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UNDEROATH: A Cause For Questioning

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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 04:09 AM
Hey all.

I first and foremost want to say that I am not a Christian, nor am I religious in any way, however I do believe in a higher power, I just don't follow the teachings of any man-made creed. I have always felt that we are not quite meant to understand, therefore no one has it entirely right. It's just my personal guideline. Yet I respect all walks of life, and I'm not just calling upon the experts on secret societies tonight, I'm also asking for input from members who are indeed Christians, as this thread could possibly benefit from your knowledge of the faith.

With that said, I'd like to discuss the very talented and lovely Christian band, Underoath. Since I was a teenager, I've loved listening to this band, they have some amazing songs and lyrics. But I recently was struck by a rather engaging discovery. Some of the imagery from their new album entitled "Ø (Disambiguation)" displays a bunch of Illuminati-esque symbols, and the very name of their tour is...well.... interesting to say the least. Here is an image promoting the tour, see for yourself:

My personal thoughts/observations (and I don't claim to be right): First, the most obvious of all things, the first things that anyone who at least knows a little bit about Illuminati notices: pyramids and the eye. The hawks/falcons could possibly be a reference to Ra/Horus. Deer, as far as I know and have heard in the past, often represent innocence, and (supposedly) are sometimes used in sacrifice rituals (to symbolize the slaying of innocence). Masonic symbols from what I can tell are often associated with Illuminati, and there's definitely a masonic compass. There is a snake above the eye, coiled around the antlers (which themselves are interestingly positioned). Snakes as a symbol are often associated with Lucifer. I don't know what the wolf could be there for.... the only thing I could think of was that the wolf is used in the Bible as an analogy to describe what in essence is a non-believer, just as sheep are an analogy to refer to followers. I was unable to locate any real ties between the Illuminati and the wolf as a symbol.

The whole image has symmetry to it, and I remember reading about how the Illuminati value symmetry. I can't remember what the reason though, and can't seem to locate that information either (lol), so any input on this would be appreciated.

Another image that caught my attention:

Again, my personal thoughts & observations (remember, I don't claim to be right): Once again, the compass, the eye, the pyramids. The bird in this image looks to be similar to a heron or a stork, which are birds used to describe the "bennu", which is the Egyptian phoenix. The phoenix is associated with the sun and Ra. The reason I find this relevant is that a lot of Illuminati information I've researched over time since first learning about the society stated the use of the phoenix as part of their symbolism. The "rays" around the head of the bird look like they are depecting the sun/sunlight. Anything else in this image I have yet to really match up with anything though, like the branches for instance.

There's more interesting imagery on their most recent t-shirts in their merch store:

Official Underoath Merchandise Shop

On the album "Ø (Disambiguation)", there is a song called "Illuminator" with lyrics that I can't quite figure out.

"Illuminator" Lyrics

Awake to the sound of emptiness.
Alone in a room that is filled with the darkest of light.
I was told there was nothing beyond here.
How do I know what side I’m on?
Breathe! A captive with nothing but the thoughts engraved in my skin.
I dont belong here. But I cant find my exit.
This is where they all come to hunt me down, hunt me down.
Weigh out the options. Pave the new world. I know what you’re thinking.
Come on man I swear you can do this. I break free from this room they built for me.

I tore out my lying eyes
So they locked me up
I tore out my lying eyes
So they locked me up
Preying on the innocent

Honestly if I were to take an initial shot at this song, I'd say it sounds like the lyricist is trapped by someone they are being forced to serve, or else face consequences. "I don't belong here. But I can't find my exit. This is where they all come to hunt me down". "How do I know what side I'm on?" It's as if the song speaks of a person who is going against their will, and maybe even beliefs.

I haven't had the chance to analyze much of the other songs on the album, but will do so once the chance comes. In the meantime I'd love to see if anyone else has input on this song or any other song on the album. I do think lyrics are very important when trying to determine any Illuminati association seeing as many of my favorite bands have come out with some pretty interesting lyrics lately, and it's already widely speculated that a lot of mainstream music (mainly pop and rap) contains references.

So, it's time now for your input. The purpose of this thread is to discuss the elements in the imagery/lyrics, not really to come to a clear and sure conclusion... I just really want to get further with this seeing as this is a Christian band and this imagery doesn't seem to match them. I know a lot of members here are well-versed on the subject of Illuminati, so I'm hoping for some good group analysis.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 04:55 AM
I wouldn't read too far into it dude.

All I can say is, their album art is 1000x better than their music.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 05:41 AM
reply to post by Kazera

In my opinion, the art, looks like a mish mash of anything occult. Probably just to assist in portraying the "Illuminati" theme. I see Illuminati, Masonic, Oto symbolism all mixed up, and none of those groups are the same.

I cannot help you on the lyrics. They don't make any sense to me either. All I get is trapped and confused. I am sure there is supposed to be more to it than that.

Good luck and the art is very cool.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 05:43 AM
Or, it could be a talentless band trying to sell more records and tour tickets by preying on their already feeble minded fans by playing into something mysterious and 'scary', giving them that edge that middle class kids so desperately crave.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 06:01 AM
That is some of the best artwork I've ever seen for a Christian band. That is usually the one department they're lacking in,
Anyway, the bird pictured is an Anhinga and when I saw it I thought of Florida because thats where they live. Lol! Sure enough, that's where they;re from.
I believe the imagery they're using is simply representative of spiritual forces at work in the world, both natural and unnatural.
You've got me interested to hear what they sound like.


posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 10:04 AM
Love Underoath!! The best christian band ever! I sincerely hope they havent turned over to the "illuminated ones" in order to gain more fame and money

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