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Roots stems and leaves. The problem is the father not the son.

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 04:38 PM

I don't really want to start a thread. Honestly I'm a bit tired and I'm busy with some other things, so forgive me for my briefness. I've been browsing a couple threads regarding the London riots and I see most people siding with the government. What is this place? I thought it was a conspiracy website fighting for the little guy. Some place to fight for human freedom and dignity. It takes the youth of the world to cause change, maybe because they are so naive they can only speak the truth. Through history brave young people have fought to be free, heard, and treated with respect and dignity. These last 12 years or so we have been witness to a world struggling with safety, paranoia, nationalism, terrorism, etc....
We have broken systems across the globe that are in dire need for a reboot, reform and change.
The minute you start blaming groups of people for civil unrest is the minute you give away your freedom and become complacent with a class system that has lost perspective.
The video above explains it all. And nobody wants to listen. I don't start threads because I am generally scatterbrained and have many personal projects running at once. I would love to put in some more meaningful things, better arguments, more facts, etc.... I''ll leave that to people that are better with words. All I wanna say is that there is unrest around the globe at the moment, and people are getting sick of it. What to do, What to do?
Some people are acting, others condemn them, but you have to realize that these are symptoms and responses to the system. Its the system's failure, the system's children- the direct result of it. The problems must be addressed at the source. The kingpin. The king. The root. The masses of fed up people are us.


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