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WAR: Iraq peace mission falls through

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posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 09:09 PM

A delegation of leading Iraqis that have gone into Najaf has failed to bring the end to a stand-off between Shia militiamen and US-led forces. The delegates went to meet radical cleric Moqtada Sadr at the the Imam Ali shrine but has refused to see them due to the heavy shelling in Najaf

The head of the delegation, Sheikh Hussein Sadr, said his mission was not to negotiate with Mr Sadr.

"This is a friendly mission to convey the message of the national conference," he said.

But a spokesman for Mr Sadr, Heidar al-Tarfi, said the cleric had reservations about the envoys.

He added that Mr Sadr considered them messengers rather than negotiators.

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This may seem a bit far out but why don't they also include in the talks people who could kill radical cleric Moqtada Sadr, or capture him. Or in someway equip them with gps and track them to get an exact pinpoint as to where he is. Then they could send in a missile strike and maybe this would quash some of the fighting .

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posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 09:18 AM
does anyone think that maybe the reason he didn't attend is that his wounds were worse than reported and that maybe Al Sadr is dead?

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 09:28 AM
I don't know about all this, I've got the feeling its all smoke and mirrors. There were some very credible rumors a while back that Sadr is a MI6 operative and is merely doing his job. If he is an operative for England it would explain a lot...

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