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Inspirational Rap

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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 11:11 PM
Inner vision--All That Is--listen:
I give it one more time, my mission:
Insist on wisdom not division!
Apathetic stares--those who do not care
Hum-diddy-dum-dumb--ignorant and scared
HEY! You there! Don't you know that we are One?
Someday someone will come up and save you?
Are you crazy!? GET UP muthaf*****!
In love, I say, that you must get it done!
Inspire the fires of change, transmutate,
'cause we can't wait any longer, the dawn
of a new age is upon us! If not, if you choose
then it's the End Game, and we lose!
Realize with your Real Eye
See the lies in the guise of truth
Who are "they," who are YOU
Time flies through the night, set alight
The beacons for freedom, revolution
Your dreams are real, this--is the illusion
Wake up, face up, but hey,
Be aware (beware) now
With hairs standing up, I vow
To charge the movement of truth
To wow the masses to get off their asses
To choose our future, to have passion
We will outlast this--blast and blaze
A new pathway--to the Golden Age


I came up with this little "inspirational rap" in response to someone who was looking for lyrical ideas on one of those question-answer websites. I thought it would be appropriate to share on here, but I was kind of at a loss as to where to post it (in what forum). Moderators, please feel free to move it as you see fit. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and feel free to post your own inspirational raps and rants on here as well!
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posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 12:35 AM
The line "be aware (beware) now" was adopted from the title of another poem I wrote, which I would also like to share with you here.

Be Aware (Beware) Now

I have a nose for this hypnosis.
I know it well; it is happening now.

So subsumed in the illusion,
we give away our power

daily. Creativity, the greatest
aspect of our nature,

is raped—made into a sex slave
by those who leech and feed

on human energy. Conformity,
mediocrity, the “norm”—

are the crux of their control.
Souls are whored, and then

hordes of souls are penned up
like domesticated animals

(especially the docile sheep,
thus the term, “sheeple”).

In this method, they proceed
to separate the flocks

into false ideological divisions
by the maddening machinations

of media and industry.
“Divide and conquer,” they say.

“They” have names,
but call them what you will:

War-mongers, whore-mongers,
fear-mongers (bastards, assholes, etc.).

They are slaves to the mechanics
of mind, and strangers to compassion.

But remember, “they” and “we”
are the same. We play this game together

as equals, always, if I may remove
the illusion for you.

See the masks of freedom,
and the theo-politics of fear.

Be aware (beware) now, and claim:
your truth, your choice, your creation.


posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 12:41 AM
Just noticed the time and date that I made my initial post: whatever's clever for what you make of it, but I think it's synchronicity and just plain cool:

11-08-2011 11:11pm

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