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The Ultimate Financial / Commodity End Game. Strictly My Own View!

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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 08:43 PM
Disclaimer: I'm no expert on gold, silver & platinum nor involved in banking or financial planning and a simple barstool conspiracy theorist. I hold no gold, silver nor platinum group commodities.

Hi guys,

How's that economic recovery that the news has touted for the last year working out? In just one day "mainstream truth" as we know it has suffered a fatal blow. Be sure to ask those deniers around you how the economic recovery that they believed in is working out and remind them to hold on to this day along with all the brainwashing broadcasts they've soaked up the past year on the recovery. Tell them to dare to reflect on it for a whole minute without fiddling with their dumbphone.

So what is the plan? Well gold is obviously in the platinum range now. This is a specific turning point, I believe, or a crossroads in the economic system. AN ESCAPE PLAN! Today the game is on equal footing where either us or them can come out on top. He who sells first likely wins. I would no longer hold gold. I believe the marketing machine on gold is about to go nuclear over the next month or two but think about it, WHO IS DOING THE SELLING IF SUPPLY IS NOT MEETING DEMAND?

I believe the market makers are going to pump and dump gold now for another 5-15% upwards while dumping into the panicking dollar market -only to slide their gains into platinum just before the mega gold & silver crash. This is just my gut feeling on this as I cannot see any other rationale driving things forward on this course.

Let's keep in mind that we have the world's best scam artists running the commodities markets and, no doubt, they will defend & hide their current scheme because they are FULLY EXPOSED to it. Tungsten bars plated in gold are no longer a secret either yet tungsten keeps going up despite a virtual ban on their #1 use -light bulbs (another story altogether).

I think that whoever starts selling into this market now is going to ultimately win. If I had reserve gold or cash I would slide it over to platinum right now while I could and before the banks do it. I'm thinking they are well underway if the $1 trillion dollar platinum coin already discussed by the economic committees was a real consideration. If platinum is on par with gold why mention it? Do they $know$ that it is likely to hold value in the future where a gold coin would not? Think about it a minute.

The dollar is going to fall further and more people are going to buy gold, no doubt, but don't get too damn greedy or you will surely lose it all like happens every other time. I'd cut my gold in half (at least) and split the other half into a basket of non gold, non silver commodities and platinum. Just a thought.

In summary they are likely manipulating you to buy what they are dumping, backing their new profits with platinum group metals and setting the market on fire from a safe distance. Buyer beware.

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 08:49 PM
Sell Sell Sell!

Gold is worthless in the long haul.

The only modern high tech use for gold is in it's
conductive properties in making high frequency circuits that don't over heat.
But that war has already been fought over the RARE EARTHs which do as well or better.

One cannot eat gold.
No one I know, knows anyone who buys gold.
Only thuggs seem to value gold as a wearable status symbol,
and that just makes one into bait for being robbed by other thuggs.

I am not an expert, do not take my advice.

David Grouchy

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by davidgrouchy

LOL! So true though!

It's like anything, there's a climax where everyone is discussing it. Only then do things become suddenly unfashionable.


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