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The Final Solution. A Roadmap to World Domination

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posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 02:17 PM
The Roman empire, exceedingly wealthy, exceedingly powerful, always craving more power, more control, world domination! These bad boys were no joke, they were, are, in it to win it! World domination though, how could this be possible? The Romans were quite successful in the form of military conquest, but eventually with an empire growing larger and larger problems arose in the form of controlling the masses. The empire grew so fast that controlling the newly conquered territories posed a great problem. The people in these new territories were increasingly less likely to remain conquered, their own religions conflicted with the Roman style of rule to such a degree that molding their minds into simple Roman slaves was not possible for long periods of time. These new territories had to be able to rule themselves, under ideologies not necessarily Roman. The territories had to believe that they were in control of their own destiny apart from others who did not agree with their practices.

The power of belief is the ultimate problem and solution. In order to become gods among men the rulers of Rome need to convert those of varying religions or ideologies to 'believe' in them. Converting someone from one religion to another is not an easy task, the use of force works only for a very short period of time, using things such as missionaries has extremely limited success. A plan needed to be formulated. Luckily for the Romans the vast majority of the empire was illiterate, not well educated so 'wowing' them was not particularly complicated. The Roman's created a religion for the masses, Catholicism. This religion would be created from a mixture of scripture taken directly from the religions that already made up the empire. Because they mixed scriptures those already in the empire were more willing to accept this religion because it had elements of their own religion. Over time these combined scriptures would be slowly altered so that it would benefit the Roman rulers to a greater degree. Obviously the installation of a pope served the Roman's well because they prefer the idea of having a single leader, an emperor. The most important part of this religion is the hero and antagonist focus, more on that in a bit.

Once this religion was in place well enough the empire collapsed, this helped both to conceal Roman involvement and allow the greater populace to feel as though they were in control of their own destiny since they now had their own sovereign nations. Also this helped to stabilize the empire, for instance if France fell to a rebellion the rest of the empire would remain intact and able to quell this rebellion without risking it's spread and without risking large empire wide economic catastrophe. As a side note this appears to have actually happened, notice how the entire western world rose up against France when the French population overthrew the king.

It was during this period, known as the Holy ROMAN Empire, the Knights Templar and later Freemason organizations were formed. This is important, the Knights Templar were and are billed as being enemies of the Catholic church, preferring the power of their own individual minds over simply obeying the orders of the Pope, Roman emperor. The Catholic church generally preaches that the individual human mind can be an evil thing, should not be used as a device for contemplation, but rather a device for storing knowledge given to it by the Pope, Roman emperor. The Knights Templar and Freemason organizations were, and are, under complete control of the Church, but are meant to appear as though they are enemies of the Church. Most of their members are probably under the assumption that they are fighting against the Church, in some form of secrecy.

The ultimate goal of the Knights Templar and Freemason organizations, as far as most members know, is to overthrow the Church and instill a sense of individuality to the greater human race. The goal, so they think, is to allow people to be in control of their own destiny without the need to answer to the Pope. Again what they don't know is that the Church is in control of their organization and has yet another ultimate goal in mind, to be revealed momentarily.

The Freemasons acting through Alister Crowley created another secretive organization called the Order of the Temple of the East, Ordo Templi Orientis or OTO. Again this is an organization centered around human desire rather than obeying orders, though it still has a hierarchal structure. Out of the OTO comes a man named L Ron Hubbard who founded the Church of Scientology. This is part of the ultimate Knights Templar plan to overthrow the church and instill rational thought as ultimate leader, again the Church has other plans. To aid things a bit I'll give a small graphic visualization of this path of secrecy:
Catholic Church(Pope/Roman Emperor) --> Knights Templar --> Freemasons --> Ordo Templi Orientis(OTO) --> Scientology

Scientology's goal, ultimately the goal of the Templars, is to disprove the existence of God at least to the point where people begin to give up their ties to the Catholic Church which is to be billed as an archaic organization based on caveman like beliefs. To do this they will use theories presented by people that have been instilled in the public mind as being some of the smartest men ever to have existed, Stephen Hawking would be at the head of this. Hawking aims to disprove that the universe was intelligently created, through a series of theories involving a universe, or multiverse, that brought itself into existence where gravity was all that existed, but at some point gravity brought matter into existence. "Aliens" will likely play a role in support of scientology, UFO's might make themselves more visible during this time period, crop circles appear that indicate a support for science, Hawking and individual thought.

Eventually the Catholic church, and other religions, will be toppled, perhaps not completely, but to an extent where they wield virtually no power at all. After a short period of time passes things will start to sour with Scientology. Events will cause the public to see that the UFO's sighted were actually fakes, man-made devices meant to deceive the public into thinking a smarter intelligence, aliens, were in support of this new line of thinking. Secret government technologies will be revealed as having been developed for the purpose of deceiving the public into believing in this new line of thinking, individuality and the power of individual contemplation.

The public will be outraged, the Catholic church will largely be behind the revelation of these secret technologies. Ultimately the Church of Scientology, science, individual thought, Freemasons, etc will be viewed as the Anti-Christ or great deceiver. The Catholic church will be viewed as Christ, having been killed and now miraculously risen again to defeat this great deceiver. The Catholic church will become more powerful than ever before because it will be viewed as having fulfilled prophecy, as having God's blessing. The people of Earth will renounce individual thought and simply bow before the Pope, Roman emperor. The Roman Empire will have conquered the entire planet with all of the world's population 'believing' in them as God's chosen rulers.

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 02:44 PM
If you have not yet figured out who the REAL Great Deceiver is the answer is hidden option number 3: They are both the Great Deceiver.

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 05:26 PM
Based on your title I thought this about the game risk. Shame on you OP. I am disappointed.
However after reading all of that I still fail to see where you get your information from and your "facts". You just cant blame Catholicism for the worlds problems like that. You are letting your personal feeling cloud your judgment.

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by gorgi

The facts come from history my friend. Check out a history book it's all there, you just have to read between the lines.

Let us say there was a Christ back then, not saying there was just saying let's entertain the idea for a moment. After he died how easy would it have been for the Roman empire to infiltrate the church? The vast majority of the Roman empire was completely illiterate, it would have been like taking candy from a baby.

Edit: Even if someone had written down the teachings of Christ, no one would've been able to read them. The rich and powerful Roman elite could've said anything they wanted about Christianity and the people would have no choice but to believe it for they had absolutely no education whatsoever and no proof that Christianity was or was not about whatever the Roman elite said.
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posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 09:01 PM
You need to read this thread. It's huge, it's gonna take you some time. Read the whole thing. Very important.

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 09:14 PM

Originally posted by Symbiot
reply to post by gorgi

The facts come from history my friend. Check out a history book it's all there, you just have to read between the lines.

You mean western history. Russia, China, South America all have their own history and Catholicism only impacts some countries in South America. Russia and China have their own histories that extend well beyond the western historical records.

This narrow world view is part of the problem that allows the empire to stay strong.

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 10:53 PM

Originally posted by CaptChaos
You need to read this thread. It's huge, it's gonna take you some time. Read the whole thing. Very important.

I must admit that is an interesting thread, but I disagree with it's WWIII conclusion. The problem with that route is that it does not completely fulfill Rome's biblical prophecy. With that scenario there is no Christ and no Anti-Christ. More importantly, for Rome, it does not take care of the free thought problem for no one religion would rise to convince the world's people that free thought is evil.

The 'alien' scenario presented here fulfills both the appearance of a Great Deceiver and one that would defeat said deceiver. Not only that, the one that would defeat this Great Deceiver, Rome's very own Catholicism, would provide Rome with teachings necessary to eliminate free thought, ensuring a human race willing to never disobey their government which would be viewed as having god's blessing. It also explains the alien deception that has been spread for what, close to a hundred years now?

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 11:29 PM
this thread,

started by the same A-R-L-t-R author may be interesting as well.

The New World Order Blues & Alien Disclosure Coming to a Location Near You Soon

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by xuenchen


The plan outlined in my original post is farther along than some might think. We are already well into the UFO's making themselves more visible period. Obviously, you can even see them on the news stations sometimes.

posted on Aug, 14 2011 @ 12:27 AM
New information regarding the situation. Append this to the end of my original post:

The revitalized Catholic church will also incorporate elements of Islam and the other major religions. This is needed in order to make sure the whole of the human race accepts the new religion. This revitalization will come from 'teachings' from a 'messiah' put in place to ensure that the prophecy is viewed as coming to fruition. My post earlier goes over a bit of how this is to play out. The revealing of secret UFO technology as being a deception placed upon the human race and this 'messiah' being part of the revealing of this deception. Sure there will likely be some special effects and such surrounding this 'messiah' to make it appear as though god is on his side. His name, by the way, on that other conspiracy forum is "new JEruSalem rUSs."

At any rate this is essentially a complete 'reset' of the system. Ultimately after this happens history repeats itself. Over the course of a few thousand years the 'teachings' of this messiah will be argued over. People will begin to fall into different camps regarding the meaning of these 'teachings.' This all happens as humanity spreads across the solar system. Eventually there will be people doubting if this 'messiah' ever existed. At some point, a few thousand years from now, there will be another 'messiah' and the whole system will be reset yet again.

I don't believe any of that will actually work, although it has in the past. The problem is that the Romans didn't realize that their reset system was in need of serious re-invention. In the past most of the public could not read or write, this time they can, the slaves are much better educated this time and that makes a big difference. I suppose it's what happens to most criminals. They win a couple of times and get over confident, that's when they start making mistakes.
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