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For black Britons, this is not the 80s revisited. It's worse

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posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by Suspiria

Its the Restoration of the English, Scottish and Irish Monarchies of 1660. Richard Cromwell.

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 11:20 AM
The world is experiencing an economic crisis.

It seems to me that as we move forward in time there will be less and less money available for assistance to the poor. In the US that means smaller welfare amounts, smaller amounts of money for food stamps, smaller allowances for housing, smaller Social security checks, less money available for Medical care etc.

I'm pretty sure you're going to see the same types of things in other countries as well. Socialism/ welfare states, only work when most of the population is not receiving benefits. As soon as that number climbs above about 6-7% the burden on the rest of the working class becomes too great.

Society has been stratified by economics as well as race. Poor people come in all colors. That's not a surprise. However, in the underclass here in the US, black people are over represented. So, as services and money to the poor people diminishes, it will disproportional affect black people more.

The only thing that poor people can do is to figure out how to make a living without social services. It no longer matters what color your skin is, what matters is can you earn a living.

I think that one of the things that is currently wrong with our school system is that students are not being prepared to make a living once they graduate. We need to rethink our school system so when kids graduate high school, they are ready for the work force, if they aren't going to college.

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 12:03 PM
As a general observation (although I personally don't necessarily agree with some of the sentiments I've found, and I will not repeat or link to the material here) the white opinions on ATS towards black rioters in Britain and flash-mobs in the US have been rather mild compared to some of the white identity sites, and even the Youtube commentary.

There is a strong sense on less polite sites that the liberal media has gone out of its way to censor the racial aspects of the riots, by cutting witnesses who experienced looting by black-only mobs (Sky News), and placing photos of white rioters (or as some sites call them: culturally contaminated "wiggas").
Such sites show pages and pages of photos and footage of the black mobs that were ignored by the media, and pictures that black looters posted of themselves with their loot on social networking sites.
Then there are photos of whites being forced to strip naked by blacks, and indigenous British policemen who were injured by blacks. This is clearly evidence of racial targeting against whites.
Black community leaders like Darcus Howe (BBC), pulling faces and spitting with arrogance and self-entitled rudeness, furthermore confirmed that the issue was racial.
Many African sites implored the diaspora rioters to come home, where they wouldn't face "racism" in black majority countries.
The white sites would agree that this is a good idea. If Britain and its police are so racist (especially against alleged gun-carrying crack dealers) let them accept invitations to countries like Uganda, where things are just the way they like them, instead of taking the "Turd-World" to Europe. It seems that the Africanists and white extremists agree on one thing.
Of course, such invitations will not be accepted, and immigration is going to Europe, not the other way around. Not surprising really, just as such comments were made Uganda had a violent crackdown on a march by the political opposition.

This comes at a time when whites in Zimbabwe had their productive farms and businesses stolen, and were forced out, and whites in South Africa who complain about crime, black police brutality, rape, farm murders and Affirmative Action have been told several times to get out if they don't like it. And this is a white community that has been in Africa for 300 years; almost just as long as the migrating Bantu tribes from the Congo.
So, why not sauce for the goose and the gander?
Why condemn white racism, but not black racism, and outrageous behavior?

Many blame the multi-cultural establishment, who go out of their way to excuse black behavior, and only focus on "white racism" and "black poverty". This is seen as a justification for blacks to run riot, and start doing whatever they like, and the sentiment is growing in white communities across the globe.
The black race-card by a rich black leadership simply doesn't work in such situations.
Many whites are waiting for black leadership to talk about responsibilities, and at least try to show some understanding of how many white people are feeling.
The only black person I've seen doing this is Dr. James Manning - who is labelled an "Uncle Tom".
The rest may not condone the violence but they justify it nevertheless, and bask in the chaos.
Furthermore, just as the politically correct media tells us this is not racial, these idiotic leaders come out and say the opposite! Now who must we believe, the media or the horse's mouth?
Manning warns of a white backlash.

So I agree with the OP. Things will look even bleaker for the black diaspora if this nonsense continues.

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