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More riots, update/watch thread.

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 11:19 AM
Im creating this thread so people can find out where the riots are in the UK so they can keep safe and bring updates to fellow ATS members on the board who want to check up on any news on their city.

So far their have been reports in Oxford and West Brom on BBC news :BBC News

Around the midlands i've heard reports from my friends that Sutton Coldfield is starting up. I've also heard reports of Brighton, however i have no links on these reports. Police are also present in Derby but so far no news on any violence or looting.

Im going to keep this updated all night, im situated in the Midlands, so most of my news will be from around this area.

Many concerns with these riots and what they can progress into, manly the involvement of the EDL, if they join in, i can see this becoming a race war/civil war. Hope it does not come to this, but it is a worry of mine.

I'll keep you all posted, but i would appreciate if you lot can help out too. Also, could we keep opinions to a minimal? Just because the other threads have been full of them, and nothing wrong with that at all, after all, this is the internet, but i would like to keep this thread for news only, so people can find information regarding their surroundings with ease.

Cheers all, and keep safe.

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 11:21 AM

Heavy police presence in Slaford, but as of yet no violent reports.

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 11:29 AM
Reports for Tamworth. My friend has coded a Twitter watch thing where alarms go off when rioting in surrounding cities are tweeted, dont ask me how it works because i have no idea. Heres what he copied/pasted to me;

89300726 - Tue, 09 Aug 2011 16:23:41 +0000 - Apparently the mobs are targeting tamworth?? #Birminghamriots #Birmingham

I'll keep you all updated as it follows. His trying to get direct links to the accounts with the information.

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 11:48 AM
Time to break out the horses, dogs, tear gas and tazer batons.
Protests are fine. But don't go around messing up your neighborhood.
Shop owners didn't do anything.

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 11:54 AM
Update: Another thread was started before this one on the same level,

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