, but doing so in a state where nullification movements led to Civil War makes it particularly noteworthy. And while he claims it was “embedded” in what the drafters of the Constitution “understood,” the actual text they wrote seems to read differently.

The Constitution states clearly that Acts of Congress “shall be the supreme law of the land…anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding” — meaning states do not reserve the right to void laws they don’t like.

Despite its blatant unconstitutionality and disturbing historical connotations, nullification has seen a resurgence in popularity among right-wing politicians who oppose laws ranging from health care reform to federal light bulb standards.

Hmm, okay I appreciate some web dude trying to say his piece, but there's some key concepts here we need to interject into this issue:

1: NOT nullifying Federal statues codes and regulations, will result in slavery returning to the US. That point is irrefutable, and I challenge anyone here to debate me by simply replying.

2: The US is operating in wartime capacity, and so ending the Sin Die status of Congress which has existed since March 27, 1861 when Southern slaveloving Vatican crybabies left the room and ended the quorum. No quorum no branch. No branch, no de jure government ergo: Corporate fascism since Lincoln's murder (by Vatican agents). Essentially, the thing to change is the Emergency War Powers status that assheads since 1861 have surfed on. If we are not at war, finally, after 140+ years, only then can we assess the agents behind that war. In fact, the US is and has been at war since the Vatican called their agents like Jeff Davis to abandon the quorum.

3: All entities US and States alike, are operating as corporate entities under State charter. Therefore there are at least 51 corporations (fake persona fictions) with godlike powers over the governed actual humans which need to be dealt with.

Therefore, step one would be to resolve the lack of quorum in 1861 and the assasination of the Executive (Lincoln) and the usurping of his office under the War Powers, which was then used to accomplish the Rothschildian bank scheme, which had been fought off by wars, and which had even caused the White House to be burned down (I mean DUH)

Step two, once you admit who caused the lack of quorum (Jefferson Davis and Vatican loving slavetards) and you admit that these same powers killed Lincoln after he had gotten the victory, is to examine how they used the War Powers to ramrod the Jim Crow laws, extermination of the Native Americans and the Federal Reserve Bank in 50 short years between 1867 and 1912.

Step three, once you've comprehended this, is to read the article above, and realize just how completely unprepared and unequipped, people are, to have this discussion.

Step four is to not give up once you comprehend steps one thru three. Recall that I have said "Superjury(tm)" will be the end result. The grand jury which comes, will not be like COTUS grand juries, restricted and formal as if dealing with royalty. No it will be a living and real time 500 year jury, to collective discuss the past, and to vote in real time as to the issues we care to defend, and the Federal laws, codes, regulations and statutes that are used to harm the people and which we'd like to nullify.

There is no way nullification can be used properly until the points above are addressed. Jeff Davis nullified the US government when he and his Vatican slavetards abandoned the government. So there can never be any true COTUS in effect until we discuss that fact and restore the pre-War Powers COTUS. The Executive of the epic "Civil" war was only responding to the abandonment of office by Vatican loving slavetards, and even then this great fellow, was murdered right after he was used to win the power. Lincoln was not given the chance to lay down the crown --on purpose, simply because if they'd let him live, they feared he would give up that crown. And others craved it you see? They killed him to keep the crown from being broken up.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 10:19 AM
This just in:

Actual real street level persons with heart, lungs and bones, CANNOT AVOID the taxman. Unless they can step up to the level of the fake person, aka corporation.

Fake people, can avoid taxes whereas real people cannot.

More Than Two-Thirds Of U.S. Corporations Pay No Federal Corporate Income Tax


According to a recent analysis of nearly 300 Fortune 500 companies by the Citizens for Tax Justice, the average company was paying just 18.3 percent in taxes -- a little more than half the official rate. And by using techniques like industry subsidies, stock option packages, and moving assets overseas where they can't be taxed, 30 companies mentioned in the report -- including Wells Fargo, Verizon, Boeing and General Electric -- didn't pay a cent in federal taxes in 2008, 2009 or 2010, the report found.

It's good to be the King.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 10:41 AM
Topical here from Boston, home of the occupation of Boston Harbor by Euro-power bankers...


Everyone who met in Dewey Square this afternoon had one thing in common – whether they’re an activist with MassUniting, a member of Occupy Boston, or one of the police officers assigned to chaperone today’s protest. They all paid a lot more taxes than General Electric last year.

And so the group of roughly 100 pissed off people poured across Atlantic Avenue, and marched one block from Dewey to GE’s Boston offices on Summer Street. Their message was simple: “Pay your f---ing taxes!” They even brought an invoice for the company.

I assume that after the Patriots win, we can use Foxboro Stadium for Superjury(tm)? It's a great facility, paid for by the people and their taxes.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 11:22 AM
Hello, hope you are paying attention.

I saw this article here, about how darkness upsets civilization.

And then the timeline below, that of the Enron scandal.

Now do you understand darkness? As in, how evil and corrupt can those in power, be? Get it? Those in power? Heh.

But seriously, please do wake up. Here is a good website to get you rolling, lots of free info though I also bet it would be worth it to pay for such good research. Reinhardt is one of the few people who have identified Enron as the real template for crime so do visit his site: there is no cost and his research is excellent.

Power-Grid Cyber Attack Seen Leaving Millions in Dark for Months
By Brian Wingfield

Feb 1, 2012 12:00 AM ET


A blackout that swept parts of North America in August 2003, leaving 50 million people in the dark for as long as four days, provides a glimpse of the havoc a cyber attack could inflict on the nation’s power grid.

Now they are using the fear of the dark to get you to fight "cybercrime" which probably means illegal downloading of movies not worth paying for anyway.

But the real powers to fear, are those who can blow up the biggest power company and then nosedive it straight into the ground, making dough all the way while lying through their teeth, and jumping clear of the wreckage on golden 'chutes.

Oh and rolling blackouts and power interruptions for the plebes. Remember of course, private jets have their own power systems with 110AC and all manner of gadgetry. Who needs a utility company, when you can crash a utility company and obtain a private jet which has its own power? Jet fuel is not scarce.

Seriosuly though, this idea that hackers can wreck things, is true, and it's the well paid for hackers who work for governments that you really need to fear. Because guess who writes their paycheck? It's guys like this:


February 19 A grassroots movement in Portland, Oregon submits enough signatures to qualify a measure for an election to decide whether to begin the process of converting Enron subsidiary Portland General Electric (PGE) into a PUD.

March 17 Merrill Lynch, its four former executives and the SEC agree to settle the Enron security fraud case for $80 million. It is one of the five largest penalties imposed on security-related civil cases. [4]

March 19 Enron Board of Directors approves to keep its three pipeline companies, Transwestern Pipeline Company, Citrus Corp., and Northern Plains Natural Gas Company, as subsidiaries of the new company temporarily called PipeCo. [5]

May 9 Enron Board of Directors approves retention of most overseas power plants, pipelines, and utility businesses as subsidiaries of a new company temporarily called InternationalCo (also known as, Enron International).

June 25 FERC upholds as binding billions of dollars in long-term contracts signed by western utilities and the state of California. Enron announces the formal organization of PipeCo as CrossCountry Energy LLC.

June 25 Enron announces formal organization of InternationalCo as Prisma Energy International Inc.

July 11 Enron files its bankruptcy reorganization plan.

And what came next in August 2003?


And don't ever forget that Enron execs lied all the way through this whole debacle. Nobody in California will forget them.

More on the weeks preceding the big blackout of 2003:

On March 26, 2003, the Commission reviewed the ALJ’s ruling in the
California refund case, adopting many of his findings. However, the Commission
calculated gas costs differently in its refund formula. Instead of published gas
price indices, FERC opted to use gas prices from producing areas plus an
allowance for transportation costs. A generator could recover gas costs above this
level only if it documented the costs. This change increased significantly the
amount of refunds to be paid under the refund formula.
Also on March 26, the Commission released the Staff’s Final Report on its
investigation of market manipulation. The Report found evidence of significant
market manipulation in Western energy markets during 2000 and 2001.
According to the Final Report, increases in spot gas prices contributed to the price
increases in the electricity markets. Dysfunctions in the natural gas market
appeared to stem, in part, from efforts to manipulate price indices compiled by
trade publications, including reporting of false data
and wash trading.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 12:05 PM
Just some random truths which weave a larger picture of accidental on purpose destruction of the world:

1: Can actual humans build nuke plants? No. It takes the corporate person to do such things. To become the drug dealer of eletricity, which will doom future children to irradiated births. Mmmm, yummy power, served up on the devil's anus called a nuclear pile. It's like a heroin needle into the arm of you but it's your children who get sick. All because some dummy said that nuclear power plants were a good idea.

2: Accepting the concept above, that power is like a drug, and the drug dealer has sold power plants that are actually meltdown bombs, then we can easily proceed to the logical conclusion that these 'meltdown bombs' which they sold as 'power plants', are a fraudulent product. These were sold as power plants but are actually time bombs, which will melt down when deprived of power for cooling systems, as Fukishima proves.

3: Okay now here's where it gets scary: Stuxnet means the honeymoon is over. Now begins the realization phase over the next 50-100 years of what humans have done. The whole modality of seeing nuke plants as actually bombs, is key to understanding why Stuxnet and Duqu are such abhorrent malevolent bastards of computer destruction. I will explain it using an analogy:


Imagine a man who is convinced that handgrenades are actually holy. So naturally, the more you have, the better. The analogy would be holy-handgrenade = nuke-imperative. I draw this analogy because the people in power, consider it a sin, to not have power. That is to say, according to their gods, to NOT have power, is a sin. Therefore, people who think this way, are compelled to dissonate when they think of the consequences that their actions have on the future. Therefore, in their dissonance and soul-selling, they will actually see a nuclear pile, as a good thing.

Carrying the analogy forward, this man who sees handgrenades as 'holy' is compelled to have them. So he stuffs his pants with them. To draw this connection is simple, because the US for example (my country) has been compelled and convinced, to insert these nuclear piles into its lands and waterways. WHY? Because the people at the top worship a god of POWER and so it was inevitable that they'd steer this nation toward horrendous deals for power. Including sewing nuke plants all over the nation, of course near waterways because nuke plants need to superheat natural fresh water and ruin the environment etc etc, so it's not just the air and land at risk, it is the freshwater and coastal water which are at risk, and also the deeper ocean as Fukishima runoff shows.

So if you can grasp the picture of a man waddling along having stuffed his pants full of hand grenades, becuase his "god" compelled his to do so, kinda like Abraham's God telling him to slice his son's throat I guess.. Then you are walking with me, through this analogy.

Now we get to the Stuxnet part. When a nation builds nuke plants, and then assists covertly in the design of malware like Stux and Duqu (engineered machines, highly sophisticated and worth billions of r and d) which are made to disable key systems of nuke plants, well, that means ipso facto on some timeline, that weapon will be used against that nation.

So by backing the Israel/Seimens nexus which birthed Stuxnet, you all have essentially tied a string to every one of the dozens of nuke plants in the US. Designing malware like Stux and Duqu, is like allowing Satan to silently slip his finger into the trigger of the gun whose barrel has been carefully forged over the 20th century, and which is pressed against humanity's head.

And what's really funny about Stux and Duqu and iterations of these which we can expect, is that they are deigned to be silent. Your nuke technicians will be tapping their screens as the gauge still reads correctly, yet there's meltdown occurring. How strange, isn't it? The levels on the screen say pressure is fine but the building just exploded because we felt the room shake?

So how smart is it, when a man with pants full of hand grenades, ties a string to each pin of each grenade, and hands those fifty or sixty strings to diverse billions of people around the world? Doesn't it mean some people may use that software, to tug the strings of our bombs which we've buried in the ground in our own nation?

Well, not us per se, WE THE PEOPLE did not build nuke plants. The corporate person, sold them to us.

Real people don't commit suicide generally, it's a small percentage of actual person who self-terminate or sell their kids into slavery. But conversely, corporate persons are in fact, made to be suicided and rendered down into resource at some future date.

So to recognize the difference between sanity and insanity, is a key question of 2012 and of 3012 as well.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 12:12 PM
reply to post by smallpeeps

If you don't want to work at MacDonalds all your life, stay off the drugs, do better in school, work hard to make something of yourself....

...though a job at MacDaonalds while you are going to college is not the worst thing in the world. It helps to pay your own way.

Hey, maybe some day you can own a couple of MacDonelds' franchises. Make good money. Hire college kids to help them work their way through college?

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 12:42 PM

Originally posted by tonycliffs

Hmm, not relevant or intelligent.

Almost stupidly shill like, yet not good enough to be called 'shill' or 'troll'. Maybe your reply deserves a new term, a combination of shill and troll, how about 'shi-troll'?

Thanks for bouncing the thread anyway.

But on the issue you raise, stupidly, that of McDonalds, well it's interesting to notice that their symbol is the sign of Aries. The golden arches is the symbol of Aries, completely. Also, the sacrifice of the "red heifer" is the "penultimate requirement of torah" according to the Zio crowd. You'll note also that they blow the shofar, the horn of the ram, signifying that the Zionists are stuck in Aries, trying to avoid the idea that the age of Pisces even came. They sacrifice the red bull of apis (which was the Egyptian ritual) which is the killing of the age of Taurus (the age of the 18th dynasty of Egypt) while carrying the bull slaughter into the modern age.

After the Bar Kochba failed revolt, the Romans came right into Jerusalem and shook hands with the rabbis whom they'd conspired with, and with whom they'd established lifetime permanency of debts, and immediately began slaughtering bulls in Jerusalem to 'mother madre'.

These rituals have been Americanized through modern franchising and "Happy Meals", but the idea is the same. The Rome Cult and Jerusalamists, both have bull slaughter rituals, and the age of Aries was the end of Egypt and the beginning of the shofar-blowers under Aries. Also, ranchers as such, are useful when it comes to controlling large swaths of land as in the US. Barbed wire is the main tool of concentration camps and ranchers alike.

Anyway, Ronald is a King, though he be a clown, he be the most powerful King, indicating that rule by jesters, is not an unknown concept.

He competes with a self proclaimed King, that of the hamburgers, the so called "Burger King". Not to be confused with the Burgher King, who is a different kind of King. I suppose Davey Jones, King of the Ocean as seen in the Pirates movies, would maybe qualify as the Burgher King? *


The Portuguese arrived in 1505 in what outsiders then called Ceylon. Since there were no women in the Portuguese navy, the Portuguese sailors married local Sinhalese women and Tamils in Batticaloa. This practice of intermarriage with local people was encouraged by the Portuguese.

When a Dutch company VOC took over in 1653, they expelled all the Portuguese. However, they permitted a few stateless persons of Portuguese-Jewish (Marrano) descent, and of mixed Portuguese-Sinhalese ancestry to stay. Many people having a Portuguese name were a result of forced conversions of local/native people in order to work for the Portuguese. As a result, Burghers with Portuguese names are most likely to be of Sinhalese ancestry, with a very small portion being Portuguese or mixed Portuguese-Sinhalese ancestry. Those of a Portuguese-Jewish background can be traced in various forms or surmised from their surname. Most Burghers of Eurasian descent with Portuguese surnames are of Sinhalese and Dutch, British, German, Swedish, and/or other European descent.

* Davey Jones in the Pirates movies, commands the "Dutchman".
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posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 09:44 AM
Here is an example of modern framing:

These extremists, sometimes known as “sovereign citizens,” believe they can live outside any type of government authority, FBI agents said at a news conference.

The extremists may refuse to pay taxes, defy government environmental regulations and believe the United States went bankrupt by going off the gold standard.

Let's cover some facts:

1: The FBI was created by Vatican 18th Amendment schemes. They built the FBI as the good arm and the Mob as the bad arm and both arms got stronger and tithed well.

2: Sorry but the words above are complete lies. If we could somehow, as Americans, raise up a better Bureau, we'd maybe have something.

3: Since these men don't know their US history, how can they be entrusted to defend what they don't understand? Is it true that Law Enforcement requires a lower IQ or less inquisitive mind? I am afraid to accept that premise frankly, but the words above seem to indicate it's true.

Anyway, here's the relative point in history.

Pollock nullified

The Sixteenth Amendment nullified the effect of Pollock.[24][25] That means the Congress may impose taxes on income from any source without having to apportion the total dollar amount of tax collected from each state according to each state's population in relation to the total national population.[26] In Abrams v. Commissioner, the United States Tax Court stated:[27]

"Since the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment, it is immaterial with respect to income taxes, whether the tax is a direct or indirect tax. The whole purpose of the Sixteenth Amendment was to relieve all income taxes when imposed from [the requirement of] apportionment and from [the requirement of] a consideration of the source whence the income was derived.

Did you see that? One amendment makes the material "immaterial". This violation of the COTUS, is not within the jurisdiction or scope or even understanding of any Bureau so you can't blame them for not knowing. In the US of the future, the citizens and the officers alike, will all be knowledgeable and aware.

In 1913, anyone could see that the communist income tax, had won the greatest victory of Marx ever. The ability to tax the US people without any material connection to the population, was one of Marx's planks of communism, and this tax of course, allowed a century of Marx/Rothschildian/Romish schemes of religio-military scams and fleecing of the US people and the people of the world.

The 16th amendment is like the cinching of a rope that got slipped around the US neck when Lincoln was killed.

As a result of Lincoln's matrydom and the resultant gang war in the halls of power, the 20th century has been a horrid experiment in how cheap human life can be. The 20th Century could have been great, but instead is a shameful blight on history.

If anyone prior to 1890, say, could see the huge slaughterhouses of our 20th century wars, they'd do anything to stop it. If any century prior to this, could see the data and scope of the hemoclysms of the 20th Century, they'd do anything to prevent such mass killings. It is the ultimate slap in the face to our ancestors that we take pride in this crap century of death which we just thankfully completed.

Let's not have another #ty 100 years of organized wartards like Oscar Schindler and Jacob Schiff. Let's make this century totally better than the last, because I'm not sure we can endure another century like this last one.

Well actually, maybe only 5% or so will survive the next century and maybe that's the point?

So in fact, if one has power, they should fear it. This is a world in which all power is tainted. Therefore I hope these people who get a US Treasury or DoD paycheck will act good and true, because if they don't then they violate the people themselves. It is never right for the officers to violate the people whom they are chartered to protect.

It is never right to harm the beneficiary of any trust. It is an outright violation of the trust relationship for the fiduciaries to steal even one penny. A penny by the way, is a copper coin, specie, and has value even if it be melted down. That is the essence of real. So although many paid and determined soldiers may fight for the right to make a piece of paper into a penny, it can never be real.

Paper isn't copper, paper cannot be smelted down into bullion form. Well except in 1991 when Gorbachev said all 50 and 100 bills were garbage, just before his nation crashed. Seriously, one day Russians woke up and all their 100 ruble and 50 ruble notes were worth NOTHING. Haha, file that under funny stuff Americans don't know.

You just know Americans would be pissed if that happens here though.

posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 10:18 AM
I hereby encourage all Americans to understand wherefrom the schemes aimed at this continent have originated:

Punish the Americans

In London King George III gave up all hope of subduing America by more armies, while Britain had a European war to fight. "It was a joke," he said, "to think of keeping Pennsylvania." There was no hope of recovering New England. But the King was still determined "never to acknowledge the independence of the Americans, and to punish their contumacy by the indefinite prolongation of a war which promised to be eternal."[69]

Aheh, "contumacy"?

And as punishment: Eternal war.
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posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 10:37 AM
I guess this man would be one of the supreme "sovreign citizens who say the US is bankrupt" as above?

At 18:05 he is making the assertion that the US is bankrupt, so whereupon does the FBI ignore his decades of broadcasts? They better not arrest one sovereign American until they address the points that many people are waking up to.

America is not the tool of Europe or the Med Sea. We can rebuild our production from the massacres of the Marxists but how can you magically make soldiers and cops into decent workers? It's god damned hard to do so. It's almost like once a man has been in power, he'll never go back to being out of power, like just being a farmer or whatever. As the saying goes, "power corrupts" but what they don't tell you is that a nickle can buy a man's soul and his whole family, and can compel him forward. That is why Jesus answered the tax question posed to him, by pointing out that he didn't have a Roman penny on him.

But how shall the beneficiary give back Caesar's things, if the bill arrives in the mail, and Caeser says he's claiming your tools and your home and your other things? Even then, Jesus' advice would be the same "Flee to the mountains" ..But even then, the Romans will follow into the mountains and kill you. Well historically speaking that is. But Rome is far away from the US and if we removed their agents over here, then they couldn't do # to us.

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 11:39 AM





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