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Comments by strangers - do you feel like turning around and replying to them?

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posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 04:47 PM
Few people matter to me. Thus those that don't matter I couldn't care less what they said. THAT said, some occasional sport can be fun.
You want to go by logic? OK. Insults? You're bring a bb gun to a shoot out there. You get on a waitresses or clerks case though and you're fair game. They can't defend themselves but as a customer I sure as hell can. And DO!

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 07:12 PM

One day, I will, they just have to push me, and I will walk up to them and ask them literally, what and why did they make such comments - I look forward to the shocked look on thier faces, and I will speak like a gentleman.

My question is this, why would you wait for one day? I wouldn't allow someone to speak ill of me. Might makes right!

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by SumerianSoldier

You are only talked about if you are a threat to them in one way or another. I'm sure this has already been posted. Either you operate outside of their norm or your appearance is threatening to them...both good or bad appearance.

Directly approaching them is one way to go. Ignoring them is another....your call and depends on your familiarity with them.

In either case and in the larger scheme of things it doesn't matter what they think of you....the only thing that matters is what you think of you!

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 10:33 PM
I know what you mean OP. The double-talkers...these thinly veiled passively-aggressive insulters. The cowards...

For me...Well, if it were any old stranger it'd be easy to deal with...
But the shhh doesn't come exclusively from those we don't know.
A lot of people, myself formerly included, get this from friends, co-workers, sometimes even family members.
It helps to learn to constructively deal with these mental stresses.
To whomever, for whatever you may find it worth, here's some advice from me:

The bully craves your reaction. The bully wants to be the predator. They would want nothing more than to turn you into their prey. You must not victimize yourself. This only empowers them. It may be hard to stay strong but more often than not it's a team effort and you can end up facing this from multiple directions. If you lose your focus they'll make your head spin and your frustration will show even though you may not realize it. Body language is important. Don't show a single sign of weakness; they're like sharks and can smell a single drop of your frustration from miles away.
No matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep your head up, and handle it.

And you'd better get your strength up quick because they won't stop until either:

they realize they can't affect you, become bored, or tire themselves out.
--They don't want to risk humiliating themselves by trying too hard and failing to ninja you. They'll probably move on to the next gal/guy.

You succumb to the weight of their taunts and give them the satisfaction they were looking for. This is your fail. They broke your spirit and you deserve it for letting them. Don't like it? You mad?
Keep falling on your face until you get it right. Let that be your motivation if you're too weak right now. You'll have the rest of your life...until you get it right.

--The worst thing you can let happen to yourself is to become accustomed to being taunted, being the victim, and not doing anything about it. You'll just internalize it all and you won't be able to stop thinking about it, wishing you did something differently. It'll ruin your day and any other day it pops into your head. Your anger will consume you. It will take from you the ones you love and other precious things you will never be able to replace.
If these are people you're familiar with, they'll get used to it too and will see you as an easy mark and try to get one over you every chance they get. They'll make a habit of inflicting the damage and you'll make a habit of damage control, burying yourself alive on the inside.
You're a human; not a fish, not a pin-cushion. homo-erectus.

You go on the offensive. Be careful with this; You may not be ready for it. The game of chess is like a sword fight. You must think first, before you move. There are lots of different ways to deflect their jabs --not limited to what I will briefly mention. Be creative. More creative than them. It's not that hard once you learn how to bang back with efficacy. Self-defense is not limited to physical boundaries.
Like Aikido, take the force of their own blow, and use it against them. With minimal effort, knock them off balance.
Done correctly, they'll be shocked, as if stunned. It's all a subtle mind game as you may know by now; be a better player than them.
Those that haven't mastered double-talkin can dish it out but don't know how to respond when you shoot it right back at them. This works both ways too. Never underestimate the other guy. Think fast if you're going to play ball.
I don't usually take the bait, but when i do, i break the line.

--Say the wrong thing and things get physical, they rarely do're own your own if it comes to that. Wanna spend the night in jail? Go ahead and fight, idgaf.
The best outcome would be to avoid physical violence or escalation. Keep your cool, stay boss, and handle it with style. Don't spaz.

The possibilities are always without limit and are unpredictable; I gave only a few brief pointers on this new-age art of war.
Some of you know what I'm talking about and will be inspired by my words.
This is basically human nature. Nothing particularly new. I wont be cornball and tell you that things will just get better. It does, but only for the people that fight for it. Happiness today, is gained at someone else's expense. You have to be willing to hurt someone's feelings or take their happiness if you want to be happy yourself.

--I've been weak enough to let myself get hurt plenty of damn times. A sick part of me liked the torment. I allowed it to continue. As bad as they were, they could never hurt me more than i was hurting myself by simply letting them get the better of me.
I don't need to explain myself, my reasons, my excuses for sinking to this low and why i let this happen to me on the daily from my once close friends. I can't explain why I couldn't bring myself to hurt them back no matter how bad they made me feel. truth is I still somehow owe a lot to them.

I'm not always strong. But I swear to god I will never stand by and witness someone be harassed, teased, taunted, bullied, or assaulted in any of the ways I was. No one has ever stood up for me, but I've always stood up for the victim.
Always before standing up for myself.
I'm not afraid of anything or anyone. word is bond.
Caped crusader 4life.

Ive never talked to anyone about this before. This is as far as it will likely go. I'm not the type to talk about myself. Or talk about anything really. I keep to myself. You have no idea.

If this is something that helped anyone, not just OP, that's cool, whatever.
but i realize now that i only did this for myself. If you're confused, and fail to understand my words, i don't really care. I'm not a mean person, but I am a cold and emotionless one. There is a difference.

dolo for the rest of my years.
i'm 21 but i feel so old and spent.

"be just, and if you cannot be just, be arbitrary"

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 12:04 AM
I'm now unemployed because of others games... and it's not mine to fix. i am responsible for my own actions. My actions are my choices, wether or no anyone else agrees with them. It's not a matter of control. I choose my own actions.

that was a #ty job anyway. now i have to go to the labor department to report harrasment, retaliation against harassment, payroll discrepancies at the division of wage and hour, the police department, the forensics lab in jacksonville.... maybe even the health department (the nasty bastard). i'm then going to take all my reports... report them, then send copies to all of my ex employers contract sites.... after of course, i have slept a really really long ass time and been as lazy as I feel like it and eat whatever and WHENEVER i want... until i get another job, which WON'T BE for the rest of THIS week and WON"T BE.... some half baked bull# like what i had. The job wasn't bad... but i was working for an idiot who has no business being boss.

his stupid little # buddy bitch whose man can't stand her since she is THAT goddamn annoying but he doesn't want to loose his kids to her, because they are girls... so he does crap like mock her when she won't shut up because she will sit and run her mouth like a little retarded chihuahua. She makes him take her out once a month because he clearly doesn't want to spend any special time with her and is probably just waiting for his girls to grow so they won't be COMPLETELY like their damn stupid ass mamma. Stupid butt sucking whore.

she's an ass kisser, one of these people who will stab you square in the back for the sake of someone else in the wrong if they have got the power in their hands. she's fake, plastic, selfish, unhelpful and insincere.

if I tried to type out all the indirect crap she has tried to convey to me... I'd be here all day. she's a # stirrer... and it's 100% insecurity.

i know i know... be nice to people and all that, love your enemies.... which is exactly why she needs to know how much of an ass beating she really needs. It would do her a hell of a lot of good to be reminded to find her own goddamn place in life and get her nose out of peoples ass and out of their #... she's either sucking up or smearing on somebody. She's a spoiled little brat bitch who had a Asian mamma who married into service and tried to discipline her and teach her something about the world.... he REAL world, not this fake crap so many people think is life. she's a baby factory. someone who gets with a man and tries to get pregnant asap so she can have security and make him tolerate her with the fear of child support. that's how she lives her life. as sorry for that stupid little girl as i am... i still think she just needs her ass tore out of the frame by an older female, because her mammas hand was held back. She thinks she's grown but she doesn't know #, she hasn't seen #. i know making babies isn't easy, but it's not like that scores you something in life. that's what women NATURALLY do, when did it become a reason to have to put up with somebody or give them some entitlement to have someone else slave for them? I'M A MOTHER!... ok, and you are saying this why? i mean i understand if it's concern for your kid but if you think it was a grand accomplishment to get knocked up... take a look at the #ing sacks roach bitches be carrying around.... and they do that, like 100 times before they die or some crazy nonsense.... and it's still just a roach. get a brain and i might be interested in something you have to say other than some dumbass #ing question you just made up to come #ing bug me with when you know damn good and well i do not like you after you what you did.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!... all of it.

i chose my actions today. it was all i could do to work up the enthusiasm to drag myself in for a bunch of idiot punk asses who don't know how to use their brains!

you see, people can say that is rude... but who Am I if I don't say what's good for a person? elsewise...they just keep walking around all dumb. how is that nice?

that girl is going to TOTALLY get her ass beat one day and not by somebody trying to teach her a lesson when she #s with somebody she shouldn't be #ing with. It's going to be AFTER her divorce, AFTER she turns her lightweight drinking habit into a real adult damn issue, AFTER her little girls start getting bitchy with her, AFTER she gets a few lines on her face, AFTER she gets desperate to find someone elses ass to kiss up to, probaly in a bar and she's going to try to walk around all cutesey tootsey like to make herself seem worthy and try to play on someone else man because she has to work off of other people energy and all that... and it's going to be a real woman who she does this to, in the bar, while they're drunk.... and the bitch is going to get her ass BEAT!

It's going to be an "I told you so" moment if only I could be around to see it, but hopefully i will have long since forgotten that stupid, STOOPID girl.

You see, I'm not a mean person. If you jump off of a building, what is going to happen? not my problem if you think your ass can fly. At least I'm trying to say somethng since i have been quiet about that girl so long and tried to just ignore her after she pulled her # multiple freaking times.... and today she's going to come over and bug me?.... Knowing I think she has # for brains? how can she not after the crap she pulled? at one point, I was trying to figure out what her deal is. i wasn't HARRASSING her to find out, you know... just wondering to myself. Now that I have learned and see it, i got no further use for her until she has the grace to walk up to me with an actual apology... but no, stupid bitch thinks my goddamn memory only lasts a couple weeks perhaps.

...and on a day like today, i'd do it over and over again. all i really had to do was look at her like the stupid bitch she is.... but i really just wanted to blow that joint anyway so after our little chat i went in and told everyone i was leaving because i didn't feel like putting up with her bull# and people got excited and scared. it was weird. It's almost like they can feel my energy more than they can feel their own.... that's not my problem. It's not my problem if i get mad and they feel energy and get paranoid.

All i did was told her I wasn't doing the trash when he asked me her idiot question about a garbage and then told her she could do my bathrooms, and after her telling me that i don't do my work i told my boss that i was leaving because i wasn't in the mood for this annoying *Kagome sounding parrot* substitute that for her name... and then turned around. Was told to leave by an idiot relative of mine ON THE WAY OUT THE DOOR, because his boss was at work today and he had to pretend like he controls things in front of boss men.

These people are paranoid. That little stupid bitch can get away with showing her ass like a nutball because nobody is afraid of her. I get mad and people get all concerned like. it's #ed up.

... and you think I'm not going to push that line?
How am i going to learn what that line is? How am I going to solve the mystery of that line?
they formed it, not me. People are so dumb. You know how many times people talk to me about control... cause they are scared 'm going to drive too fast. Maybe i will since it bothers you so bad for some reason that is impossible for you to communicate.

yes, i'm just talking to random people whenever they come into the story.


I'm TRYING to be in a nicer mood but it's hard, her forehead is so big and round like a balloon filled with helium. You ever try to pop a balloon by squeezing it. I'd like to put her head in a vice and squeeze to test when it will collapse due to the density or emptiness therein.

I gotta come back and read system resistors replies once i get murder out of my head.
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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 11:48 AM
@ the OP:

I understand your decision to feel frustrated by you observation of the stranger(s) around you.

I'm not going to call you paranoid.

I'm not going to tell you that you're over-reacting.

I did however want to say the following:

Life is hard, buddy. And the day in day out grind is rough. You are observing things which may or may not really be directed at you. Ask yourself the following however...

Does it really matter? With the already stressful nature of daily life; does it really matter what some stranger you: a.) do not know and b.) will never know really thinks or says about you?

Sadly you may think it does, but I'm here to tell you it doesn't.

No, you (assuming they are talking about you in the first place) are just a mere passing curiosity. A footnote on a otherwise self-serving boring bland day of theirs. They will not carry their conversation about you forward through their life. You will not be spoken of later in the day, or in the next week, or in the next year. You will not be a snappy anecdote at their dinner parties, or their family gatherings. Nope, not even once.

But since you have internalized their comments, since you have made their words and (percieved) thoughts a part of you, those thoughts and your negative responses to those thoughts, well; they will live on in you. And like a bitter taste in the mouth, or a foul stench in the air, they will follow you, haunt you, and in their own way, they will control you.

No, daily life is much too hard to deal with for most of us(yourself included) without adding the negativity and stress of others(percieved) thoughts and words.

There are much closer persons to you("friends" and co-workers, supervisors and family members) that have their own thoughts(both positive and negative) that deal more directly with your daily reality, you're "real" situation.

Think about what I've said, try to release your perceptions, do not be ruled by your ideas of negativity.


posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 01:19 AM
There's absolutely no way that a stranger on the internet can know whether or not you are being observed or hassled.

To suggest so is jumping to conclusions which is very hypocritical and contradictory to their own point and that unfortunately renders it just another null statement.
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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 05:56 AM
reply to post by UsedIllusion

It is definitley a field of some kind, and it uses a very advanced kind of computer system.

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 06:00 AM
reply to post by SumerianSoldier

Sometimes I feel as if they are just animated corpses who are envious of the living - the system components allowing them to continue "existence" whilst we have to play our part in the ecosystem that needs both creation and destruction.
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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 06:17 AM

Originally posted by SystemResistor
Im sure you are familiar with it, comments made my strangers, disguised into general conversation, designed to make an observation, embarass or ridicule, where the one hearing the conversation knows that they are being talked about, however, does not have the actual words to be able to make a retort.

It happens to me everwhere - they are so pathetic, every single thing that is outside of thier little bubble is a threat, they believe they have some kind of authority because of the synchronicity of thier mind-control matrix allows for them to make revealing comments that almost appear to be ahead of time.

One day, I will, they just have to push me, and I will walk up to them and ask them literally, what and why did they make such comments - I look forward to the shocked look on thier faces, and I will speak like a gentleman.

i only read the first page, but it doesnt seem like people are really familiar with what you are talking about.

i am.

but what worries me is, do they even know what they are saying? what if its like the wizard of oz and theyre just part of the smoke and mirrors? and the man behind the curtain is trying to make you look crazy?

what if they had a perfectly logical reason for saying what they did and for having that look on their face and actually looking at you and everything.. but of course it was all done directed at you in one masterful stroke?

you would only be freaking out the poor person who was put there as bait to trap you. they probably would be the sort of person to REALLY get upset by strangers questioning them, just to make it all so much worse for you.

at least.. thats what i worry about.. lol

probably best to simply acknowledge it in your own mind... and laugh it away.. because as you obviously know, they have no real power over anything..

think about it, why do people act that way, that is, react to things they dont understand by acting superior? its usually because they are afraid. its a wall to shield them.

so dont worry about it. dont fear the matrix.

maybe its just a symptom of our minds linking together, a group subconscious. the more power you get over things, the more likely you are to notice yourself.

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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 06:26 AM
reply to post by BohemianBrim

When I meditate, I can hear the subconscious voices - basically, every thought that is in language (as opposed to imagination) is translated into their system, and I will say something to myself, and then hear a conversation between people whom are connected, and the ideas or thoughts that I had transmitted will appear in thier conversation - it could be that they are unaware as every single word is all a reflection of the inner thoughts of surrounding individuals.

The voices usually are about one or two, the police use a very standard "bully" voice - I believe they want me to connect to the "system" as many seem to herald it as the miracle cure for the human condition.

Although, sometimes I just talk nonsense to myself.

Definitley paranoia, however, those who realise what it is, will also hopefully realise that once they make the "switch" they also sign an invisible document - I think the controllers get to own thier souls for 10000 years or something...

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 06:31 AM
I say what is on my mind.

Been told I have no filter.

If I want to know why someone said something I will just ask them. I don't care what people think if I want to confront someone I will.

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 06:36 AM
IMO, people have the wrong idea about "the matrix"

its because you still believe in duality, separation.

do you fear your own reflection in the mirror?
do you question your own echo?

i suppose when i stop having the wrong idea, everyone else will? lol

posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 06:38 AM
reply to post by ChaosMagician

You could be being microwaved - first you might try to associate it with people or circumstances that you know, however, the microwave creates a kind of "burning anger" and they accompany with taunts.

Basically, there are many who are "not wired correctly" and our thoughts cause disturbances to the matrix - basically, what they have "changed over" to is a system like any other and has its weaknesses - any thought that will either promote people to think for themselves or question the system will strike a "red alert" and we appear as little blips on a radar.

Its to facilitate a smooth cross when the magnetic poles flip - there is much insanity when that occurs.

Personally I don't think it will work - they have the time equations correct, however, the jump across "zero point" will be incomputable and the system will show an "error" - it is up to the individual, in other words - those who they think will "fall" are most likely to make it "across".
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posted on Aug, 13 2011 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor

They have nothing better to do, in other words, I wonder what thier wives/girlfriends would think of them, some of the things they say are just nasty.
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