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Salad Fingers...... And some other psychotic $chitt

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posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 09:26 PM
Well I came across this toon that is very very awesome. I see it becoming much bigger than a flash animation on a website. It is kinda dark and somewhat morbid. I am just putting it here because there is so much crap on the internet and it is good to see something very original and intersesting for a change I think. Anyways I wanted some others opinions on what they think about it. I thought it was friggin awesome. There are 3 episodes heres the link to the first and the link to a page with all 3 Salad finger episodes.

first episode load page...

all 3 episodes salad finger page

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 10:44 PM
Yeah, Salad Fingers is a great animated series. A lot of people don't really understand whats going on with SF. A member (zhangmaster) on posted this review of the SF series, and I think he hits it on the dot:

This is my theory as to the meaning of Salad fingers. It's basically a compilation of my ideas and ones I put together from others. As a disclaimer, I just want to give due credit to those on Dave's site for their observations and theories I have borrowed from to help make the big picture a little more complete.

SF, AKA Hubert C from EP 2 (his alt. personality) is schizophrenic, SF being his gentle but innocent side, Hubert being his malevolent side. (BTW Hubert C unscrambled is BUTCHER). Salad is kind of the opposite of "butcher" since salad implies vegetarian, while butcher implies meat-eater. SF is basically a psycopathic cannibal living in his own eerie world in his head. He has a strong affinity for rust which he cites as being orgasmic in feel, but rust is also closely related to blood, both in its iron content, taste, and color, giving credibility to my theory that SF's alter ego is obsessed with blood, while innocent SF thinks its rust. Salad doesn't even know what blood is, but implies he loves it in EP 2 when he says that he loves the red liquid coming out of him. He cuts the skin off his victims and wears it around much like in Silence of the Lambs. The puppets in Ep 2 are either skin puppets or body suits made by SF. Also notice that the black figure has bites taken out of it in EP 2, giving credibility to the cannibal theory. SF hates himself, which is evident when he says that Hubert C tastes like poo and soot, an example of self loathing. Below are some random observations

Jeremy fisher (EP 2) is a kids storytale that shares many similarities with the second episode.Check out the link I provided to learn more

In Ep 3 SF finds a nettle and puts it in a carriage. I think the nettle may actually be a BABY that, in SF's distorted mind takes the form of a plant.BTW, "nettle" in its verb form means to gnaw into or to irritate.It also means to "get under ones skin" which is what SF does with his victims. Salad probably "gnaws into" this baby when he takes it home, much like he will later to the father of the kid, who takes the form of the crazy man (crazy to SF, but probably sane in reality). Also, SF probably beats the man to death in his malevolent alter ego.Calling a baby a nettle, or an "irratation" is quite accurate since most people find the constant crying of a baby annoying. I think SF even has the baby sucking on his nipple, NOT a plant rubbing against his chest

SF's teeth have letters written on them if you zoom in.I think his teeth are like a Wheel of Fortune board, and more letters will be revealed as the story progresses

Look at the picture in EP 2 that is on the wall of the screaming kid of a fairly normal looking person.As SF passes it, the person is screaming with their eyes bloody. (zoom in, pause)

When SF's house is shown, there's a 22. There are also 22 numbers in Marjory's name with spaces and hyphens. The 22nd letter of the alphabet is V, coming from the Hebrew "vav" meaning hook or nail, which Salad uses to hang his human meat. The meat locker is shown in EP. 2. As of now, these are only coincidences to me and I can't really piece them together. The person I got this particluar bit of info from thinks that Baxter was his ex-wife that he killed and baked her in the oven. BTW, Baxter means "baker"

The screaming kid in episode 2 may have been boiled by Salad, hence the "rusty kettle" scene

So the bottom line is this IMO: SF is a canabalistic schizophrenic who hides the fact that he is a killer to himself with his alter ego Hubert. He has a morbid fascination of blood, and parades around in the skins of victims he kills through "Hubert". He kills his wife Baxter for whatever reason and gouges her eyes out. He also has a meat locker in his house where he stores the skinned bodies of his victims for later consumption. No one makes sense in SF's reality, but they probably do in OUR reality. The film is shown through the innocent eyes of SF, only the astute observer can see the hidden reality.

[Edited on 8-17-2004 by EmbryonicEssence]

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 06:45 AM
Wow. I didn't even know that this series was that in depth. It gives it quite a bit of new meaning to it all reading about this. I never would have pieced it all together myself so thank you very much. Now salad fingers is much more interesting.

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