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Human evolution now and the future

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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 11:09 AM
Human evolution, it's still happening always has been and always will be. Do not follow disinformation that claims homo sapiens are evolutions grand design. Do not be fooled, this is media trying to massage your ego nothing more.

The following links of credible to show our evolutionary process, from then to now and the far beyond, we have been taught that we originated from monkey like apes, that learned to stand upright and eventually evolved intelligence in the form of a primitive society of hunters and gathers.

We became fascinated by cause and action. Every action had a cause, which provoked many beings to start thinking about simple physics, looking up to the stars to tell time, season, location and even to simply tell stories of magical deities. As times passed and this creative thought process took shape, we began to not only understand ourselves better but the world around us, learning to harness fire, sticks and stones to better aid us in our quest for food. But we craved more, so we made tools to use the sun has a clock with shadows, we changed our ways to live in colonies. We even changed the way we live and breath and the very earth itself.

Today not much as changed, we dirtied the earth up, killed off many species and made many devices our ancestors would consider magic. However we still crave more, the knowledge we learn just isn't enough. But our minds continue to expand.

(homo genus history)

It's at a critical point, where the last hundred years are a jump away from homo sapiens and their abilities like Neanderthals becoming replaced. Homo sapiens like their ancestors before them shall be transformed into a homo novus. (Latin for new man) 

Evolution is bound to continue a trait that has long been with us, creative thinking, as it expands so does our craving for knowledge, we seek more and more information than any of our ancestors ever had. To the point earth simply just isn't enough anymore. We will expand all borders and go boldly where no homo genus has gone before.

Mentally, we change. Our physical appearance will remain pretty much the same, maybe larger heads. Perhaps even slanted eyes for enhanced vision.
More compassionate, logical minded, and heavily lacking any form of greed.

By 2040 at least 10% of the population will be some form of novus. Weather already there and almost there, will be a part of the new world.

To many this is a scary thought, which could also put our future in jeopardy, some nations or organizations might find a threat in this evolutionary process. Even wage war on this homo novus. It's a scary thought especially to those who do not believe in evolution. But unlike their predecessors homo novus, aren't bloodthirsty and are very logical minded, perhaps even talking their way out of a bad situation. Maybe even able to partially read thoughts to better understand their peers. Evolution adapts to all things, including a social environment, which would require more social development so a telepathic hominid isn't too far of a stretch of an idea.   

As I have a large glass of skepticism I look at the ancient alien theory, with curiosity. They describe beings, not too unfamiliar from us. Tall, grey skin, large black eyes. As if describing the future of ourselves. These "greys" are merely a depiction of our future lives and descendants. Maybe time travelers of visions of the future (both seem unusual) 

So when I say the greys are our future selves do not take it as literal but merely keep it in mind, that you and I are part of a chain far greater than any of us, yet we are links. In a chain that doesn't end with a popular doomsday theory, but a future of exploration, innovation and education far beyond our current standards.

I end this thread with a last reminder of our growing intellect look at the growing number of child geniuses, the number will only skyrocket. As time goes on, stupidity and primitive traits will be a distant memory.
So take joy in this thread, 2012 isn't the end of anything.  But we will see the beginning and transformation of our species as it enters a golden age of technological advancement but also social advancements.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by Anthony1138

How do I post images without showing it as an external link? Will post more later, off to work.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 11:48 AM
The Ancient Astronaut theory is something that has always seemed to captivate me. I've once thought the same thing, could the Greys be our future selves? What if we caused some catastrophe which caused us to move underground. The effects of the catastrophe along with a different environment and of course time changed our genetic composition. Apes and Humans are common ancestors yet we haven't found the missing link. I just find it odd that we are the only intelligent species on this just doesn't make complete sense to me. Yeah you could bring up evolution again, adaptation, survival of the fittest, etc., but there is just an essential piece of the puzzle that is missing.
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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by IEtherianSoul9

You put humans on the highest throne? Dolphins are extremely intelligent yet lack the ability to alter their environment. The is the only difference. So intelligence can be common with time.
I don't want to resort to the ancient alien theory, merely because it lacks credit to our ancestors. But sadly there could be logic in it.

Imagine a parallel universe not too different from our own. Humans have a world war three, the earth is devastated. Two thirds of the population wiped out. Not only are the survivors infertile but also creates a bottle neck in the gene pool.
So say leave earth, resorting to cloning methods because their reproductive organs have failed. Generation after generation. Without natural conception reproductive organs cease to exist, and genomes become damaged over time clone after clone. With doom of the species at hand, they make a desperate plan to slice their DNA with other animals from earth (most compatible) so compound eyes, radiation protective skin (grey) higher intelligences so they then start to unravel all the laws of physics. They look for a way back in time yet fail to do so. But find a parallel universe of a very similar beginning.

They come to this earth, and try to teach the hominids math, building reading writing. Everything a society needs to thrive. But these hominids see these beings as gods and worship them. So they leave and come back every now and then to make sure their evolution is in the right direction. Some proclaiming them as demons or angels.

So here we are now, these UFO sightings and alien believers higher than any point in history. What does that make us, and our purpose?

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 05:22 PM
so the million dollar question is what does this have to do with poltical madness?

havent seen too much evolution of man and his poltics so contrary to the op

i dont see us to have evolved that much.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:43 AM
reply to post by neo96

Poltical madness? Oops.....I will fix that to fragile earth lol

Edit. Can someone tell me how to change forum from political madness to fragile earth or w.e it would fit in.

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