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America: Melting Pot or Sizzling Cauldron?

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posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by TheWalkingFox

The only "division" comes from people like you, I'm afraid. people whose paradigms are utterly and completely set around the notion that they are superior to others by dint of race, gender, language, and religion, who feel that "equality" threatens that superiority.

It is the superiority of the values of Western civilisation that have created the modern world - and of course is the big obstacle to the creation of a one world feudal slave states or NWO.

Which is why it had to be systematically methodicaly destroyed from within.

And here is where you play your part: - as a hapless usefull idiot,

By translating marxism into cultural terms - you get political correctness - if you can then force the equation that the values of say gangster rappers, or 7th century Bedouins etc have equal legal and moral standing as Western values by deliberately misslabelling everyone who protests as racist, islamophobic, homophobic, biggots etc.

Then instead of a melting pot - you have just a patchworkof contradictory interests - causing a complete paralysis of effective action.

posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

This is nothing new. Its always been like that and always will be. The politics of 150 years ago was far nastier than it is today, the differences being the media and the ability to quickly spread news, the level of engagement on the part of the citizen and the enormous power that pressure groups play in society. The outright politics were brutal.

The racial issues have always been there. My family went through the "Irish need not apply" business when they came over here when legal Irish were treated more poorly than illegal Mexicans are treated today. Group ethnicity has always existed with tensions existing, new comers shunned. In a city on the East Coast in the 80s and prior there was an Italian neighborhood, polish neighborhood, black neighborhood, irish, etc. When groups looked to expand beyond their neighborhood, there was trouble. Ultimately these issues work themselves out - without the interferrence of the government. It was common in the 70s for an Italian kid dating an Irish kid to have his parents OK with it but his grandparents outraged. The same thing occurs within the same race on a village scale in many parts of the world. Its natural.

The challenge is that government has sought to correct these matters, something it has no business doing. Ultimately the goverhment's envolvement creates a situation where the government is picking winners and losers. Many object to affirmative action, the thousand of languages our official documents are printed in and other efforts by the government to either speed the assimilation of groups, or more importantly facilitate their not assimilating. If one group of new immigrants is working hard to assimilate and another is not, does the government have a role in helping the ones who do not? Of course not.

With respect to religion, we do have a separation of Church and State, but the state has largely adopted a religion, human secularism and has been jamming that down the throats of folks for decades, either belittling the beliefs of others or taking direct steps to offend them, be it funding art works with a crucifix in a jar of urine or photos with bull whips sticking out of a man's anus, the assault against religious holidays. The state has pushed an anti-religion agenda for decades, making it quite natural for folks who are devote to combat that agenda.

Ultimately groups of different folks may interact differently towards one another. You see it on the playground, in the school yard, in fraternities, on sports teams, in businesses, in neighborhoods. People seek group identification. People find solace in a group identity. If left alone and that group identity is not threatened by the government, slowly the groups will assimilate and ultimately integrate. Other that ensuring that the law applies evenly to all parties. The law and not the outcomes, the government should just get out of the way.

If you want to raise tension in society, easy. Have the government step on in and and seek to accelerate integration or create some utopian notion of what a "fair" society is and enact an agenda to achieve it and you are guaranteed to find an increase in tension.

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