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Do the dead leave signs???

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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 09:17 AM
So my dad recently died. we had taken him home to die about a month ago. The hospital told us there was nothing else they could do. Within 5 days of coming home he came out of his dementia from being in the icu for 3 weeks. He slowly got better with OUR care and he decided to get a peg tube seeing he ws having difficulty swallowing due to a stroke. We started to get him out of bed and walking again with a walker. Put him in a nursing home so he could get some professional help with speech pt and ot. He died 5 days later due to an aspiration pneumonia. WTF.

So before he died he and i were watching a program I think it was liam neeson in taken. Well right at the good part he was fumbling weith the remote and pressed the on demand button. I said to him really dad wtf right at the good part. So the channel changes and he says what I dont know what the hell im doing. He switches back and the scene is over. Well he died on a frid and sunday came around and I was starting to watch breaking bad. He liked that show and we used to talk about it. I turned it on and was watching where the old man who does the dirty work for the cartel is sitting in a van and it gets all shot up. hes laying on the floor and the doors open up and you see the 2 guys looking in and the show freezes. 15 seconds later hes walking out and the 2 guys are dead. I was like wtf right at the good part. I didnt put 2 and 2 together until later. The thing is if you tape something usually if there are glitches they happen throughout the show you have taped. There was nothing else wrtong with it.

At his funneral there was a bihg plate glass behind the alter where there is a cross and jesus. As the priest was ending the ceremony he said something to the effect of as bill is flying up to heaven, my wife noticed 2 small planes flying in the background. Only her my mothers sister and her son saw this. Oh he was an ATC'r for 39 years.

So those are just 2 examples anybody want to share theirs

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 09:25 AM
Are you a believer of the Bible? If so, I have a few answers that you should be aware of, if not then I don't want to turn your thread into a discussion you don't care about.
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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 09:40 AM
I DO BELIEVE in signs .....have had it happen way too many times now to call it coincidental. I have many stories but right now...I am sorry to say that I simply do not feel like typing it all.
I have not had enough coffee yet.

I will give you one story but actually 2. The night my step son passed I was IM'ing my brother about the day(Josh losing his battle to Leukemia) and looking for support from him. It was 1:30 in the morning and I could not sleep. I was baffled, torn and frankly BROKEN to the core of my being. I was telling him what happened after we left the hospital and went to the funeral home. Joshua loved the wildlife, especially deer. We would drive around the Country town he lived in before we took he and the other two siblings home (from visitng the weekend or summer with me and his dad). We always did this. ALWAYS drove around before he (they) went home to find deer hanging out in fields. Hardly ever did we find one...much less a few in a field!!! He just had a love for deer....and a love for his dad like I have never and probably will never witness again. It was a beautiful love they had for one another. we were driving to the funeral home his mom and her hubby were in front of us and as we were driving we had to pull over and discuss what just happened. It was awesome and teer jerking at the same time.

What we just experienced was both our radios went static as we were passing a herd of deer in a field. There were so many...I couldn't count just how many but at least 30!!!!!!!!!!!! We knew it was him telling us he was ok.

As I was im'ing my brother I told him of this occurring and as I awaited for his reply....I read....."Intuition is the forgotten sense Jenn. If you believe it was it was". As I read that sentence....all the sudden I jumped because right in front of me was an answering machine (this was in 1999). The answering machine came on without the phone ringing. It just...came on. Again, it was 1:30 in the am and my brother had just told me that.

With MY experience from loved ones passing it seems as if there is about a 3 day period where they "hang on" or allowed to transfer some of their energy to show us they are still around. It also seems to me they come around a lot when their energy is constantly called upon or thought of.

I have many cool stories. I have lost a lot of loved ones and if there is anything I is in the after life and the energy of loved ones transferring their love and light to us the only way they can. Some of us discount it....time after time. Not me though....I just know what I know.

Sorry for the loss of your dad. (((((HUGS))))) for you!!!!!!!! It is sooo hard on the ones of us left behind. Just know he is ok and shooting you signs to show you he is still with you ...even if you cannot "see" him with your limited sight.

Peace and love to you and yours!!!!!!! xoxoxox


posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 10:00 AM
It is possible. There are few instances in the Bible where this happens. However it is written that the dead are forbidden by God to communicate with their loved ones EXCEPT to give them warnings, or a message of love and encouragement. Maybe your dad got God's permission to say goodbye to you in his own way, and a way that you would understand so that you would know that your dad was going home.

Earth is not our home, this is a battleground, a trial we have to pass through. Our true home is with God, and your dad has gone to take his place there.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 10:35 AM
my little brother still leaves signs. the same kind of signs he left me while he was still alive. its comforting. i know what ive seen, its enough for me to know. i will gladly say yes. maybe they are waiting, maybe they are saying goodbye, i dont know. its comforting enough for me to know they are there, to accept that untill i am with them as well.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by lonewolf19792000I was thinking about that too as my mother has been gone for 11 years I dont really sense her presense much. I think that there must be some time that they are allowed to give a little sign. I dont think it can be too obvious either it has to push the faith envelope a little. But then again it could all be a coincedence and just the way our brains react to certain things.

One other incident concerning my wife. She doesnt believe in these signs she thinks they are all coincedences. She was the one who told me about the planes. I was standing right next to her but didnt see it. She thought I was overreating about the tv program. I was also looking through some old photos for pics of my dad and kids. As I was putting the photos away for the next ten years!! lol I saw a envelope with her name on it in my fathers handwriting. I almost didnt look at it but had the urge too. It said to our wonderful daughter-in-law blah blah blah. I opened it up and there was a hundred dollar bill sitting inside . It had been there for atleast 7 years because my dad wrote congratulations on your new house. we bought the house in 2004. Coincedence??? you be the judge. Oh dad was a miser with his money. he was generous but liked to save. He would get mad at me for going to 711 instead of wawa to get his cigs. .25 cent more instead of a one min drive, wawa was about ten min away.
Oh and I know all about what the bible says.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by MamaJ

Ty jenn I do believe in signs. the night my mother passed. Literally 5 mins afterward I was crying outside and said to myself Mom are you out there and looked up in the sky. As I did, I mean as I turned my head skywardand opened my eyes a leaf poked my eyeball. It was like she said yeah stupid. I kinda laughed and cried. My sister had an owl outside of her house for almost a week. My bro had a white owl fly in front of his car down a back road in broad daylight. On my parents 1st anniversary after her death, we were re roofing my sisters house and my sister found this shingle that was torn off the house and it looked like a owl perched on a limb. . She was into owls. Now thats a whole other story in itself.

Again ty for your kind words

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 06:32 PM
For the Christians who say the Bible says you mustn't talk to the dead, who were the disciples talking to after Jesus died?
I personally think one shouldn't because you don't know if you are talking to a demon.

I have 3 stories.
My mum died nearly 20 yrs ago. And I met her in heaven 4 yrs later. I was invited to look around her house and above her fireplace was a painting she had painted herself. I was amazed it was the exact painting over my fireplace I had bought at an exhibition. She had gone to God and asked if she could send me the painting. Obviously He said yes.
Last month I am reading the Kolbrin Bible; the Egyptian part and there described exactly, was the painting which is of the place I had first entered Heaven. The waterfall and trees either side with a bank of grass. Apparently it is a portal for visitors to Heaven.

I have physically seen many angels and demons over the years. My neighbour died who had became a friend too and I asked to go to the funeral. I didn't know how she had appreciated our friendship until the most scariest angel I'd ever seen flew over to me and told me what my neighbour had said. I was dumbfounded.

Then my mother in law died who was a white witch/Wicca. As we were clearing her affects from her house we found a plastic cauldron, a twig broomstick and a black witch's hat. I put them together outside and took a photo of them, saying that proves it she was a witch. Then I get a really loud buzzing in my right ear.
"You can be quiet, you were a witch and this stuff proves it", I replied to the buzzing. It was the mother in law telling me off. LOL
We didn't get on towards the end of her life, as she was very vocal in her criticism of me. I usually bit my tongue but it was hurtful. Her soul had became fragmented in her last days and she hated me and all Christians.
At her funeral dinner after, the Pagans all sat on the middle table and my sister heard them say they are the Christians, with disgust in their tone. I personally didn't know them well enough to be disgusted with them. But you could feel their hatred, I felt sorry for them.

And I have seen a ghost of an old woman, who was waiting for her son to visit her. She got moved on.

If you read Book of Enoch it says that not all people are taken to their next abode. And in The Final Frontier (now free to read on Web) lots of cases of afterlife are written about. Very interesting.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by AriesJedi

The disciples were talking to Christ, and thats different because he isnt dead. He shed his human form and reclaimed his Godhood, and the disciples saw Christ talking to Moses and Elijah (Elijah also did not die, God took him and transformed him, Elijah is also widely thought to be one of the 2 witnesses who will arise during the tribulation).


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