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Bringing some sober purpose to this place

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 10:52 AM
I am involved within the hub of a pretty diverse, and extensive group of people, some interconnected, others, totally not at all. The rounded approach to who I deal with, the topics and ideas helps me remain grounded, yet allowing myself the indulgences to move into areas, largely thought of as fictional, or theoretical, into the practical and always combine it with common sense and try to keep a clear perspective of things, without taking off on crazy tangents based upon speculation.

Times are changing, and I am right along with it, in order to roll with the current punches, I'm taking note as to how things are moving, and where, and am trying to remain one step ahead of it all. We have the basics we need to take care of, ie. food, shelter, community, to the more sophisticated such as fuel production and medical support, and we must be prepared to address these aspects, without outside help, even without piped in electricity or water.

Reading the handwriting on the wall, it's clear we are headed towards a global civil war, the unrest in all of these countries are only the start, wait till it happens in the US. We will have authorities on our side as well as against, so many gray areas in between will produce chaos and it's not going to get any better until there is a showdown in that area. We are also being groomed for take over by an advanced force, call them ET if you like, call them Demons if you like as well, what will be in charge will not be human, and this all has been predicted to happen, for thousands of years, because it has happened before, several times in the past.

Innovations that can fix our problems are always buried, and it's all greed based. We have free fuel, free electricity, free food, free medicines, just growing naturally around us, but are too ignorant to recognize them, we have relied upon the status quo to mandate our actions and motivations, and have totally lost our way as a society. There is no moral code people follow any more, it's a free for all, and the newer generations have to be told upon what things "were" like, and what they have completely missed out upon, being born into the techno-gadget world. You don't ask for something you never knew could exist, which is why our times will get worse before they get better. We have the bloodiest years in front of us, and it's going to be the worse times of our existence in history. The only way to change it is to wake up, take some action, stop talking and start doing, and throw away the word impossible.

I'm seeing a lot of hype along comets and asteroids these days, it's not that the danger has increased, we have just now been able to detect them, and the odds are not in favor of something catastrophic happening from the sky, the moment we finally are able to detect them.,

I am not one of those types that believes the planet was seeded by ET, for ET would also have to seed all of the animals we share genes with as well in the process, I also don't believe in evolution, not in the conventional sense, ie. our genetic code was written with dormant sections that were designed to surface only when needed, when not, they are designed to remain dormant, similar to a computer program that has built in algorithms based upon user input, stuff no living creature can possibly predict or pre-program ahead of time. I'm into the law of averages as my base approach towards those that insist upon random processes are what make up our being and world, the laws simply do not calculate well for the opposing sides arguments., far too many variables that have to come into place before their worlds can form, and our universe is not old enough to support that even remotely.

Swinging to the other side of this coin, I am into what's going on in the business and political world and I believe that the individual can make a huge difference, only if they apply themselves. I know far too many people with so much capacity, but little drive or direction to utilize it, thus they remain in obscurity, being told to merely go with the flow, no matter how miserable and unfulfilled they are with their lives. Well, we don't have to take what's going on lying down, we can choose to move forward without the help of what currently exists, and there are so many things we can do to move our society forward, but only if we will stop along conventional thinking and get back to the basics. We hire leaders that have the nicer appearances and marketing campaign, we buy cars and homes because we have fallen in love with the veneer, and computers get replaced due to software issues, which is crazy since I have older systems which do circles around what's on the shelves brand new.


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