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Science VS Religion

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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 01:47 AM
I will attempt to demonstrate the similarities between popular Quantum Theories and ancient/new age belief systems. Please, if my terminology or outlined theories are incorrect or offensive to anyone, please let me know.

Quantum Observer Effect:

Wikipedia, along with various other reputable sources say that the observer effect essentially means that the very act of observing that which you are trying to measure, will alter the outcome of the measurements. Wikipedia compares it to checking tire pressure. In order to check the pressure in your tire, you must insert the pressure gauge which subsequently lets some of the air out and changes the pressure.

In other words, at the most basic level of particle/theoretical physics; we as the observers, in one form or another, will have an effect in determining the outcome of what we measure or know to exist.

Mythical Law of Attraction. Expressed in many cultures and belief systems:

To summarize. Wikipedia says that the law of attraction essentially means that what you put out, is what you get out. Negative thoughts have a negative impact on your environment and vice versa. Now, the law of attraction itself is not old. But many cultures on this planet have long held the belief that there are powers greater than us that will either bless or curse us based on our actions. What does that sound like? Do bad things and God punishes, etc. Think bad things and bad things happen, etc.

The next section is kinda hard to grasp.
Many Worlds theory:

According to physicists, the many worlds interpretation basically means that for every possible outcome to any problem or divergent path that ever existed, DOES exist in a parallel reality.

Throughout history we have reports of psychics and mystics who claim they can talk to the dead or see the future. However, with current Newtonian and Einsteinian sciences, the act of seeing the future is impossible because knowing the future would cause causal paradoxes that would undermine the very fabric of space/time. There are some theories being tossed around that suggest time is more wavelike than it is linear, but we haven't reached that point in development just yet.

Now, let's say the Many worlds interpretation is correct and Einsteinian physics about temporal causal paradoxes is also correct. If the Mytic/psychic cannot possibly see the REAL future, then what does this psychic see? Personally, I think it's all hoax just to gain attention or prey on weak people. But, let's assume that what happens is real.

Einsteinian physics DOES allow the possibility for a wormhole to exist in nature. Known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge.

The wormhole is capable of connection two points in space/time into a single point in space. Making instantaneous travel to distant places possible. It does NOT however, allow for the travel into the past. In fact, time travel into the FUTURE is possible and has been demonstrated. By moving at the speed of light, the time you experience slows down while the rest of the Universe remains moving forward at the same rate. But, those mystics are sitting stationary, so how can they see the future?

The wormhole is theorized to be able to connect multiple dimenions and even realities. There is even theories that say some realities can come into contact with eachother. Each reality would have it's own vibrational pattern of energy, which is what separates OURS from the OTHERS.

Now, let's go back to the Observation theory. Some physicists have said that it's possible through this theory, for us to actually be responsible for the very reality we all know. We literally think it into existence. This is known as Quantum Waveform collapse. Demonstrated in labs that ramming pure energy together can spontaneously create matter from seemingly nothing.

Now, each reality has it's own Vibrational quantum energy frequency. But, if two realities are similar enough, the energy vibration will be so close that it can, IN THEORY, cross paths with OUR reality. If that has ever been the case, then what a Mystic or psychic might see COULD possibly be the future of another reality which is closely related to our own. There is no causality paradox with viewing the future of another reality, as it does not have a DIRECT effect on the outcome of our own.

Ghosts, apparitions, poltergeists. All of it can be explained through Quantum Theory. If another Universe collapses or interacts with ours, who is to say that we wouldn't be able to see Ghostly images of the other reality? Or if a collapse did happen, someone living in our home in the other reality might be interacting with your belongings by accident. Causing what we know as poltergeists.

Magick Powers/witchcraft/Religion:
The holy bible says to pray to God for help. Wiccan/pagan beliefs say that using a combination of Magickal words can cause effects in our physical reality. Buddhists have demonstrated extraordinary mental abilities such as Psychokinetic powers, telepathy, etc. Taoists and Reiki healers believe in Chi or Life energy that can be manipulated by the mind.

Once again, Quantum Observer effect.
It has been shown that our subconscious mind is capable of powerful things once we enter trance like states. Assuming Observer effect works in reality, then we can safely assume that our conscious minds aren't the only part of us that can manipulate our environment. The subconscious would be more in tune with what you truly desire and whatnot.

Hypnotists will often use certain hand singles or word combinations to trigger subconscious effects in another persons mind. I propose that these "spells/prayers", etc are exactly that. Subconscious triggers. Wiccan teachings say that to create a new spell, one must "Consecrate" it first. Concentrating on the intent of the spell and putting power into it. That sounds more like mental training than magick power to me. If the subconscious is triggered to use it's manipulation abilities on the Quantum fabric of the Universe then I suppose it can come across as Magickal or Supernatural.

And blammo, you have the source for all of Ancient and new age teachings. Quantum theory, SCIENCE has rational explanations for it all.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by Mr. Toodles

hi Mr. Toodles,

great thread starter...

when i saw title, i we go again...

but no, awesome theory...

i especially like the bit about thinking things into existence..

ie: Quantum Waveform collapse

anyway, im off to think about some of them worm holes...

thanks again...

+ seeya

S + F...

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 04:57 AM
The mathematical connection between science and the esoteric/mystical traditions within religions has now been discovered. Spend the six six months studying the stunning revelations at:
and you will never look again at religion and science in the same way.

As an example: quantum mechanics predicts that spinless, 1-dimensional objects called "strings" can exist only in a space-time with 26 dimensions. 26 is the gematria number value of Yahweh, one of the ten primary Names of God. As another example: superstring theory predicts that strings possessing supersymmetry interact by the virtual exchange of 496 spin-1 particles in order to be free of quantum anomalies. 496 is the gematria number value of Malkuth, the Kabbalistic name of the physical universe.

Want to understand how sacred geometries originating in cultures separated by thousands of miles and years turn out to be equivalent representations of a single mathematical paradigm? Want to know how these sacred geometries embody superstring physics? Want to learn how this paradigm is being uncovered in particle physics and how it can be already recognized in established facts about DNA, music, etc? Study the research at the above link.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 05:24 AM
Perhaps what we see changes our perspective, however, reality itself is different for every person who is able to perceive it, the core of reality really being just a complex web of our own projections.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by micpsi

Thanks for the link. I will look into it more today. I spend countless hours comparing the two. Call it a "quest" to understand the meaning of everything in existence. I will definitely give this a look over

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