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CNN: "How to Get Back to AAA Rating" Will the rating be used as a political election device?

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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 12:45 PM

This article is typical of what one would expect from CNN. They compare the AAA rating to a romantic relationship that went sour.

He went along when you demanded all the luxuries in life even though you couldn't afford them.

What will it take to get him back?

So their "solution" to the problem government created is to forget about balancing the budget and instead stabilize the budget by raising the retirement age, throw more healthcare down our throats, somehow increasing public spending as a way of stabilizing the debt, and the reason they are the Communist News Network: increased taxes.

But what I found really interesting was this:

Congress must pass and President Obama must sign a plan this year that generates these trillions in savings. Not next year when more downgrades may have come. And not after the election when politicians will have dug themselves deeper into unworkable promises and a full-blown market crisis could have kicked in. This year.

So, if CNN gets their wish, would Obama do something that would make the AAA rating comeback (the boyfriend returns!). Or, like the Bin Laden hoaxes, save this for a future date to use as a political device? Kind of like the terrorist warnings to scare the public, and the nobel peace prize to make a war monger look good, whoever brings back the AAA rating will get major brownie points.


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