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The boy that has nowhere to go

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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 04:39 PM
This thread is about my dreams in which I often see scenes, probably from the future, where our family is involved with a boy around the age of 15/16 that is in a lot of difficulties and has nowhere to go and no available family members, so he asks to stay inside our house.
I am dreaming this " story " since 2009. I live with my parents and a brother.

It all starts on October 11 2009, where in my dream there is a boy I know as a simple acquaintance in my town that enters the living room of my house accompanied by my mother.
He sits down on the sofa like he's carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and he looks to the ground and seems to be weak and tired.
I go toward him with a playstation portable and I offer him to play to distract himself.
Soon after a woman comes to bring him to the church. We seem to get prepared for a funeral.
I ask my mother " Will he stay with us? " and he answers " Yes, he will ".

The boy is called Nicola.
I already created a old thread telling about my amazing synchronicities with people having this name.
Our family friends actually ended up adopting a boy called Nicola coming from a very disfunctional family.
The boy I dreamt has a good family, a good house, a brother and a sister.

The saga of dreams continues on October 25 2009 when I dream Nicola escaped from home and a woman asks me to find him since I am the last one that saw him in the town.

Than, both on December 2 and December 3 2009 I dream that Nicola's parents are setting up the entire house for a " travel ". They say they will never come back home from the travel and they don't want to bring with them many things, only very little insignificant baggage.
Going out of the house I see Nicola sitting down on a chair, staring at me.

On January 11 2010 I dreamt that Nicola was in my home crying and discussing things with my mother and he said " I have nowhere to go, please , make me stay with your family ! " while crying.

While these dreams were happening I have little to no visive contact with this boy in real life.
Later on, in April 2010, I got to know his brother when he asked my bike and I said no and he insulted me.รน
This was 2 years exact since I got to know Nicola.

One day before, it was April 8 2010: I dreamt that I was attending a funeral that actually happened ( but I didn't attend to it ) in 2009 for a little girl that got drowned in a swimming pool.
My family was there, although my father was helping a unknown blond brother of mine that i never saw before.
Also, Nicola's mother and Nico were attending outside the church and Nico told his mother " I need to talk with ( my name ) " and she said " You will, after this ".
My mother met Nico's mother and she said " Thank you for taking care of my son ".
Than I saw a date: April 25 2010.

On April 25 2010 I was attending some kind of signal, a start of events...
That sunday my mother, coming from church, informed me that a classmate of mine, called Nico, died in a accident a few hours after I met him after lots of time.
I was shocked to the core.
On the day of his funeral, I dreamt that I would know someone like him and we would have become friends later, that he would be smoking and hanging out with bad kind of people but things would be changed after meeting me.
The place, and the person, and such things, ACTUALLY happened in August 2010.
On August 4 2010 I met this person and he was called Nicola. On August 20 2010 I was hanging out with him and a group of smokers with a bad attitude and he was smoking too.
Sadly, the outcome was bad...Nicola stole me a lot of money that I forgot I was carrying with me.
On August 21 2010 my life was seriously messed up, because of my meeting with this other boy called Nicola.
My parents were concerned for me and were concerned that I was getting to know such kind of people that are seen as very bad people, very lowlife.

My family and Nicola's family had a huge fight because of the stolen amount of money and I got back the money.
But I could never forget the dreams.

On September 7 2010, I dreamt that this new Nicola ( so, the second one ) was sorry for the stolen money, that we came back to talk to each other, and a sequence of events, that actually happened, all but the last one: the second Nico enters my home and looks around the living room.

Its on the following day that I discover Nicola is hanging out with two of my friends and my friends explain to me that he was sorry and he was very ashamed for the stolen money.
We agreed to don't hate each other anymore. He was hanging out with different people, two good people, my friends.
I said I was sorry for the very aggressive behavior and words told to his family the month before.
We actually had two weeks of very good time together, hanging out and getting to know each other much better than before.
Our families were still warning each other that we shouldn't meet each other anymore.
On September 22 2010, I tried to say sorry to his family for all the fighting, that I never intended to involve my family into the fight, that they found out the money was stolen and I wanted to solve the problem by myself.

That day we ceased to be able to meet each other.
Until December 6 2010...I got a job in the high school where the boy attends lessons, and he was the very first person I met in the school.
We happened to see each other a lot more, but I never allowed him to speak to me anymore because I was afraid, though he tried many times to get my attention.

In the while, on January 6 2011, I dreamt the other Nicola and his mother, that were helping me bring some presents for a birthday and his mother told me she was very glad to have finally knew my mother that apparently is her lost sister. In the dream Nicola ( the first ) is apparently my lost cousin.

I was getting all stressed out because I was afraid that if I talked to Nicola ( the second one ) that was costantly trying to get my attention staring at me and calling me when I was walking near him, that his family would be angry with me.
On February 2 2011 I woke up at 3 am crying because I dreamt that Nicola was asking my help.

In April me and Nicola re-started to just say hello to each other in a normal way, just like people who know each other do.
On May 31 2011 I finished my stage-job in his school.

On June 17 2011 I dreamt that my parents were discussing a very big news: the second Nicola was living in my home, because he had nowhere to go, and he is in a lot of difficulties with my parents and he hides himself in a room.
In the dream I discuss with my mother that she should behave in a better way with him because he is scared of her and my father and he needs help.

During summer 2011 I had a lot of dreams with the second Nicola and the " boy with nowhere to go " issue.
The last one was on July 27 2011 and he was telling one of my mother's best friend that he was living with us now because we were going to adopt him.

with the first Nicola, well, I have no contact with him at this time, since a year.

The second Nicola has a lot of the same personality of the Nicola classmate who died in a car accident.
He stopped smoking entirely and now I rarely see him around, with a new friend that seems to be just a good boy.
He told me his father works as a dam controller/watcher, something like that, in fact he lives practically a few meters from a river.
He has 4 big brothers and 2 big sisters and than 1 little sister.
He told me he is very often fighting with his brother and his father.

What is your opinion? What should I do with all these dreams about the same thing that keep coming at me?
I live in a very big home, with lots of room for a possible person that needs some place where to live.
I think that if its all coming real in the future, something will maybe happen to his parents, maybe they will die or some kind of very bad abuse on him will be discovered, something like that.
My family will probably change their attitude if the boy who stole my money and gave me back one day after is in a lot of trouble and he needs some help solving issues.

I know this is a very long story, but what may happen in your opinion? Someone here has had similar experiences?

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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 05:24 PM
That's a fascinating story. It brings up some questions. I've noticed that people often have multiple people by the same name come into their lives. I'm not sure what that means, but it's a phenomenon.

I've had premonitional dreams about people I know. It seems as if I have the dreams in order to prepare for the experience or revelation that is going to happen to me. It's as if I needed a heads up, a mental preparation in order to benefit from the experience instead of being traumatized by it. (although it's not just makes it less)

I wouldn't analyze anyone's dreams or experiences except my own. If I wanted more insight into my own dreams, I would ask my subconscious or higher self to show me what I need to know....and then I'd wait. It's not always instant. Sometimes it takes a while to recognize the answer that came. I like mental cookies...that logical explanation that connects the dots. That's not necessarily how these things work, I've noticed. Often, it takes time and perspective before it's apparent how the dream assisted you.

There is a man named Robert Moss that I've enjoyed listening to and learning from. He's a dream shaman whom counsels others to find meaning for themselves in their dreams. He has a few free MP3 interviews that can be listened to as well as a few YouTube videos. Search his name....

I loved reading your story and thank you for sharing. I like gray areas and personal experiences and insights more than authoritative analysis.
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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 05:26 PM
Sorry to say, but your story was hard to follow & very confusing.
Having said that, your constant dreams about this boy do seem to be leading you towards a specific direction.
Good luck with finding out what that is.

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