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Ron Paul Iowa Straw Poll speech

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posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 02:15 AM

Quite a good speech. Way better than the made up propaganda with made up lines that the other candidates spew all day long with their talking points...

Ron Paul is the only who speaks about liberty. The only one who speaks about ending the wars. The only one speaking about repealing the patriot act. The only one against the Iraq war. Or the Afghan war. The only one speaking about gold/silver as currency. The only one speaking about getting rid of the income tax. And the FED. The only speaking about the banks ripping people off. The only one speaking against the police state. The only one speaking about the constitution.

Obama has proven that he's for those wars and all the other ``republicans`` candidates are for those wars, the bank bailouts, the police state and the FED....

WANT REAL CHANGE, VOTE RON PAUL. Not fake change like Obama brought (which we could see a lightyear away) ... PROVEN CHANGE... Ron Paul has been in office for 20+ years, never changed his stance, never backed down, always was true to his convictions.

Want a proven record of change and honesty? Ron Paul is the only one who has those credentials.
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posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 07:21 AM
Dr Paul mentioned problems that the nation faces, that all the politicians are avoiding.

he mentions reducing our military over deployment, spending the federal money at home rather than building overseas.
that our income tax is a scam, and our financial system needs looking into.
at least, even those who don't agree with all he said, give him credit for bringing up real issues.

his opponents spend their time Obama bashing, Perry was on tv this morning, and bashing is all they reported.
other than having the support of the uber rich, meaning his campaign has lots of money.
which problems would he address?
and Romney does the same.
anybody can do Obama bashing, the voters want to hear something real.

it would be great if the debates included questions about the issues Ron Paul brings up, to see what the other candidates program's are.
the questions are asked of Ron Paul, how would the other candidates reduce military spending, or at least bring the spending home?

or if they are just for the status quo, on overseas deployment, income tax, etc.?

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