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The Mayan Calendar 9th Wave & The Shift To Kairos Time

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 09:47 PM
A real interesting youtube piece from user "5T4RSCREAM144" that came up in my subscriptions list today. I have heard of the I Ching and Terrance McKenna and his Timewave Zero mathematical calculation of what is I guess our perceived time, but never paid too much attention to it before as my "awakening" had been taking me in other directions (NWO, politics, police state, etc...) until now that is.

I say that I found this to be very interesting in that ever since the scientific community released reports regarding the decay time rates of various radioactive elements and how all of a sudden seemingly out of nowhere they began exhibiting mysterious changes in their decay rates when THAT was one thing that was considered certain and in stone amongst the scientific you could literally set your watch by it (I mean you would have to wait around a pretty long time say....500,000 years to see say Plutonium 138 reach it's so called "half life" decay rate BUT it would be just that...50% less radioactive AT the 500 thousand year mark!). But in recent MONTHS a discovery was made that showed that for some unknown reason, some of the radioactive elements began displaying unusual properties in relation to their decay time!!

So I guess I would say that ever since then I have had this feeling....I don't know as it is hard to describe but this constant nagging wanting to research begin looking at a different angle, a thirst to grasp any and all things relating to TIME. Again I don't know why really other than I feel that it is going to and is currently playing a very important/big role in our surroundings/environment but due to our upbringing of viewing/perceiving time in a linear fashion (albeit because TPTB that have all of the knowledge of the ancient mystery schools such as the Trivium/Quadrivium/Sacred Geometry/etc,,, WANTED IT THAT WAY). So yea...I feel like time is the key that if finally understood in the way that it is, and always has been meant to be understood that unlocks who knows really...another dimension?

Now with that all said....THAT is why I found this to be very interesting and plan to research further. Also want to add that it is kind of scary the date in which the timewave ends

Under the uploader comments:

Another way to interpret "The Mayan Calendar" is "The Illusion Of Time". I believe the shift will also entail a shift to Kairos time from Chronos time. This is one of the adjustments we will need to make.


I guess the link provided directly above enables people to download and install the Timewave Zero program on their home computer....sweet!

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 09:51 PM
Thanks man for sharing the link..

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 10:06 PM
I might as well add this:

I really hope this things occur...because I'm not liking the way the future looks if this system keeps up. Hell, If things don't change, I am planning on leaving the US.

Now I feel really silly reading what I typed after watching the video. Living in an nonexistent reality has caused me
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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by Newbomb Turk

Yeah man, the Sun is the root cause the change in the decay rates. Check out this Stanford article from last year and these two videos about the subject as well. Now is this a coincidence with 2012 coming around the corner? I think the answer is clear. I believe it was a great Mayan ruler/king who once said something about us humans need to get back on Natural Time and to get off of our Man Made time. Something like that.

The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements

It's a mystery that presented itself unexpectedly: The radioactive decay of some elements sitting quietly in laboratories on Earth seemed to be influenced by activities inside the sun, 93 million miles away.

Is this possible?

Researchers from Stanford and Purdue University believe it is. But their explanation of how it happens opens the door to yet another mystery.

There is even an outside chance that this unexpected effect is brought about by a previously unknown particle emitted by the sun. "That would be truly remarkable," said Peter Sturrock, Stanford professor emeritus of applied physics and an expert on the inner workings of the sun.

Surprising Scientific Discovery

Spontaneous Evolution is Happening NOW

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