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A skeptics story of (para) normal activities.

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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 08:57 PM
I have been a long time reader of ATS, never really had anything to say or contribute after I figured out what I could use this site for, alternative information. I've never had anything to contribute until recently, and of all forums it's this the paranormal forum. Please excuse my many typographical errors, my mind tends to work faster than my fingers.

It's rather long story, I will try to keep it succinct and clean, though that is not my strong suit.

I have always been fascinated with the paranormal, mainly from an "energies" aspect. No real point in getting into that topic for this discussion. Other than I like a good home grown ghost story, I do not believe in “ghost” and had there not been multiple witnesses to all accounts in this story I would never mention it to anyone. I know ATS needs proof of everything, as do I. I do not have pictures (through there is nothing to take pictures of) my witnesses are all I have. Please believe that I have no reason to make any of this up, not that it's anything overly exorbitant in the scope of paranormal “activities”.

Starts out really simple. I am the son of a Southern Baptist preacher growing up in the mountains of Appalachia. Growing up we lived in what's called a parsonage, a house supplied by the church for the preacher and family to live in; every parsonage that I lived in as a child through my teenage years was always directly in front of or beside the church cemetery.

Growing up I had a lot of imaginary friends many of whom were residents of the graveyards that I lived beside. No big deal, I was a kid I didn't have any siblings close to my age, I had a vivid imagination I conjured up imaginary friends and I base those friends off the names of the tombstones and what I thought that particular person would have looked and been like. I know that sounds a little strange but I assure you back in the days when I grew up I did not have the videogame systems, I did not have a TV, this was my innocent form of entertainment. Honestly this has very little, if anything to do with these recent events. The only reason I mention this is to tie a couple loose ends together later on this story.

My wife's family was amongst the families who originally settled in the area of the Appalachian Mountains where I grew up, they have a very deep history dating back centuries. Since the time they arrived in the area her family has played the same roles in the community; they have even maintained, to their original specs, the entire farm, to include the colonial style house which by accident, was burned by some of the housekeepers at the time. However a good majority of all the furnishings of the house were savaged and in the early 1900s stored in what used to be the old granary. Never restored, they maintained a high quality, it’s quite impressive workmanship.

My wife and I moved all the way across country, thanks to our USMC orders, we decided to stay as far away from that old dead town as possible. I went to grad school got job teaching at a local university, we started our own business all of which we did in the late 1990s. In 2004 we bought a brand-new home. To complete the decorations of our new home my wife thought it would be a grand idea to have all of the antique furniture from the original plantation house shipped all the way across country so that we could maintain and use it as the decor in our home. So we did. With all of the antiques came many old tintype photos, tons of handwritten journals, accounting logs from the stores that her family ran as far back as the early 1800’s, all of which were on the same property she grew on and all of her family still lives, so now we have these and other items that we have thoroughly enjoyed as conversation pieces. One particular item dated 1863 I found a peculiar interest in. My wife nor I knew that her great great great grandfather was a member of a certain fraternity which practiced what I will call "ancient" rites and rituals. This book I found details their meetings. I find it interesting, potentially coincidental, that I too am a member of the same fraternity and have been for years, year prior to ever learning of this book, my fraternity does not practice these "ancient" methodologies. No one, so they say, knew of great great great granddaddy’s involvement (or anyone else in the family’s involvement). Here again this is in my opinion a sidebar however it will be brought up again shortly.

These hundred plus-year-old antique furnishings that are spread throughout our house have been here now for approximately 3 years. It has only been recently, that I recognized anyway, some odd and unexplainable events. I have to stress again that I personally cannot say that there is any relation between the antiques or the particular items I found from my wife’s great great great grandfather, simply feel I need to mention it so that if anyone has any advice, suggestions, ideas, or if you simply want to make fun of me for even posting such a silly post at least you'll the content you need.

I'll try to keep this as brief as possible from this point the rest is just a series of simple events that I feel are related. Since my college days I have been studying, as a hobby, Lucid dreaming and techniques to achieve Lucid dreaming. I have had a vast number of Lucid dreams over the last 20 years that have tricked my mind into believing it was reality, I won't get into this discussion here however I am familiar with astral projections, OBE and the like. Though I will never claim that had either one of these I may be able to argue that I have been what I consider close.

Three weeks ago I experienced something that I have never experienced, it was what I think was sleep paralysis. It was as real as I'm sitting here typing this, I was laying in my bed on my back my head turned to the right resting on my pillow, I tried to turn over when I realized that I could not move. Once I realized that I was unable to move I felt a very heavy pressure pushing me down into the bed, coming to grasp that no matter how hard I tried I literally could not move any portion of my body, I was unaware of my reality (or lack thereof) I begin to get a bit frantic thinking that I had somehow become paralyzed.

I tried to scream for my wife, however as loud I thought I was screaming it was only in my head, my mouth couldn’t move, my vocal chords would not form or push the vibrations out. Though it seemed like it was lasting minutes I can only assume it was a few seconds until I started filling sensations in my fingertips and the sensations worked their way from my fingertips and toes through the rest of my body until I was able to sit up. I woke my wife up and asked her if she felt me struggling or could hear me calling for her, although she was bit angry at me for waking her up, she saw the concern on my face, said “no, didn’t hear or feel a thing” and went back to sleep. Although I can’t explain how I was awake yet I have to assume still in a dream and never noticed the transition between the two realities, from paralysis to being fully capable of all movements my logical mind says I was simply experiencing a very vivid and Lucid dream but I can convince myself completely.

Two nights later I had the exact same experience except this time as I was being weighted down my body experienced a wave like motion. It felt like my entire body was, to give the only explanation that I can relate it to, on a waterbed with someone rapidly and deeply pushing down at the foot of the bed causing my body to move as experiencing waves. It goes without saying that I was again a bit fearful and frightened of what was going on. Unlike the first experience two nights prior my head was actually facing my wife's direction this time, I felt as if my entire body was moving in waves yet I can see that she was lying perfectly still which really through my mind through a loop. How would it be possible that I could be moving as much as I was without disturbing her? Logically, it has to have been a dream. Here again I could not move any portion of my body, but my body was moving. As the sensation stopped I gained control of my movements and again sat up this time I didn't feel any need to wake my wife because she was sound asleep, I had been once again screaming for her, but this time watching her the entire time. She was in the same position as she was the entire time I was experiencing whatever it is that I was experiencing. I never noticed the transition from dream state to reality. Whatever you think about this, I think it was completely and totally awesome! I have never had such vivid, lucid experiences. I was so scared but so happy for the experience at the same time.

I've known about sleep paralysis I know it is nothing terribly uncommon, I would still like to have explanations if anyone has any they’d like to share. I thought that maybe I was having a seizure and this was my subconscious’ way of coping, I’ve never had a seizure before, maybe somehow I cut the circulation off to my extremities and this was my minds way of interpreting that through a semi-dream state of consciousness. I don't know.

Does this have anything to do with the other recent events? Once again I do not know however it has been since these experiences that some strange things have been happening.

The next night, after my second wavy dream (or whatever it was) my wife and I were holding an open house at our business to which we invited local vendors to set up booths to showcase their products or services to as many of our clients as we could get to show up. My wife was responsible for finding all the vendors, to which she did an excellent job, I had other responsibilities and did not question nor did I know what vendors were going to be present. One particular vendor was invited, I later learned, by a friend of a friend of my wife. Meaning my wife did not know who she was only that she made homemade jewelry. I had never met this lady, neither had my wife, she had never once frequented our establishment.

As the night started I was making my rounds talking to our clients introducing myself to the vendors and playing host. I was walking around this lady’s jewelry set up on my way out back to grab a few supplies. My intention was to introduce myself to her, just not then, I had a mission to retrieve more wine. She was still preparing her booth, I knew she did not know who I was but it still felt as if I was being rude by walking by not saying anything but that was exactly what I was going to do, what made it even easier walk past her was that her back was to me.

As I walked by, in my peripheral vision I notice that she stands straight up from her crouched position turns my direction and tells me to stop. “Excuse me” she says as she asked me to come a little closer, I obeyed and did just that thinking that maybe someone had told her who I was and she was wanting to introduce herself. Once I got within approximately 5 feet of this lady she began slightly backing up and making arm gestures as if she's dusting herself off. What made it odd was that her hands never physically touched her body. She was slowly wiping away at herself as she looked at me. Fortunately a good friend of ours was right beside the booth, she noticed what was going on and walked over. For that I am very grateful, for what this lady told me next had there not been at least one witness I would've never have mentioned it again.

As she continues to "wipe herself off" she asks if I'm aware that I am a sensitive. I am not the dumbest guy around but apparently when it comes to knowing the duties of a sensitive I don't have much knowledge. To her query I answered, "well sure, I consider myself to be a sensitive man, I’ve cried at a hallmark commercial".

I don't think she understood what I meant, I didn't understand what she meant so we both stared awkwardly at the other for a moment. She continued to say that I was a very strong sensitive, with psychic abilities that I have to learn to harness and utilize. First I’ve ever heard of that. Personally I don't believe in psychic abilities, possibly intuitiveness, I don't know it's not an area that I focus on. So she continues to state that I have this ability and because I don't know how to use it I am attracting other people's energies, like a magnet, sucking them over to me, most of which are negative. She stated that I have a very tall dark entity that is attached to me, on my left side. At this point I felt it was getting ridiculous I asked her what she was doing with all the wiping gestures. She stated that she was cleansing her area because she too was a sensitive and did not want whatever it is that she thinks is hovering around me or the “energies” I attract to attached to her. She explained it with more elegance of course. She continued to state that she had recently come to the United States from South Africa and that she was a fourth generation psychic, sensitive, whatever, she named quite a few things that I'd never heard of that she has been taught and practicing as long as she can remember. At this point I was getting a little embarrassed because our clients were noticing what she was doing and I have to assume that they could tell that she was doing it as a reaction to me being present, maybe I'm paranoid. Either way I made an excuse to leave after which our friend hung around to finish the conversation. Our friend later told me that this lady stated that I had dormant abilities that were attracting, as if a magnet, other people's energies including those that aren't necessarily human.

For the rest of the evening this nice lady did not want to be within 10 feet of me, I know it wasn’t because I smell bad because my wife had just bought me a brand-new bottle of cologne that I received many compliments on throughout the evening. She did later mention to me that also have "a gaping hole" in one of my chakras. Of course I am familiar with what a chakras is, however I have to admit that I have never actually studied the chakra system in depth, meaning I don't know anything about what each one means, etc. I will be learning soon. If I have a gaping hole I suppose I’ll need to get that sealed somehow. So learning that I have a gaping hole in one of my chakras, which she did name the particular chakra I honestly can't remember which one though all her motions when explaining this gaping hole focused around her chest and abdomen. So I am assuming it was or is my heart or solar plexus chakra.

Throughout the course of the night this lady found out who I was when my wife introduced herself and pointed me out as her husband. This lady felt it necessary to warn my wife of what she felt around me, told we should get our house cleansed, though we never told her of the antiques. My wife has stronger beliefs in "this stuff" than I do. As you read a little further you’ll know why she is angry at me for what is or is not happening in our house. On that note here is a very brief (or extremely long depending on your view) synopsis of what's happened since I was informed that I have some tall dark entity attached to my left side.

There are lots of noises lately, thumps actually (I chalk it up to the cats playing, unless they are around) Whatever, probably nothing.

A few weeks ago, after I had those two strange dreams I mentioned above, we had a friend and his girlfriend come over to visit, they live far away so they were staying the night. In the morning the girlfriend asks me what I wanted last night, I had no idea what she was talking about. They both stated that someone woke them up knocking on the bedroom door. I said maybe it was a cat scratching at the door, they have been known to paw the doors, though the guest bedrooms are seldom used, on what we call the empty side of the house. The cats are rarely if ever around that side of the house, not sure if that helps or hinders my case that it was a cat. Must have been a cat, to which they replied, "could be, if the cat normally knocks three hard times". I personally still think it was a cat, whatever.

Second instance: I have a digital touch screen remote for our downstairs TV, I am very cautious with it, it was expensive when I bought it five years ago, can't say I've ever dropped it, not once that I can recall. It has its place on the couch. Wednesday evening, my wife and I were down stairs with some friends of ours, sitting at the kitchen bar and they were at the table, the dogs were outside, the cats laying at our feet. We all just got home from a nice dinner; no one touched the remote or had even been in the living room. We are in mid conversation and the remote somehow hits the floor. Just like that, bam, on the floor. We all look at each other, no one says anything, I go pick it up, put it back in its spot. Whatever, something shifted somehow.

Incident three, approximately 3:15AM. There is a huge crash or bang or something right outside our bedroom door, so it sounded as if it was anyway. Completely startled my wife and I literally immediately jump out of the bed, not knowing what was going on. I grab my gun thinking someone is breaking in! My wife has a shotgun, she grabs her shotgun and we investigate the house, my heart is racing! I'm thinking I'm about to face a burglar around any corner! Nothing. We searched the entire house, when we didn’t find an intruder we starting searching for objects that could have fallen that would have made that much racket, noise and shaking. We found nothing! I searched again first thing that morning inside and out, nothing. Whatever.

Last Saturday night, we are in the kitchen eating supper, dogs are lying at the door, both cats are at our feet, as normal. There is loud thump that sounded as if it was from upstairs, again unexplained. Whatever.

Tuesday night is the oddest "event" so far. Quick back story: It's been years since I have taken the batteries out of every single smoke detector in our house. I know it's dangerous in case the power goes off they won't work, I know, I did it anyway. The batteries were dying, the detectors would beep giving me a low battery warning, it was annoying. When we bought the house we changed all the batteries, there are 8 detectors in this house. They all started dying around the same time. Two years ago I took every single battery out of every single smoke detector, literally, at least two years ago. Haven't heard so much as a beep out of any of them since, even when they did beep it was single low tone beep every so often, that is until I took the batteries out, then nothing.

At 3:15AM (which wife so kindly pointed out that it was the same time as the big bang a few nights before, coincidence I’m sure) the smoke detectors in our bedroom and in the hallway right outside, go crazy!! High pitched, rapid, loud, alternating, horrible screeches.

As soon as the detectors starting going off, I jumped up out of bed like a bat out of hell, as did my wife. You want a rude awakening have smoke detectors go nuts in the middle of the night! Instinctively I just out of bed, ran to the window to see if I could see any sign of flames, still trying to figure out what the heck was going on, we've never heard this racket before, I will say that it wasn't at all what we ever expected the smoke detectors to sound like. I stood by the bed for a split second, bearing the screeching, trying to see if I saw the flicker of flames under the door or smelled smoke. I then ran to the door, this is the part that gives me chills, as soon as I opened the door it all stopped!! I kid you not, no sounds, no nothing!! I truly wish I was making this up, it all just stopped when I opened the door. My wife and I just stood in the hall looking at each other in some form of shock or retardation, we had/have no clue what to think. She gets mad at me saying, “you are to blame for this!” as she walks back into the bedroom. I am at blame for what? I couldn't go back to sleep after that, my wife had to get up very early, I stayed awake nervous that it was a glitch in the wiring or something and the detectors would go off again, which would scare me half to death, yet again! Though I was running out of clean underwear, I was hoping that the detectors would go off again that night or sometime the next day so I'd know it was a glitch of some sort, not a peep or a beep. I worked out of the home office all that next day, nothing! And nothing since.

One of our clients is proclaimed psychic I invited her to our house without telling their many details to see could help, well I don't know what I was looking for. Of course she had never been to our house before as she walked in the front door she paused and stated that she felt the presence of two entities. To which I told her there's a big tall black one on my left shoulder, I was saying this in jest though she wasn't too amused. She did say that she recognized there was something with me it was a one of the two entities she was feeling but she didn't feel as if it was malevolent. Whatever, this was the first time I've ever had a psychic at my house I was pretty amused. She explained that one entity she felt had been in energy the other masculine and that the masculine energy was the most dominant in that the feminine energy she felt was somewhat confused. What got me thinking that this may be somewhat legit is that she started describing the female presence and I'll be darn that she didn't describe one of the old tintype photos almost to a tee! This was very intriguing to me because the picture that I knew she was describing was put up amongst other pictures that there is absolutely, positively, and emphatically no way she would've been able to see it much less not even existed. As she completed her description I told her to wait right there I went and grabbed the tintype showed it to her for which she just started laughing and said “oh yeah that's her”. What's also funny about this is that the pitcher that I showed her was one when she was in her younger years the picture that we keep with this picture that was described is her death tintype. Which is one of my favorites, I know that strange but it's not very often that you see in authentic tintype of a dead person, which was custom way back then.

So ended up telling her the story of the South African lady who was freaked out by me, told her of some of the instances that happen, to which she said she didn't feel that there was any bad intent but that I did have an entity with me for some reason and that it sounds as if that entity or another is trying to communicate.

That's my story I have to be honest with you in that I'm not exactly sure what I'm expecting my having posted it here. I do fear I'll get ridiculed for some reason however if anyone has any suggestions, advice, words of wisdom and or someone wants to help me confirm that this is all utter nonsense, whatever it may be I will be grateful and thankful for your involvement. Besides, if nothing else maybe you'll have found this entertaining and thereby somehow growing from having read my experiences. Was it not for the anonymity (or somewhat anyway) of the web I would never mention this; I have no reason to make it up, any part of it. I welcome any comments. Thank you for your time.

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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 10:02 PM
Hi there,

Sleep paralysis is awful, imo, very much some sort of a supernatural occurrence. In the late 80's i started getting what they would call sleep paralysis. It started out as nothing severe until 1990. I have gotten used to that awful calling for help experience with no one hearing me. But, when i started "leaving" my body and struggling to get back inside my body, it got too much. I would be sleeping in my room and find myself standing in the lounge area, seeing everyone sitting there, trying to ask for help and nothing. The worst was, only happened a couple of times, when i tried to crawl back to my body only to feel like i get ripped away as soon as i am close enough.

Well, enough is enough and i went for help. Doctor after doctor and nothing i was given helped, Yes, the chill pills helped me not feeling scared to fall asleep but i had less "control" while being asleep when i took these. So i decided to check out a pastor whom i was told can maybe help me.

Was a Wednesday night, got to the church and there was 3 others with him. They formed a prayer circle around me and off he went. Well, what happened to you is more or less what happened to me. A lady in the group called them aside and told them she sees an entity with me and she refused to come near me, which scared the hell out of me. I still had to do a few sessions after that Wednesday night, even though i never had a sleep paralysis spell since that Wednesday night.

I don't argue the scientific explanation of sleep paralysis but i believe there is much more to it than just our brain messing around. There is evil out there and it does not worry if we believe in it or not, it will oppress us if given a chance.

Sorry to babble about my own story but it comes down to i believe that lady was not BS'ing you, even if i am not a psychic fan, i believe a minority of them are for real.

See someone whom you feel you can trust, one who'll help you with prayer. There is only one correct way to rid of this thing, unfortunately, even though there are many that would be able to help you, you can only trust One.

All the best.

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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 10:15 PM
It is an interesting story, thanks for sharing. When you opened the bedroom door and the smoke detector(s) stopped was pretty freaky for me too just reading about it.

I would caution against getting too interested in whatever "it" is as these types of things seem to increase their interest in you as yours increases in them, but that's just my opinion. The prayer suggestion by the excellent poster above crossed my mind as well.

Since you mentioned it, you wouldn't elaborate a little on that book of your wife's great-great would ya? I suppose probably not as the Freemason inference seemed obvious unless I'm mistaken.

Anyway--good luck and I'll be interested in any follow ups you might add here.
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posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 12:01 AM
Very detailed story, I'm not here to criticize or ridicule, nor to believe or not to believe. I did enjoy your story. If your story is true in what you state it will be only you to figure it out if so you wish.

For me I will play a devils advocate to your story with questions so you can see how my eyes read your story.

Your traits as you described:
son of a Southern Baptist preacher = projects an honest person
USMC = projects integrity, loyalty and honor
a Skeptic - to show you question and don't just take anything for what it may be with out questioning it.
fraternity which practiced what I will call "ancient" rites and rituals - Free Mason? - which in-turn you found from old notes that the Masons participated in "ancient" rites and rituals
Your wife - brings antiques with history also is more of a believer of paranormal?

So you set yourself up to be genuine, you go through details to prove that you are genuine to the reader, but I don't know you but I do know you went out of your way to make yourself genuine in your story.

Your Sleep Paralysis - Can't help you here, but if you conditioned your mind to Lucid dreaming and techniques for many years, you never know if this may have caused some of your paralysis?

Next your story of the South African woman, i don't buy that she didn't know of you, plus it sounds she used scare tactics many cons use. So if I were you I wouldn't take her encounter of much value. Heck she even went out of her way to scare your wife about you. She has phony all over her.

Your stories, are interesting. I'll skip to your most prominent stories,
The time of 3:15am
You ever here of the Amityville Horror story? and then Celebrity Haunted Stories of Melissa George she was the actress in the movie, she claims her and many of the crew would wake up expectantly at the famous 3:15am. If you can, you should watch that episode.
now either this time will boggle your mind further, or you drew this time after the Amityville Horror story.

The thing is you may have some paralysis, but I think you are compounding your thoughts with adding negative energy by skeptical people to influence your thoughts.

If you have questions about your paralysis or paranormal, you can always go scientific, If it were me, I think I would have to buy a video security system and set it up in my home. One to monitor myself and the house.
I would want to know how I look, if I was truly awake when these paralysis happen.
and two, if anything paranormal I would catch it.

posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by DreamerAU

I would say it was a interesting read even though i am a skeptic myself and don't really have any suggestions about supernatural parts of the story.

I have however quite a bit of experience with both lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis.
The stuff you experienced during sleep paralysis is entirely normal and something I have experienced often as well.
During sleep paralysis you are basically both awake and dreaming at same time, this is why you might feel all kinds of sensations, hear stuff or even hallucinate with your eyes open.
The lack of transition when you enter dreaming is entirely normal as well which I experience nearly every time I use the WILD"you basically go straight into a dream without losing consciousness" technique to induce a lucid dream, which is how I often end up in sleep paralysis.

The first times was frightening for me as well, but I then learned that what you see and experience in this state is all based on your own mindset, fears and expectations and once you realise this you can control it.
Since then nearly all of my SPs have been interesting and fun instead of frightening and once you are in SP state you are most likely only seconds-minute away from having a lucid dream.

Edit: you can also "wake" yourself up from sleep paralysis by focusing all your strength on moving just one limb or a finger, but if i were you i would instead try to enjoy it and use it for lucid dreaming instead.

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posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by The GUT

Thank you for the reply. I have to admit, in all my life the smoke detector incident (and the "big bang" as my wife and I now reference it) were two of the most odd events I've ever experienced.

As for the book, yes, it is a very old book of the Ancient Free and Accepted Freemasons. With some penciled in cipher (of which I have learned each lodge could have created their own written "language" I may never learn what it means), marked pages that I'd love to know the significance of, etc... My lodge meets on Tuesdays, these guys met on the nights of the full moon. I truly value this book, very interesting.

posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by mysteryskeptic

Great advise thank you! I agree with you, the South African lady, my guess, would be that she would charge us money to cleanse the house, cleanse me, etc., as she suggested to my wife we do, odds are it would take a few efforts. I'm done with that.

As for the 3:15AM time, I have seen that movie, many years ago. Can't say I remember 3:15 being a prominent part of the movie, I can say that both the "incidents" coincidentally happened around that time. Was it exactly 3:15AM? I couldn't swear to it, as I never personally thought to look at the clock as I was jumping out bed, I did notice the clock when I went back to bed. Which it was it was a little after 3:30AM the "big bang" night and a little before 3:30AM the smoke detector night. Based on how long we were searching the house the big bang night and standing in the hallway after the smoke detector alarm, it's easy to say it was roughly 3:15AM each time.

Thanks again for your opinion!

posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by DreamerAU

A skeptics story of (para) normal activities

First, a confession; I did not read your book... er, OP. Not all the way through, anyway. That's also an apology because I really have no business commenting unless I have read the whole OP. That's one of my personal ruls and one I am now gonna break to make a very brief (seriously) observation...

There is no such thing as the paranormal or supernatural. Magic does not exist. In fact, nothing that is unreal can exist and there are no halfway points on this truth. It's real and it exists or it does not. Dot... meaning, period, without the enhanced UNGH!.

Ghosts? UFOs? God? Big Foot? Angels? Demons? ET? All of these either exist individually in this real universe, or they do not. And since we know that God claims to have built this planet, he can't be anything but an ET so... we just solved that. He may well be God, and I believe he is, but He is not terrestrial, lol.

Ghosts? If there is life after physical death, then it/they is/are as real as you and I are in this flesh... we just haven't yet invented a way to understand the nature of it as yet.

Skeps often overlook the most basic fundamentals of existence when doubting the existence of anything. We don't have to prove that ghosts exist. We just have to discover whether life exists after physical death.

Oh well. God is probably the greatest scientist in the universe... who can manipulate matter and energy at will. One day, I intend to ask Him how its done.

Thanks... I'll work on finishing your OP now


posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 02:45 PM
Ronald Defeo murdered his entire family in the middle of the night with a shotgun at supposed time of 3:15am

Kathy and John Lutz who bought the house were awaking every night at 3:15am by a demon spirit

Then the movie cast with Melissa George as Kathy Lutz she said she and other crew members would awake at 3:15am when they were making the movie. Unfortunately the movie was a bomb, but the stories about making the movie is a better story. Melissa's Celebrity Ghost Story was interesting.

It's funny the 3am is probably when a community awareness as a whole slows down as you may know being in the USMC since that is a preferred time of US military attack do to this phenomenon.
So what's good for the military may be good for ghosts or vice versa.

posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 05:44 PM
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posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by redoubt

You're right, it is a book, I knew it was long but man, talk about a garrulous rant! My apologies, I got carried away. Thanks for your opinion, I see your point and frankly I can say I agree with most of it. I simply hate not being able to find solid explanations. Trust me I know that is cliche at ATS...the eternal struggle, finding the truth.


posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 07:32 PM

Originally posted by DreamerAU
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You're right, it is a book, I knew it was long but man, talk about a garrulous rant! My apologies, I got carried away. Thanks for your opinion, I see your point and frankly I can say I agree with most of it. I simply hate not being able to find solid explanations. Trust me I know that is cliche at ATS...the eternal struggle, finding the truth.


Don't apologize. You really did a fine job in detailing your thoughts and feelings. To be honest, I have written 'em every bit as rolling... and if there is any place to do that, it is here.

Nice to meet you! Best wishes and... looking forward to seeing you more.


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