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The Art of Deception

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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 05:46 AM
We all know there's a major propaganda war being waged at almost all times across the entire globe. Countries and their people are consistently being positioned against each other and backed into corners. On top of this we have ideas, concepts, history, science and everything else being suppressed as deemed necessary by those seeking to control us.

The real psychological warfare acceleration began when the United States pretty much "kidnapped" the Nazi scientists working for Hitler and took them for their own intentions. For more on this start here - Project MK-Ultra.

Anyways...this is not meant to be a tutorial on psychological warfare or propaganda but rather an eye opener to something that's been right in front of our eyes for a long time. Before we get into that though I would like to briefly describe a concept.

On this planet we have been victim to propaganda regarding one major topic for a long time. This, I believe nobody can deny. I'm referring to the aliens and UFO psychological positioning the puppet masters here on Earth have been orchestrating for years. Let's look at 3 main sections of things that influence how we feel and react towards UFO and alien information. These things are being controlled by the global elite in order to influence the minds of the masses.

- Positioned over the years with movies, comics, stories, etc to be purely Science Fiction
- Civilians that have come forward with abduction/contact stories have been discredited, harassed, physically hurt, scared, threatened, and worse over the years (making it hard to believe these stories and also making it difficult for people to want to come forward with them - 2 BIG Wins for TPTB)
- High Profile Figures, Politicians, Gov. Employees, pretty much anyone in power that has come forward over the years was not only discredited in every manner possible but then later most had "accidents"...(JFK is the bigger of names but think of all the recent astronauts etc that have come forward and made to look like fools)

Most of that is obvious, especially to readers here on ATS. So here is where the thread goes...With all that being said we must start to question other concepts we're being force fed. The government says it's good...well it must be good? No...we must stop believing everything they are and have been told.

Michael Jackson. The man admired some strong political figures. He admired JFK for one. MJ had character. This man was a god on Earth in many ways. The power Michael had over people with the use of music was undoubtedly one of a kind. He made people FEEL music and with that they felt his message. I strongly think that a handful of today's top stars are involved with TPTB (the Illuminati the NWO whatever you want to call them). But Michael Jackson definitely wasn't in with that crowd. Actually I'm starting to think that people in power wanted Michael positioned the way he was towards the masses. Even positioned like he was: a creep, a pedophile, a weirdo, someone you would not trust your children with...look at the power he still held over the entire world! For an example of this power - watch Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror live in Bucharest.

So do I think Michael was the target of a possible propaganda attack? Yeah I actually do think this. Watch the original Man in the Mirror so you can see the message Michael was trying to convey with this song.

Do I think Michael Jackson died of acute propofol intoxication after he suffered cardiac arrest at his home? Yes I do believe the story given. However what really drove MJ down this path? The way the masses thought of him even though he had control over them musically is what I think drove him into such depression over the years...

So long story short. I think MJ was a lot like JFK in his political stance and I believe he payed the price just like JFK did.

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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 05:58 AM
I'd pick Sony &/or Paul McCartney.
Michael had stated that in his will, PMcC would get the copyright back for the beatles songs.
P.McC had complained in an interview that he had to pay royalties to sing his own songs.
The 50 year aniversary of the beatles was approaching.
Sony had re-mastered the Beatles albums ready for release of the 50th.
They had the Bealtes video game ready to release as well.


MJ dies a few months before the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles.
Paul gets his copyrights.
Sony makes their cash.
All without having to pay any royalties to Michael.
Kerching $$

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 07:19 AM
Ruport Murdoch.

I heard he recieved a fair bit of money and fame after hiscourt appearance and not getting charged in the end.. Deception at its finest. Media mogul? Isnt the media where the problems in our lives start?

something like 9 million to him and 25 million to his son. i dont even remember if thats dollars or pounds so dont quote me im trying to find link.
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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 07:09 PM
This link has some interesting info on it regarding Michael's death and the possible connections to TPTB.

The link is to a yahoo answer. In the answer you will find many other links pointing to sources of the info provided.

Info regarding MJ's death

posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 12:05 AM
Interesting thread, never really gave MJ much thought he did somewhat resemble an Alien though?
His song Ben was perhaps an ode to the alien within?

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