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Can People send dreams?

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posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 09:16 PM
I posted this earlier on BTS (which wasn't the smart thing to do) but i didn't get any replies...

My one friend, can (well supposedly) send dreams to you. OR hes a psychic... because he can tell me EXACTLY, down to the last color deatail, what happened. he says that he sends morals he believes that we should learn in these dreams. i think he can do it...

heres a recent one he sent me:
(i edited out the names)
I was at school... except everything was distorted, except the people. I was walking down the hall with A(a girl) and Z(a guy) and I kept saying I don't fell good, and somethings wrong with me. and A was all like "oh its nothing." and then she opened a "classroom" door and we were by the park, except the sky was all black and the coulds were yellowy and moving really fast. It was windy and the corn feild was swaying in the wind. it was just the three of us on the road looking at this old old house that was in the middle of the corn feild and A goes, "ready?" and she starts to pick her way though the corn feild. I'm physically starting not to feel too good. Not the dream me but the real me. Well anyway I say to them, "you guys, i cant go further, this isn't a good idea." and A turns around and looks at me and looks at Z and she's says, "Ill keep going, you stay with C (me)." and he nodds at her. Z was standing there looking at me and I felt really faint so I kinda "crumpled" and sat down. and he said, "do you think you could make it abck to the road?" and I said, "im not sure..." so he helped me up and helped me walk back to the road. just as we were comming out of the corn patch there was a scream from the old house and then silence. Z started to run through the feild yelling A's name over and over and over. and i guess I "blacked" out in my dream..because next thing I knew i was on a hospital strecher and Z was walking really fast next to me and he kept saying, "Is she going to live? "and I turned my head to look at him and he picked up my hand and said, "C...she's gone. he got her..." and I was so scared, I didn't know what was happening. he continued... "we don't know what happened...if it wasn't for you i wouldn't be alive..." and a small tear oozed down his cheek.and i kinda looked at him all sad and and he said..."i miss her C i do. they're doing a search on the rhyder house tommarrow...and then we'll see... we shouldn't have gone there." and he gulped and looked at me and said, "maybe there's some hope left, recover, thats all i need you to do..." and he kissed my cheek and left. then it flashed foward to the house again, and Z and i were standing on the road again, without A and there were these teams of people walking around with dogs and equiptment looking for her. i was just crying my eyes out and he was looking out hoping for the best. and all of a sudden the dogs started barking and running towards the house and they ran inside. it was getting even more windy. you could see the men's yellow coats billowing behind them and they ran towards the house. and after few min. they came out with a stretcher with a white sheet over it...and he started to cry. and he held my hand and.. adn then the view went from "my" eyes to outsude and i could see "us" spirling out of view and then i woke was so surreal

he claims that it ment: Love will be lost

what do you guys think? Is there actually a term for this? or is it a hoax?

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 10:44 PM
Dark Psychic I have "looked in on" dreams of people that I am close to.. It just happens sometimes. This is'nt something I do on purpose. And I have'nt purposefully tried to send a dream. I've only received. It's like I have an antenna that picks up dreams sometimes when I'm asleep.
I don't know what the meaning of your dream is, but I do believe that it is possible for someone with practice and high psychic skills to actually send a dream.

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