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The general conspiracy for oil and against alternatives question

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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 06:45 AM
I've been wondering if there is some kind of conspiracy for oil and against cheap or free energy?

Of course the government is screwing you. Using any form of common sense and logic we can see free energy = less money for the money masters.

Reason for that tough is we fight for oil all around the world, instead of spending the money on refining and inventing better alternatives.


In 1979 Congress, acting on Jimmy Carter's proposal in the aforementioned speech to create an energy security corporation did just that. This corporation was named the Synthetic Fuels Corporation. Source

This corporation was designed to do one thing find and discover the viability of alternative energy sources. However, this organization was dismantled in 1986 because they were no longer considered viable.

Falling world oil prices, moreover, have made it unlikely that the huge capital investments necessary for the development of commercial synthetic fuel plants will prove economic in the forseeable future. Salavging the Synthetic Fuels corporation

Also in 1986 The US started using more oil than it produced, and the dependence on oil has increased year by year since then. This tread concerns a possible oil conspiracy involving OPEC.

The increased need for oil even let the US and its gang into war. 18 January 2003 The Guardian in the UK predicted the war in Iraq:

War in Iraq is inevitable.
The US has paved itself into a corner. Its physical and economic infrastructure is so highly car dependent that the US is pathologically addicted to oil. Without billions of barrels of precious black sludge being pumped into the veins of its economy every year, the nation would experience painful and damaging withdrawal. Source

Could the military and companies behind be interested in keeping oil and not promoting alternatives?

31 January 2011, NY times wrote:

HOUSTON — Exxon Mobil, the largest American oil company, reported a 53 percent increase in its fourth-quarter profit on Monday,...

Exxon’s performance was in line with the strong results of most other large energy companies, which have benefited not only from rising oil prices but also from improved margins in their refinery businesses. Source

Here we see one of the companies who got some interest in keeping free energy of the market.

The next section of the tread contain short introduction’s on various alternative energy source’s. If you dont want to read it skip to the question in the bottom of the post.

Nuclear energy

A solution to the power crisis could be nuclear energy, but with Chernobyl and Fukushima in mind I’m not sure it’s the best of idea’s.

Alternative energy source’s

We already have some existing technologies that need an upgrade. Some of these are mentioned below.

Solar Energy
There’s a lot of advances in this field of energy. The existing technology is expensive and inefficient but with increased research we could refined it. It has potential to cover a lot of the energy needed on earth, but the fact that the sun don’t shine 24/7 could pose an issue.

There’s a tread on ATS talking about solar textiles for as a cover on houses.

Kennedy uses 3-D modeling software to design with solar textiles, generating membrane-like surfaces that can become energy-efficient cladding for roofs or walls. Solar textiles may also be draped like curtains. Getting wrapped up in solar textiles

This could also be interesting:

Nanosolar coatings are as thin as a layer of paint and can tranfer sunlight into power quite efficiently. Imagine the possibilities, from solar coated shingles to solar lined windows to solar powered cell phones and ipods. Solar powered buildings and homes might just become standard in the future thanks to this innovative technology by Nanosolar Inc. Source

And this tread discuss refining normal solar cell’s.

The most expensive, carefully designed, and complicated solar panels in the world operate at about 40% efficiency. That means that, for every bit of sunlight that hits the panel, only 40% of it is turned into electricity.

Steven Novack of the Idaho National Laboratories came up with an inexpensive, foldable solar panel that may turn out to be up to 80% efficient Source

Wind energy

Is more refined than solar energy, and there’s not a lot of advances to be expected in this field. I believe some of the future advances will be in vertical windmills (for skyscraper’s) and maybe seafarm’s with larger windmills. A problem about wind power is the initial cost’s to establish the turbines.

The video below shows how vertical wind turbine’s could work.


Is a less discussed issue on ATS. You can create Biogas from bio-material’s like plants or dung. In Denmark we have several biogas plant’s. Our resources is depleting and in 2010 we started importing gas from Germany, so were still not producing enough.

Poop-power is not a new phenomenon, as methane-powered generators have existed for a while, and even larger scale developments have used poo-power as a way to meet energy needs. But powering a state with poo? This is exactly what Californian utility PG&E has just started to do, by creating natural gas from a vat of liquid-cow poo, in what is probably the smelliest (but smartest) way ever to produce any form of renewable energy. Source


Algae is a new potential great alternative to the current biofuels.

I could mentioned other renewable powersource’s like water power, wave power, osmodic power plants, Earthheat or piezoelectric generators in shoes and pavement …..but I need to stop this tread at some point. Before I end I would like to mention a few of the sources that is less known and investergated.

Less supported science

Most of the above methods is accepted in general science and even supported by some governments, but we have more interesting alternatives rarely mentioned in the public.

Geothermic energy

Unless you live in Island or is a part of ATS
, you probably don’t know a lot about Geothermic power plants. This could be the solution many places around the world. Free energy for electricity, heat and converting water into gas sounds like a Utopia.
… and it is, because you still have to establish powerplant’s and refinery’s to transform the heat to other energy.

Iceland has energy to spare, and the small country has found a cutting-edge way to reduce its oil dependency. Volcanoes formed the island nation out of ash and lava, and molten rock heats huge underground lakes to the boiling point.

The hot water -- energy sizzling beneath the surface -- is piped into cities and stored in giant tanks, providing heat for homes, businesses and even swimming pools.

The volcanoes melted ice, which formed rivers. The water runs through turbines, providing virtually all the country's electricity.

Iceland wants to make a full conversion and plans to modify its cars, buses and trucks to run on renewable energy -- with no dependence on oil.
nd the First Country to Try Abandoning Gasoline

Cold fusion

Is another source with potentially free energy. The research in this field was abandoned by the mainstream scientist many years ago. There can be multiple explanations for this. Maybe this “free energy = less money for the money masters”. Or because it’s a very complicated science, where we need to do some basic fieldwork before it can be perfected….
Whatever the reason is I find it outrageous that they don’t pursue this field of science, when it potentially can solve the energycrisis, the economy and lead to other interesting fields of science. I post a video from a long serie that try to explain the history physics behind cold fusion.

I’m certain there’s a lot I did’nt cover in this tread. However the purpose was not to introduce You to alternative energy’s. Now that the alternative is available and oil is becomming more and more like a hangmans nose i want to ask You Is there a conspiracy to keep the oil industry rolling and keep the alternatives as a sidenote? Because i dont see alot of movement towards the alternatives.

Last I found this video that I embedded because of its positivistic title “Quest for free energy”.

Edit: Thank's for putting it in the right forum.
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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 07:04 AM
Good post.

But we have been set up to be consumers...until the mind set of consumerism is changed ..It will remain this way.

As consumers..excess is the enemy... shortages make the system work. Abundance of anything makes it less valuable(worthless) in consumerism.

Make nothing built to last...that runs counter to consumerism. Replace it often is the motto in consumerism.

Find no cures only expensive "treatments" that are lifelong. That is consumerism.


PS: My point is, that you are right about a conspiracy in the petroleum industry..but it extends much further than just oil.
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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 07:10 AM
reply to post by spav5

I can only agree with you on that. But who is it that want to keep the wheels rolling?

Those with money interests. Theres ALOT of money in oil aslong as theres no real alternative on market.

We can only hope some of the poleticians see this could solve economy and oildepletion problems many places....I dont really care if they have to sacrifice some sacred cheeps like Exxon or GM.

They actually dont have to sacrifice them, but "force" them to evolve to the new situation or get eaten by the market. Im pretty sure biofuel'ed cars could substitute the oilburning monster's we currently use.

Concidered makeing a similar tread about pharmasceutical companies, but dont have the time currently.
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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 07:18 AM

Originally posted by Mimir
reply to post by spav5

I can only agree with you on that. But who is it that want to keep the wheels rolling?

Those with money interests. Theres ALOT of money in oil aslong as theres no real alternative on market.

We can only hope some of the poleticians see this could solve economy and oildepletion problems many places....I dont really care if they have to sacrifice some sacred cheeps like Exxon.

Politicians will not be our savior..IMO.

They are either bought off with riches or scared off with threats. If that doesn't work they ruin there credibility in the media..and If by some miracle that doesn't work..they just kill them.

I don't know where our hope lies..."they" are good at keeping us divided.


posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 07:21 AM
reply to post by spav5

In that case you need to force it upon the government, which is a larger and alot more demanding task.

Start with small selfsustaining communities...and maybe export exessive energy for free or atleast cheaper than what the society offers.

Pressure with noneviolent demonstrations, make people sign up in larger numbers...
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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 10:23 AM
That is a great source of different energy technologies that are out there, there are many others emerging as well like negative resistors, over unity engines and earth batteries. Water based solutions for combustion engines is also another one that is gaining ground.

There are some issues with some that you have mentioned, they still have a place but just need to be aware.


This is resulting in a zero sum game in the way it is being used with crops and GMO devoted to this and pushing up food prices. There is a energy cost in growing the food that needs to be accounted and there are issues in viability. However, in using the waste products from other production industries and sewage there is a net benefit available. Done right this processing stage could also produce cheep fertilizer.

Geothermic energy

In some regions there are huge technical challenges and risk with creating a weak spot in the Earth's crust. The steam temperatures and pressures can also cause a lot of fracking to the ground structure releasing toxins, contaminating water supplies and causing seismic instability. In other regions of the world where these natural heat pipes have made their way to the surface it is a lot easier and safer to harness this energy.

Wind Power

Living next to a large wind generator sounds like being at the airport with the jet engines idling. They are very loud and pick up in volume as the wind speed increases. These do need to be kept some distance away from residential areas as the constant noise pollution can get quite upsetting for some.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 02:48 PM
It's totally true that everything is suppressed by TPTB, to keep the oil-burning program going, and petroleum pesticides and fertilizers to control food. We have not progressed past the "man make fire" mindset, though now we have more refined fires that burn inside the engine.

There was a burst of creativity when man had thrown off the chains of tyranny for a short period in a great experiment called the USA, and at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century there was the greatest flowering of achievement in human history, where flight, radio, telephone, railroads and autos were invented, and the part of the secret of electricity was unlocked by a man named Tesla, giving us the electric motor and generator among other things.

Then the cabal that is trying to dominate the world now tightened their stranglehold again with WW I and it's continuation,WW II after the first massive skimming of the entire world's economy. The second worldwide theft by skim is under way right now. They call it a "recession" or "depression" and all the people in power claim to be surprised by it all. "Oops, my bad. Sorry." And the public somehow accepts the "fact" that all these so-called experts and politicians are completely inept, bungling everything so badly it seems they couldn't organize a fart contest, though each "whoops" seems to somehow be in THEIR favor at the expense of everyone else. .

Think about it: what has been actually invented since WWII? Nothing. I defy anyone to tell me of an invention after the war that was in any way new, and not just a refinement of existing technologies. Even the internet is simply an improvement of the telephone network.

All research into alternate energy is being purposely led down the wrong path. This brings up the electric universe theory. The Sun puts out electricity, the Universe is seething with electricity. This is the "free energy" that is all around us. Electricity is imperfectly understood. Tesla had stated he had figured out how to connect machinery to the "wheelwork of the universe", yet he was driven out of business, squeezed out, and died a pauper. His entire lab and all notes of everything were immediately confiscated by the govt, since he was on the verge of spreading free energy to everyone.
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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:59 PM
A Segment from a Documentary shot in the early 90's about Global Conspiracies. This talks about the earlyer stages og the suggested oil conspiracy.

A few speculative methods

This is very interesting. It's a reproduction of Nikola Tesla's free energy machine. Very interesting.

This video from AleienScientist is about zero point energy and "the infinite battery", he explains the physics behind. This is worth testing in since the physics is well explained.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 10:28 PM
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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 01:37 PM
Cold fusion is close to free energy.
When making hydrogen Lyne published details that a heating increase was measured.
He went on to promote the mono hydrogen furnace giving a 1000x heat increase.

Most free energy is invisible as radiation and UV rays and cosmic rays that have
never been harnessed. There is some sort of multiplying factor when harnessing
the force of gravity from the fine matter by such mythical ships that Tesla made.
The books being closed on Tesla the oil and alt energy companies have nothing
to worry about as even mini free energy generators of 50KW and less must be
vaulted away.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 09:49 AM
If you want to go a little more fantastic burn Nitrogen not Carbon.
This suggested by Tesla of course as the air is FREE and God
given to every human being and power plant.

Well you need Tesla's quarter wave pulses most likely and you see
that might involve Death ray forces and UFO/Tesla ship propulsion

So no free energy or overunity travel tipping over the jet fuel business.
ED: We go by trains and planes:

Never to be replaced by more powerful Tesla methods.
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posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by Mimir

No real conspiracy, to be a conspiracy requires it be hidden. This is common knowledge. There is lots of money to be lost by the fossil fuel industries if we develop alternatives. Nuclear was allowed to expand and grow to a certain point because they knew it terrified the crap out of the average citizen and they would demand slow growth there.

For all his faults when it came to energy policy Carter was truly forward thinking. Understanding that we would have problems down the road if we continued to be dependent on oil. It is in our interests to develop low cost and free energy, but it is not in the wealthy elites interest to do so and they can afford to buy the government.


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