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New Study Finds Rich People Lack Empathy

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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 06:40 PM

Originally posted by simone50m
I am (and I use this word very deliberately)>extremely......non social, which has contributed to relegating me to poverty. (Howard Hughes, -became- cloistered, but was not always so?) And one on one encounters with people is problematic for me. Sometimes, it's not good.
But......My sheer hatred for unjust suffering in this world, makes me lose sleep at night. I always wish there was a world lottery in the jiggagillions, and I won it, I'd make sure as much as I -possibly- could, to ensure the eradication of despair everywhere.
I'm really odd, I guess.

You are not odd ... you are just different. But, then we're all different. If what you say is accurate, you do have empathy.

People can be divided into these two groups ... 'Subjective Personality Type' OR 'Objective Personality Type'. Very few are a combination of both ... only a small percentage.

Subjective people get their energy from inanimate objects, and therefore are more connected to inanimate objects, such as computers, car engines, machines, and so on. This is their passion. They don't do so well in people oriented jobs.

Objective types get their energy from people, and therefore are more connected to people. This is their passion. They don't do well in jobs that aren't people focused.

One is not better than the other ... they are just different. BOTH are needed to make the world go round, as one compliments the other.

EMPATHY -- Objective Types vs Subjective Types has nothing to do with having empathy. There are just as many Objective Types with empathy as Subjective Types with empathy.

The fact that you are feeling badly about people who are experiencing difficulty or who are suffering and you would love to reach out and help them strongly suggests you have empathy and therefore you are an Empath.

People either have empathy or they don't. Empaths vary in the degree of empathy they possess, but one either has empathy or they do not have empathy.

My guess is the main reason you aren't where you would like to be financially is probably because you are in a job (or your work history/work experience) where some of your weaknesses are job requirements, while most of your strengths and abilities are not being utilized. If that's the case, you can't be passionate about your work. When we are perfectly suited and matched to our job, we are passionate about our work and the money follows.

By the way, many recluses are wealthy. Don't worry about not being a 'people person' -- maybe you don't need to be. Hope that helps.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 07:30 PM
reply to post by Jana12

while most of your strengths and abilities are not being utilized

Mmm that was a deep and fascinating post of yours. Educational, I found. Terminologies I hadn't heard before. Someone like me was born into poverty, strife, instability. Went through the public school system in poor and race-minority areas. Large classrooms, disinterested robotic teachers. I floated through all that like a disembodied ghost. No inspiring mentor ever came along to help give me a little boost up. Odd, I was an artistic prodigy though, but everyone around me, always asked me to draw something for them, and I used that to get at least, some kind of human attention for awhile. But later in my life, I befell several (one really bizarre) traumas and those put me with um, ptsd like problems and I have terrible sensory sensitivities. I went homeless for a number of years. I'm domeciled and stable now, and I am strongly pondering different art ideas to work on, maybe sell. I always needed a tranquil safe secure 'launching pad' as-i-call-it, and never had one. Before.

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