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No Jobs...No Hope...NO not at all - I say simply not interested. Easier to steal and commit crime.

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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 03:14 AM
So many people on TV and question time (young voters) that I watched last night are claiming there is nothing for them in London - no jobs, no prospects, nothing, as an excuse for the backlash that happened last week with all the looting and rioting.

Well in about 10 minutes this morning I have managed to see over 40,000 jobs in London from 3 websites alone - never mind the fact that there are hundreds more job websites, always jobs advertised in local papers and also shop windows!?.
Obviously some of these jobs will require high levels of qualifications - but if you look at Gumtree jobs for London there are around 20,000 jobs that would not be, driving, cleaning, hotel, bar work etc etc.
All fairly "low skilled" jobs (as in don't need a degree etc)

Training Courses
There are thousands of colleges in London. Go to one, find a course you are interested in and sign up. It is as simple as that. No drama, no fuss, no excuses.
Here is a link to one:
Uxbridge College

So why are none of these people going for these jobs or courses?

Because they can't get them?
I just don't believe it. I don't believe for one minute they couldn't get hired because they are black, asian, polish or whatever nationality or colour. I see people from all nationalities and colours in all walks of employment all the time.
ETA - just a disclaimer as I don't want anyone to think the above is a racist statement - I am very much aware there were white english people rioting and looting - just that I am making a point the people from other ethnic groups and nationalities claim society has given up on them and I don't believe it.

Because they cannot afford them?
NO - in this country if you are on benefits then training and college are free - because amazingly the government would prefer if you got a qualification and got off your arse and did a job. More tax income for them, less benefit expense. Simple economics.

I firmly believe the people committing the rioting and looting are just criminals - lazy, useless criminals who don't WANT to get a job and improve their life, but would rather feel the world owes them a living and steal what they want and complain they are hard done by.

I think this blows this whole argument out the water really. Exposes them for what they are.

On a comedic note - I saw this joke about this topic the other day that really hit the nail on the head and made me laugh
For anyone who hasn't seen the advert it refers to you have to watch that first so you get it...

Hello Rioters. Look at your friend, now back to me.
Now at your friend, now back to me.
Sadly, he isn't me, but if he stopped using petrol bombs and started using the job center he could potentially be me. Look down, back up.
Where are we?
You're at an interview with the man your friend could work for.
What's in your hand? Back at me. I have it.
It's an application form to that job you need. Look again.
The form is now money.
Anything is possible when you get a job and stop looting...
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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 03:23 AM
reply to post by facchino
No jobs. . . no hope. . .

How about; no drive. . . no pride. . . no dignity. . . no honour. . . no responsibility. . . . no maturity. . . no cares. . . . no integrity. . . .


posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by beezzer

how very true - all of the statements you make.
Angers me to see people behave like this. Wandering down the road with a 42" TV like life owes them that. It took me months of overtime to save up and "treat" myself to such an item - because I had young kids to look after and barely made ends meet. At no point did I feel like stealing anything - I just worked harder to get what I wanted.
Spot on thanks for the comment.

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 03:26 AM
I sure hope they stop rioting for a few minutes so they can read your thread.

Maybe they are tired of working like dogs 70 hours a week just to put food on the table..and still be $50,000 in debt.


posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 03:30 AM
I think this is special - looting your own workplace

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 03:39 AM
reply to post by spav5

Cheers - I know how you feel my friend. Eventually it does get better - but it does seem like it takes an eternity to get there...

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 03:53 AM
I agree with a lot of what your saying, especially about education. But it's not THAT easy to get a job here in London.

I was applying for some of these "low skilled" jobs, and the man in the job centre told me that over 100 people from the job centers alone has printed out that job interested in applying. And most of these low skilled jobs are asking for qualifications and experience.

But it's true if you don't give up and keep trying, you will get a job.

A LOT of the rioters were kids too young to apply for a job anyway! lol
Obviously we have a really bad culture here in the UK now, everyone wants to be "gangsta" especially kids in council estate areas, which by the way surrounded most of these riot areas.

It was a great example of group mentality, following what your friends are doing. In a way the media is slightly to blame, since that showed everybody how EASY it was to go along with your friends and steal because the police appeared to be doing NOTHING to stop them.

So yeah your right, most of these thieves are just making excuses to steal. Something really need to change about our culture in this country.

p.s check this out lol
Meet The Accused Lifeguard, Postman, Hairdresser, Teacher, Millionaire's Daughter, Chef

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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by facchino

Agreed, all I have heard today is people complaining how the government don't give them enough money, and that they need labour back so they can start getting looked after again!.

Whatever happened to self determination!???

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 04:02 AM
Thanks..but I don't see it getting any better. I see more and more of the resources of this world going into the hands of fewer and fewer people.

Distractions lure us away from this truth..but we always come back to it.


posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 04:07 AM

The government do not want self determination, they want a system that ensures that every individual relies on them, so that they are useful and engrained into every individuals life completely, thereby protecting the role that they have chosen for themselves. Create systems to ensure that over a period of time when people are so engrained they are unable to think for themselves.

Nanny state anyone?

Sorry spav5, this should not have been a response to you, it was a response to someone who seems to have removed there comment, apologies .
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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by brommas

Well if thats what they want then they had better get used to this, as what we are really faced with is a generation addicted to the sub culture of violence and crime.

A generation for the first time, born of parents who never worked and see no reason to work.

A generation that believe that they are owed a living and have every right to demand it, by force of necessary.

A generation that believes that everything that you have worked for they can take from you, as they are deprived and you should support them. regardless of the effects on your life.

This is the generation ME.

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 04:14 AM
reply to post by JakiusFogg

I did not say i agreed with them did i?

I actually do agree with pretty much everything you are saying and more, i was making the point that the more power we give them the more they entrench themselves into our lives, therefore making us more reliant on them, which is just how they like it.

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 04:24 AM
As a person with dual citizenship, I am currently with the US Army. I'm stationed in Germany, and work.


As I am getting out soon and will be looking for honest work (
) I decided, on a whim, to perform a search for positions that I may be suited for, in the U.K..

At 10 openings per page, just on my carreer alone, I had 11 pages of job openings. Most starting at £35,000 to £45,000 range.
Not a huge sum, but it'd be good enough.

And I see the same thing in the U.K. as in the States. No jobs. Riots bcause of "no jobs".


I just may move to the U.K.. Since no-one there wants to work all these jobs!

ETA; I'm on page 38. What the hell? At thispoint, I could write my own ticket in London alone!!!!
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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 04:31 AM

Originally posted by facchinoWell in about 10 minutes this morning I have managed to see over 40,000 jobs in London from 3 websites alone - never mind the fact that there are hundreds more job websites, always jobs advertised in local papers and also shop windows!?.
Obviously some of these jobs will require high levels of qualifications - but if you look at Gumtree jobs for London there are around 20,000 jobs that would not be, driving, cleaning, hotel, bar work etc etc.
All fairly "low skilled" jobs (as in don't need a degree etc)

Your entirely skipping the issue and not looking at the big picture.

One job advertisement does not equal one job available to all.

40,000 job advertisements does not equal 40,000 jobs available to all.

Lets take one advertisement for example, assuming the position hasn't already been filled of course, there may be many (even hundreds) applying for the same job. Most of these jobs will be taken by people already in employment, who have work history and current, qualifications etc. etc.

Please look at the big picture rather than plastic figures that amount to nothing at all

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 04:52 AM
Despite all the whining about there being no jobs, a lot of those nasty little buggers rioting don't want to work anyway. No, they are gangstas, rebels, work is for other people and they are the bad boys who just want to take what they want from those who have have worked to buy them. They need slapping back into reality!

On top of that, the government (the whole damned lot of them) are hardly a shining exampleof all that is good, moral and just. When people see time and time again, those setting the laws breaking them every damned day, then some are bound to think they should ignore the laws too. After all, they are just following the example set by the government in lying, cheating and general criminality and dishonesty.

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 05:00 AM
reply to post by facchino

Their is always hope! We all go through hard times but think positive of yourself, others and everything around you.

Humans have achieved what we have through extremely hard times and our spirit has accomplished what we have.

Life is a test of grand proportions. Keep interested and follow the laws we all obide by as they assisted us where we are today! Not following law is like cheating yourself and every other living thing on earth. What we take we give back!

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 05:20 AM
I personally find more fault with older Americans. They had ample opportunity and although they had hardships, they seemed to have bigger families and tighter community support, and the economy generally was good to them. There were ample opportunities for those that were not educated as well, if they worked hard enough. Technology had not yet gutted so many menial jobs. Outsourcing had not removed them either.

And the ones I know now sit in their paid for homes worrying about their bank accounts not paying high enough interest while they save up their social security checks to buy more CDs with. Oh it isn't all of them, but I know more than a few like this - they take social security, they say they earned it, but they don't even need it. They have insurance and run to ER a lot more than anyone else, if anyone dared really take a look at it. They go to ER because they think every burp is a heart attack or a stroke. They are very afraid to die.

And I really wouldn't mind all that except for the fact that the bleet and bleet and rag' the younger generation' as being no good, lazy, criminals or drunks.

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 05:23 AM
reply to post by lifttheveil

No I'm not - around 5000 rioters in total were on the streets (guess as on phone) yet there are 40000 jobs on 3 pages - you seriously trying to tell me those looters cannot find 1 job amongst all of this on offer?!
Why not pull your head out your behind and stop making excuses for these people - these jobs are there for all to see- and apply for - and get.
I haven't got access to some secret job sites?

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 05:45 AM
That is just in London alone, let us not forget the other cities involved.

Even if you live in an area that has no work then you bloody well MAKE WORK for yourself!

There are plenty of organisations that will help you get started in your own business, especially now, as the government and EU are piling millions into new business start ups with all the help and advice you could ever need.

Enterprise zones in the most economicaly hit areas, and grants are all there to be applied for, there is no excuses!

If these people want change, change in their areas and circumstances, regeneration and jobs, then all of the tools already exist to achieve that.

Problem is, they want the goodies without the work. They want to be waited on by the government and taxpayer and why should the government do any more to help a bunch of lazy, entitlement justifiers?

Fact is its all in THEIR hands, it just takes hard bloody work.

An alien concept to many of these lazy retards.

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 05:49 AM
This site is just one that I am going to use.
What better way to prove that jobs do exist that to get one. I may have to live in Leeds, but what the heck, a nice cottage within walking distance to a pub and I'm set.

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