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We The People Video Message to Obama - Gone Viral

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 05:48 AM
reply to post by quedup

I'm guessing it was voiced by Sarah Palin. It sounds soft spoken, half harted and completely devoid of rational thinking. Ps I'm not a democrat so ease back on the whole liberal thing and while i would love to see Obombus leave office i do not want these people filling his shoes. Go Ron Paul 2012

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 06:40 AM
reply to post by quedup

"American exceptionalism will prevail". The Bush quote was passable, but man.....
No wonder it has had almost 10 million hits. Hold onto that last glimmer of hope.....
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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 07:07 AM
reply to post by Violater1

I'm sure that's true. But my point, because you are clearly so investedf in the my-guy-is-better-than-your-guy paradigm that continues to flush this country down the toilet that you can't see it, is that the guy in the video trots Bush out as a beacon of freedom. Not Hillary. Not Clinton. Bush. It is akin to quoting Warren Jeffs on the welfare of children. But you see... you are so knee-jerk polarized that you can't see this. It's far too intellectually challenging for you. But if you bother to check anything I have posted you will find:

1. That I have railed for years against BOTH parties and the extended political establishment;

2. That I routinely call out BOTH parties as being part of the same scam that is, in concert with the elite, Wall Street and the copratocracy, screwing all of us and this country without apology;

3. That I DID NOT vote for Obama nor have I supported him. I wrote-in Ron Paul in 2008 and urged evryone to trash the two-party mafia.

But mostly I'm trying to get people like the guy in the video... and people like you... to stop being stooges for the very conspiracy that is screwing us all. It's a tall order because the majority of people are just not that bright.

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 09:22 AM

Originally posted by DJM8507
Interestingly, none of this has to do with the president or any political party.

It is private business, and large corporate interests who do the work of the elite that brings about the prison planet we are living in... It is those in powerful positions who worked to maintain that power through control of resources, and human intellect for the purposes of establishing a dynasty for themselves, their colleagues and the families.

There will NEVER be freedom as long as we allow individuals to obtain incredible wealth and power disproportionate to the common society.

This below image totally illustrates what you just said:

That "We The People" passionate speech should be called "We The Sheeple", 'cos it's nothing but a romanticized and glamorized exaltation of the ILLUSION OF FREEDOM. Americans have sold the world the propaganda of their way of life, settled by wild capitalism, materialism and protected by military brute force. It's kinda hypocrisy talk about "my freedom", "my choices", "my life style", while Army drones are bombing villages in Pakistan, Afghanistan or wherever the US armies are making a show-room of their hi-tech weaponry, to skyrocket the stocks of their military contractors.
When I used the expression "illusion of freedom", I meant that no act is free of the effects of KARMA, despite if most of Americans and the Western people totally ignore it, it's works flawless. It's a cosmic law and nobody is free of it, be in the third world, first world, Orion, Sirius or another galaxy. It's electromagnetic. In another words, what goes around, comes around. I mean, the so celebrated American way of life was built over the genocide of natives and through the slavery of Africans, as well as the way of life of all European nations which took part in the ancient Great Voyages, slave's trafficking and genocide-based colonizations.

Americans are 100% delusional if they think that karma won't reach them. How people can talk about "freedom", it they live in a system totally built by a global Illuminati-freemasonry-zionist-kabbalistic apparatus which manipulates everything and everybody, to keep the status-quo of an elite solidified by ancient bloodlines and tied to extraterrestrial royalty???

Certain nations have enjoyed the fruits of imperialist practices and military expansionism, but for how long it lasts??? Ancient empires, considered indestructible in their times, fell at certain point, 'cos the Samsara Wheel doesn't stop to spin. What's Obama if not a pawn of karmic forces acting over America??? I'm absolute sure that the Freemasonry elite behind the US government, know exactly what's going on and they are manipulating elements and creating events to worsen the fate of America and speed up the NWO.

Poetic speeches about freedom are useless and empty, if metaphysical events are ignored.

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