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Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, you are a beautiful people? (My introduction)

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 04:45 AM
A number of people have suggested I start my own thread so, as seems to be proper here; I have begun with an introduction.

Rather than tell a story of how I got here, the trials and tribulations, the joys and sorrows, the successes and failures, I have decided to take a different approach. Instead I will tell you how I experience humanity as a whole on a day to day basis and from this you can make up your own minds as to who I am to you.

I do not say anything that is false in my mind, or my emotions for what would be the point other than to waste time. For those who assume such of me just consider this a thought exercise and see how it sits with you as it truly makes no difference to me whether anyone believes me or not.

With all the violence and fear being broadcast on the Main Stream News and all the horrors and abuses which are not mentioned anywhere I know in my heart that humanity is the most divine being in the universe and (having personally met a few) the bravest of all of them.

Why? You may ask (and if you are not then are you paying attention…). Well, take the Elephant as an example…go with me on this one people…The Elephant is an incredibly social creature, their sense of herd-family and their bond with other herds is so strong that a wild Elephant is never, ever, alone. One of the little known things about them is that they communicate via low frequency waves through their feet; this binds them to all the rest of their species. If you place one in a zoo on ground that does not communicate, if you isolate them they are driven insane by loneliness. It is this type of insanity which gives rise to fear, violence and destruction.

I believe that it is this loneliness that gives rise to the horrors seen on this world everyday. In my experience the average (Modern Day) Human cannot feel their connection to each other, let alone to the world they walk upon or the other beings on it. And yet, it is something every one of them yearns for in their heart of hearts. They try to fill it with external social connections (family, friends, social, ideological) and find varying degrees of success. The only problem is that it isn’t enough for the majority of them and they begin to see that issue reflected in the ‘other’ groups, other families, other parties, other ideologies. So, in order to maintain their beliefs and their connections they strike out at the ‘other’. It brings their own group together (we are better than them) and removes the mirror to their own shortcomings. Make no mistake; I am not judging any group here, just observing group interactions. I believe that all the wars, terror, fear and control are all emergent phenomena from this basic premise.

Every single mystery tradition (and to be fair, other processes as well) has a stage that boils down to holding up a mirror to oneself and accepting whatever you see there. Then you can truly begin to move forwards. The majority of humanity has yet to go through this process it seems, but maybe the rise in civil unrest is actually part of them doing this as a whole.

But, do you know what is amazing to me, from all of this inbuilt insanity Humanity can still feel empathy for one another. Empathy is when you ‘treat others as you would wish to be treated’. It is a mental construct trying to emulate a true connection with another. It is a projection of your own self onto another, and how you would feel in their situation. This has its downsides however as along with projecting your self onto another you also project your own ethics, value judgements and beliefs. What you may believe is best for another is not necessarily what they believe is the best for themselves. Maybe they just do not understand the situation as you do or maybe they are too primitive / small / stupid to understand. But it is the only tool available to many people and this gives rise to the arrogance of top down management in social / political / medical situations. Even when other options have been repeatedly proven to be more effect and better for the individual.

This I believe gives rise to the Elitist mentality; they truly believe the world is a better place with them in charge. They have all the information, they know what is best for the mass of humanity and sometimes a child is kicking and screaming but they really do need that trip to the dentists. It is for their own good whether they like it on not. And, of course, some information is too scary for them, so it must be kept secret in case they panic.

I am not blind and it is obvious some of the people in charge are doing it from a fear based hoarding mentality, but not all of them are. Some really are trying to help.

And here is why I believe, and feel and know that you truly are astounding, divine beings. There are a (rapidly) growing few that take the step beyond empathy into true compassion. When, instead of imposing their own rules and beliefs on another, they let their help be guided by the one who is asking for it. Wherever it may go, and however much a mistake they may see it as. That is when I believe a Human is acting at its best. This is when the free-will of another is truly being honoured.

But this cannot be used to help on a group scale; it can only be done when helping an individual. Every individual has their own needs, wants and desires…it is what makes them an individual.

This is the essence of humanity from where I stand. Yes, the majority of their institutions have barely even moved into Empathy, yet alone Compassion. When they do this world will shine brighter than all the stars in the sky. It is no wonder so many races are looking here to see what is going on. I know some were trying to hinder, and some are trying to help.

The non-humans (incarnate or not) who interact with this world have got everything ass-backwards in my opinion. From all my personal experiences and from every account I have ever read or spoken about with others (proviso - I am counting the real Grey rather than the whole fake abductions btw) nowhere have I ever experienced/seen them act with compassion. Yes, they act to respect free-will in all things, as is right and proper in this universe, but they have yet to truly get what that means. If they did then their actions to each individual on this world would be entirely different.

I do believe that the whole 2012 thing is an ending and new beginning. Humanity has carried this message for as long as it can (even risking self-destruction) and it now needs to move onto its next stage, whatever that may be.

…and, for those non-human souls (incarnate or not) who read / hear me, you are being left behind by the bravest and most inspired race I know and if you don’t get with the programme and begin to act with compassion you are fools in every sense of the word as there could not be a more obvious message from the divine than Humanity itself.

Anyways, sorry it was so long, and I do hope it is not to preachy. It isn’t my intention to preach, just to offer a different viewpoint which you can do whatever you want with and to give you insight into who I choose to be.

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 05:36 AM

Welcome, an excellent first thread. Flag for you.

Thanks for your honesty and sharing your experiences and thoughts with us.

Really looking forward to the rest of your posts.

Have fun on ATS debate, explore, learn, grow, connect, deny ignorance and above all have fun!

The Mods are great they dont bite often lol, dont be shy to u2u me or them or any older member for any help you want!

Going to add this thread to one I started yesterday, please add your thoughts and have a look, very much on the vibe you present here.

Solution to Economic, Civil Collapse Found!

Kind Regards,

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posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by kayA1

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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by kayA1

Hi there, KayA1
I'm very sorry to get off topic, but I am a new member so I cannot pm you yet. I saw your posts on a metaphysical shapeshifting thread about somebody who needed help transforming into a man. Is there any possible way that you could refer me to some people who specialize in this sort of thing? You mentioned you had some contacts who just might be able to help, and I am in a similar situation. (not turning into a man/woman, but feeling like one's appearance does not match with how they feel inside). If you would be willing to refer me, please email me at Thank you for listening
And I would welcome you to the forum, but I am new too, haha


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