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I don't Believe Aliens Are Visiting This Planet

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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 12:30 AM
I like this thread because it actually allows us to debate the facts supporting or not supporting the so called "alien theory".

Interestingly, a great number of scientific papers have been written by sociologists and philosophers regarding the "what if" scenario that an alien race (or races) were to come to earth and visit us.

By all accounts these scientists have concluded that IF aliens did exist, we presume too much that they come with kind hearted and warm feelings towards mankind. Our grasp for anything that might help our common situation as means towards "salvation" of mankind and his problems tends to drive people to the conclusion that as life evolves and supposedly becomes more intelligent (with higher technology) that we all get smarter and kinder towards others and other species. That hasn't been the case with our species so why do you think that if there were other species out there they would be any different?

Evidence in the scientific and natural realms actually supports what these philosophers have written about. If aliens did exist (and its still in question), they are more likely to come with aggressive or hostile intentions - NOT kind or benevolent intentions.

So for all of the believers in aliens visting the earth past and present, ask yourself these questions: How many of the visitiations have actually reported that aliens seen or experienced actually did something good for mankind? Did they heal anyone's cancer? Did they bring us advanced technology to solve our energy crisis? Did they tell us the merits of not spending billions of dollars on war? No.

In virtually every case these so called aliens do nothing to help people - or mankind. In fact they purposely remain hidden, mysterious, and vague. If they come with all of this benevolence and kind hearted "researcher instincts", they would be smart enough to work around governments that are "hiding the truth" from people. None of these aliens ever paid your bills, purchased you a new car, got you a better job, found you a wife, etc.

Personally I think aliens do not exist. People want them to exist because they cannot explain real paranormal events so they conclude it must be aliens visiting the earth. There is no doubt a real phenomena, but the alien conclusion is the default hypothesis fueled by speculation by people who cannot find the answer to the question.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 01:56 AM
reply to post by flight-dynamics

I also like this thread.
On the note of personal beliefs, I believe life very probably does exist elsewhere in the universe. There have been many, many more discoveries of exoplanets in the "goldilocks" zones of other solar systems, as well as the discoveries of the building blocks of DNA in meteorites. Even life exists in the harshest of environments here on our own planet. There is a good chance our own beginnings came from a meteorite with these building blocks of DNA. If we have encountered these meteorites in our own solar system, I'm sure they exist in many others; ones with planets in the 'goldilocks' zones. That's just my own hypothesis though. I refuse to admit that other lifeforms DO exist as a fact, because not once has any 100% definitive evidence been brought forth.

As to the intentions of alien life towards humanity, should it exist, I agree that humans do too often presume that aliens would be kind and benevolent. However, since one cannot prove the existence of alien life, I also don't see how even philosophers and scientists can conclude that they would be hostile towards us. It is true that humanity has not always been so kind to new peoples and species. However, we DO co-exist now with one another, though tensions are high at times. Many say that aliens would simply consider us pests, if even that, if they were to arrive on our planet, and just wipe us out.

The fact is though, that no philosopher or scientist has ever encountered a society far more advanced than our own. All our ideas are derived from our own history of indifference and wars. I admit that aliens could very well be hostile. I also assume though, that alien life advanced enough for interstellar travel may not have a reason to be hostile towards us. What would being hostile to us solve? Well. It would make acquisition of raw materials (or colonizing a new planet for themselves) much easier, as they wouldn't need to ask for our permission, and spend time dealing (or co-existing) with us if they had time constraints and needed the materials (or a new place to live) 'right this instant'. Depending on circumstances though, we may not have anything they need at all (and they may not need a new place to live), in which case wiping us out would just be a waste of their time. Of course, if they were just plain ol' a-holes for no good reason aside from just wanting to be a-holes, then yes, they could very well just decide to destroy us.

Another thing you mentioned is that people tend to think that life gets smarter and more kind as it evolves and becomes more technologically advanced. It's very probable that if biological alien lifeforms exist, that they were in our shoes once before, and may very well have had similar needs. Shelter. Food. The need to socialize. The need for some sort of hierarchical society and government. Maybe even emotions. One could assume that as they reached maturity and the ability to attain interstellar travel, that they had prepared for all of these things. They would be more technologically advanced to have interstellar travel. Having that technology would mean they are more intelligent than us, in order to have conceived it all. Having been able to conceive it all would mean they probably had organized education at one time or another, in order to spawn the great minds. Those great minds may have said "hey, to travel this far we need a renewable fuel source, and a renewable food source... here's how we outfit our ships." thus eliminating the need to destroy us for raw materials or a place to live.

Alas, I think you get the picture (actually I'm just getting tired and want to stop thinking). These are just some ideas, and they are no better than anyone else. And again, before anyone says I'm just 'believing what I want to believe' or something along those lines, I say now that I do not think aliens exist. I simply see the countless possibilities for them to.

Cheers folks.

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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 02:00 AM

Originally posted by Explanation
The Universe is unlimited what would compell them to search our area of the galaxy? Out of trillions of stars. If Life is abundant in the Universe what would make us so special that they would need come visit us. How would they know where to search?

"How would they know where to search" sounds like your hypothesis includes the notion that they would be looking specifically for earth. in other words, how did Columbus know where to search for native americans?? I don't know, he didn't. He thought he was in india. He was simply searching and happened upon people. It happens. Could it be theyre just nearby neighbors who simply searched and happened upon us? Why is that so unreasonable? We've done it plenty here on earth.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 02:50 AM
I will always believe that "they" are "us"...and "we" ARE "them". That one day will be the great, revealed "disclosure" truth. They-us...have always been here.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 02:59 AM
there demonic alien reptilians have already taken over, enjoy the show of enslaving the human race until the antichrist master of the reptilians comes into power but the mighty jesus will come and destroy him

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 04:26 AM
reply to post by granpabobby

If we found the entrance to a wormhole near enough for us to send a probe into, and then asked for volunteers for a manned mission to the edge of known science and human knowledge, I'm pretty sure I would volunteer. I mean how many chances does someone get to actually change the world as we know it? Maybe its the pioneering spirit in all of us, maybe just simple curiosity, but most likely its the adventure. Someone had to be the first to cross that mountain range, that ocean, that desert, and beyond to the moon.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 05:19 AM
i dont beleive wehave been visited either but i suppose it depends wot is out there, if there was an alien race capable of visiting us they might do so just because we are the first intelligent life they have encountered

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 05:24 AM

Originally posted by Explanation

I just do not believe in the age of Wikileaks, Anon, they have been able to leak so much, but no one has found anything about something History changing. Isn't that what these hackers and leakers are after. They want to humiliate the government, they want the people to know everything...
I'm pretty sure NASA knows nothing about aliens.

There no legit photos of Aliens or their space craft. All I see is a bunch of misidentified human aircraft. Now there is just new "fad" of hearing rumbling and that somehow has something to do with aliens.

Lets be honest Logic at the moment is the only proof anyone has of Aliens.
I don't know how people come to the conclusion that they are our space brothers..Or that they are perfectly harmless. And they will just "Enlighten Us, Or share their Spiritual Knowledge."

I'll be honest I do believe in God I also believe in Aliens. I do not believe God is a Alien. I know there are a UFO/ Alien Religions that believe that aliens made us, and that's their belief.

I only post that because it seems that skeptics are look upon as "Must be Religious." Like I said

I personally don't see the Atheist, (Alien Believers Atheist) argument, that God is not real but Magical/Psychic creatures are traveling through space walking through walls, and abducting people through their ceiling to perform medical experiments all the while having no other witnesses is somehow more believable then a god.
In my opinion you pretty much should believe in both. Its kinda of hypocritical to believe in the above but consider the other a "fairy tale".

Overall I believe there is generally a will to believe. People WANT TO BELIEVE BADLY.
For example a few topics here, I'm not going post a link to them because I do not want to call anyone out.
Someone would post a picture or share a sighting and it would be explain or debunked in the first few posts.. That's not want the OP wants to hear. That topic will go for 5-10-15 pages.

I see that people use the excuse skeptics are scared of aliens. No they are not. What is there to be scared of.
Most skeptics I know accept the fact that aliens are out there, there is just a disagreement on if they are actually visiting.

I think alot of people are seeing things they cannot explain. And coming to a very quick conclusion.
That has been happening for Centuries. Centuries ago people did not have much of a grasp of science, they saw things that may have looked like one thing, and they did not know what it was, but was would be completely explainable and common to us today.

All my opinion... Of course.
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You're right.

That's why we have 10 or more sightings per week.
That's why we have evidences that aliens were visiting us,and still does.
That's why we have a testimonies of dozens formers of CIA,FBI,NASA,NSA.
That's why we had made a progress for just ten years(50' to 60')


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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 05:40 AM
reply to post by Explanation

Because th two of the rarest things are on earth, choloroplast and protein.

If we for example travelled in deep space we would eventually probably need one or both of these and also would be most interested in the life too. As far as we can se our planet it most likely fairly rare in terms of having life, or at least intelligent life. If just 1% of all advanced life in th universe was travelling around looking for life them im sure out of that a small % of them would discover us at least.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 06:24 AM

Originally posted by jstanthrno1
To believe aliens are visiting Earth, you really have to open your mind.

The universe is millions of years old, its very possible that a civilization exsists that is millions of years older than life on Earth. Even with intelligence similar to humans, they could have technology that makes navigating the stars a reasonable possibility.

Modern man has only been around a few thousand years and we have the means to reach other planets in our solar system. Our computing technology doubles roughly every 18 months on average. Imagine what humans will be able to do in say, 100 years. Or imagine going back in time and trying to convince a cowboy that in 50 years a man will walk on the moon.

In the universe, anything is possible.

Any thing is possible,...including aliens are not or have never been here .

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 06:45 AM
I doubt that they would be interested in Earth for its mineral worth. Im sure Every planet in the "special zone" has the same minerals as Earth, we are ALL only star dust.

Earth Does have uniqueness tho.... Water in its 3 stages, liquid, gas, solid.

And ample (6 billion +) semi-intelligent apes, suitable as a slave race.

BUT, if other theorys are considered, humans (and others??), may possess a Universal soul, that may be more important than any resourses.

Other "contacts" tell us that some are "Looking After Earth" awaiting the semi intelligent ape to ascend in Universal Understanding, and then become a useful member of the Galactic Society.

Lets face it....As the current riots in the UK have proved.......Earth Humans are basically Troglodytes.

Any civilized advanced society would have to be Out of its Mind to want to give Earthlings technology, at this moment.
I wouldnt, and Im not an advanced Galactic being........

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 08:45 AM

Originally posted by WhatAliens

Originally posted by 31Bravo

Why? Millions of different types of life flourishing on a planet that is less sophistically developed than them..

zzzzzzzzzzzz.... Life here has adapted to the environment... not magically pooffed into existence there...

Please elaborate a little more on this comment.. I'm having trouble understanding what you mean, rather what it even has to do with what I said. Thanks


posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by bsalert

People can also mis-identify and mis-remember what they saw. I think most UFO reports are cases of mis-identifications and cases where a persons mind filled in holes in the sighting.

Even professional learned people can have issues with their minds incorrectly filling in the holes of a particular sighting, and anyone can mis-identify something. And in the case of professional people mis-identifying a sighting, it may be less likely that someone such as a pilot could misidentify an otherwise mundane object in the sky, but it can certainly happen. Nobody is infallible.

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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by ReptilesAreAmongUs

Any proof for these incredible claims.

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 03:12 AM

Originally posted by EmVeeFF
reply to post by bsalert

This doesn't mean they are aliens, it just proves that people saw something they cannot explain.

There are ancient reports of dragons, this doesn't make them real.

Don't you know that "dragons" were actually rocket spaceships seen by ancients. That's where the fire-breathing dragon myth comes from. Of course I could be wrong, but this is what I and many others believe.

Originally posted by Explanation
Like I said, I believe aliens exist, I just find it hard they would pick our tiny planet out of trillions, or more to visit.

We've been studying the heavens for hundreds of years and in the last 50 or so years we've explored space and have built powerful telescopes, which STILL haven't found life, never mind intelligent life. Planets with life, especially intelligent life is EXTREMELY rare my friend. So to aliens our Earth would be a treasure planet of life, water, minerals, etc.

Originally posted by madjetxe
What i am talking about is we are the aliens ,the so called aliens were here first we are the ones out of place not them.

I'm sure I read somewhere about "extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary proof" or something like that. Perhaps you should state "In my opinion" or "I believe".

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 04:00 AM
Personally i think its naive to be 100% either way on this. Best advice you can have is to keep an open mind and not fully decide either way until conclusive proof is put forward.

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 05:35 AM
Just for the pure fact that our technology is leaping so fast forward is amaizing! I am unable to grasp that we humans could go from nothing to where we are now is such a short period of time without any help from more advanced beings!

Wether there aliens, inter dimensional beings, time travelers, or any other " theory", is the question for me. When i see something on tv, internet or the newspapers, i go and search for more. I came across a lot of things that could indicate visitations in the past. I can name a few just to give you an idea of what i mean.

- airplane shaped amulets from times where no planes even existed yet, inca/mayan times.
- Crystal skulls, and the way these are made also from Mayan times.
- Pyramids and how they where build
- Religious stories of "angels" and "GOD" coming down from the sky in chariots
- old paintings of "air battles" and "space craft" like objects flying about.
- cave paintings of disc shaped objects, elongaded heads and big eye's
- Die Glocke (the Bell) a german "machine" during WWII.

The list van go on quite some time, this just indicates to ME that we have visitations AND contact in the past.
Again this is just how i feel about it, there are so many stories and theories out there. Even about our existance and how everything came about. Everything we are THOUGHT and TOLD about the past, is nothing more then story telling and theories!

So see this as just another story or theory, people are willing to believe and accept anything as a reality these days.

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 12:38 PM
I find it very frustrating to deal with hard core skeptics and non believers. Many paint the whole field with broad strokes and give little to no credit where credit is due. Many go on about how there is no hard evidence or smoking gun. As if finding hard evidence is as easy as finding a feather falling from the sky to prove that birds fly with them.

They never factor in the opposing forces that work very hard to limit or discredit the hard evidence from ever reaching the masses. Governments have been proven to be liars when it comes to this. Guys like Budd Hopkins, Dr. John Mack, Stanton Friedman and many others have dedicated their lives to the issue and carried out the tedious hard research to discovers docs., witnesses, and patterns of truth that in my opinion can not be ignored. Instead of saying this or that about this researcher or that researcher, why not try to disprove what they have discovered.

The abduction phenom demonstrates to me that we are being visited. The majority of narratives being reported all say similar things, no matter the vast distances between cases and differing cultures involved. Hopkins has multiple drawings from people of all walks of life and from many different countries who have never met, that show uncanny similarities between the examining rooms, the ships used, the instruments used, the symbols on the walls and ships, and the procedures carried out. How can they all be halucinating the same stuff? At the very least the most reputable of these and many other cases deserves some further inquiry and not thrown out with the Welsh Winged Griffin and Dragon rinsed bathwater.

Its these and many other patterns of truth that get ignored or quickly dismissed.
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posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by Explanation

They exist and they are visiting and actively conducting programs on a species that is nearing extinction. Any guess on what species that is?

If I were aliens I wouldn't leave "physical proof" of their existence either. Look at how screwed up our civilization is? I wouldn't want to meet us, do business with us, allow us access to higher energies, etc.

*hint* What do you think the dark matter and energy is?

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 01:54 PM

Originally posted by OrchusGhule
reply to post by Droogie

Agreed. I just wish people would do a little bit of digging before putting so much stock into something so consequential.

I think the problem with the alien visitation question is belief itself. Belief has no scientific bearing. Its just like faith. It requires no evidence, no proof, nothing.

Bingo! A truth of all truths.

I like to look at facts, and I accept the facts as they are revealed to me, even if they go against what I want to believe. I want to believe aliens visit Earth, that they have been involved for millenia. It would explain so much. But as I said, belief is nothing compared to facts. We can all believe that aliens either are or are not visiting Earth. When and if this is confirmed or denied beyond any doubt, our beliefs will become meaningless and pale in light of the truth.

I go one step further by eliminating the box of belief altogether. Skepticism is not a box, to a true skeptic all possibilities are open whether liked or not but he will always gravitate to what is most probable until new evidence comes about to evolve the theory. By design, belief demands that you not look outside of your system for answers. It is a box. It is a tool of controlling thought. Being that this smacks of religion, Christianity is a box, Islam is a box, Atheism is a box, aliens everywhere is a box, no aliens at all is a box, UFOs are ET is a box as is UFO's are all terrestrial craft is a box. I want to know... not believe. I love the fantasy of aliens, coming or going, but I refuse to let my conclusions be drawn on belief and faith and speculation. They are hollow and unrewarding to some one who wants knowledge.

Here are the facts as I know them.

1. People around the world have been witnessing unexplained events in the skies and oceans for hundreds of years. These witnesses include pilots with decades of experience in the skies, they include people in charge of nuclear weapons, people who have spent thousands of hours in space above our planet, and they include individuals from all walks of life. When a pilot with 30 years in the air says walnut shaped craft flew around his aircraft for several minutes and then took off at impossible speeds, it is important for people like us to listen. When the supervisor of a nuclear missile facility states that he received a report from topside saying there was a disc shaped object floating directly above the facility, and then all of the missiles shut down, it is important for us to take notice and consider the possibilities. When governments release UFO files documenting numerous, unexplained sightings of immense objects, complete with diagrams, physical evidence, and eyewitness accounts, it is important for people like us to investigate. I could go on, but you get the idea. The bottom line being that there is, without any doubt, something unexplained going on in our skies and seas.

I agree with this as well, the unknown is just that, nothing more nothing less, until new evidence adds to the knowledge of an event. The true unknowns should never be dismissed but they also should never be made out to be more than what they are as the facts describe them. If the facts eventually over time bring us to a collective conclusion comfortably accept that and use it as a foundation for continuing investigation until the full truth is revealed, if that is possible.

2. People around the world have also been hoaxing, faking, telling untruths, and tricking the gullable for centuries. Its nothing new, and will doubtless continue. It is important for people like us to remember this when reviewing evidence such as video, audio, and the like. Suspicion and skepticism are very healthy and positive traits to carry with you. A big red flag for me is that oldest of motivators of lies, which is profit. If a person has something to profit from making this or that claim, he/she is worthy of a great deal of suspicion. I use the example of Jaime Maussan and the MUFON investigators. They exposed one of his famous sightings as fake, and yet he continued to claim it was real because he gains a great deal from the widespread belief that aliens visit Earth. Zecharia Sitchin is another great example of this.

I've almost gotten to the point where contemporary video and photos are useless as evidence because it has been proven that depending who is judging or investigating it, fakery is at present nearly indiscernible from reality in a lot of cases. Hoaxes and indistinguishable points of light in a day/night sky pollute this area of study like China does its rivers. Its sad because without them as good evidence all one has to rely upon for judgement is personal experience which is very limited in scope usually. It has been years since I saw a photo or video that made me say "Damn!". Recently, the closest I've gotten was the Chicago O'hare case.

3. Debunking is unscientific. If it is your goal to debunk something, then you are already beyond any credibility because you have an agenda. The goal should be to seek the truth to its fullest extent, regardless of what one wants or does not want to be true. The same goes with proof. If you investigate with the intent of proving a theory or hypothesis, you also have an agenda, and your results will ultimately be tainted with that agenda. Abandon these approaches and you will see much better results. Many people often state that a hypothesis must be proven or denied. This is incorrect. A hypothesis must be TESTED. During testing the end result is entirely irrelevant.

Debunking and the debunker are as bad as the blind believer, both ignoring facts, they are polar opposites on the UFO spectrum and possibly beyond. Its worse than being unscientific, it is being pseudo-scientific. A person has to willingly lie and deny what they know to be true or at minimum could be true to hold the stances that they do. They are the truly willfully ignorant on this world... and ignorance is not a bad word one needs to only educate themselves to no longer be ignorant. But willful ignorance is an intellectual felony...someone going out of their way to NOT learn is a crime.

So what is the lesson? Believe what you want, but NEVER allow your beliefs to cause you to dismiss evidence out of hand without investigation, and NEVER allow your beliefs to cause you to accept something that is easily dismissed through a thoughtful and complete investigation.

Once I get into the swells of denial with either someone debunking or believing without proof and get the sense that they are belligerent about it I tend to let it go and let them drown in their ignorance if they so wish. You can generally tell when someone is at least listening to alternative ideas and I have enjoyed many discussions with those whose cups aren't full...

Thanks for reading.

No, thanks for posting, reasonable thinking is refreshing here... and I don't KNOW that aliens are visiting Earth, yet...
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