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Alex Jones exposed documentaries.

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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by John_Rodger_Cornman

You fail to realise something that is very important and should be at the forefront of your mind whenever you begin to think that someone could be the "Real Deal".

Are they presenting ALL the information that they come across?.

This one question is capable of defining and identifying people for what they are, and can even provide an outline of the agenda they are working too.

Lets say you are a multi-millionaire with your own radio station, you have many interests in which your money is invested, those investments require careful management, and actually benefit from positive relationships with those who wield power on a state and national level.

What do you do?you enjoy the trappings of wealth, you are comfortable in the knowledge that provided you do not rock the boat your investments are going to do ok. Also you know those in power around you appreciate you deflecting any attempts to expose them and their true motivations, also your friends need protecting as well.

The radio station alex works for (he does not own it) is very careful about who gets on the air, especially with a show that could cause significant problems for dirty politicians, this necessitates a trust relationship between the PTB the owner and alex jones.
Name one political scoop that alex jones has made that has had any kind of beneficial effect on the body politic in the united states?.
Alex's radio station is a tool of the power brokers, it is involved in an ongoing search for The NWO and the PTB and their dirty work in the same way the government is involved in a Hunt for Terrorists.
They both never find them, but for different reasons.
Alex's NWO does exist but the information he provides is always in the most general terms, he says so much without actually saying anything at all.
He is very capable of pointing out the apparatus of the NWO but as one of their apparachik he is well versed in how the functioning of the apparatus is required to achieve TOTAL CONTROL, and, A POLICE STATE.
This is why he seems so credible, he is in a position whereby his identification of the system around him is so easy because he is operating as a part of it.

Alex has (he says) 2 million listeners, he is also a multi-millionaire, his name and cult of personality is such that if he tomorrow on air said something like "My bosses have stopped me from being entirely honest with everything i know, and have stopped me from telling the whole truth, i am leaving and setting up my own station", no one wouldn't believe him and not tune in to him again when he got back on the air.

Alex has enough money to set-up his own radio station free from editorial control (read "Control") and he could make a difference, Alex is also ensuring that politicians do what they are told because all the dirty dealings they have done, that they could be blackmailed for, life destroying stuff, that is in the hands of the operators behind the curtain, it only takes one FAX to his editorial desk and your political and personal life is destroyed.
Alex gatekeeps in more ways than one, he has become an expert in telling you nothing while making you think he is truly railing against the system.

To keep him current he has to be fed a bone now and again to keep him relevent, these bones are few and far between because providing content that can be seen as "Truthful" is very difficult without damaging the plan, and only truthful content will do, if he is found to be throwing lie upon lie upon lie out, he isnt a truther he gets seen as a liar.

He never gives names, everything is generalised, the PTB or The NWO never specifics and actual names of those involved, if you had as much hate for something as alex sounds like he has and a few million dollars you could write off in tax breaks every year would your content sound the same or different.

You have no idea what the truth sounds like so you accept what you think the truth should sound like, and in your pre fabricated, Made for TV moulded mind, what you are hearing is not the truth but, to you it sounds like it and you cannot tell the difference because you have nothing real and tangible by which to measure it.

Im sorry for the wall of text, its the only way i can express how he has made me feel, i do not blame anyone for feeling like they like alex and what he is doing, but fortunately i can be quite incisive and all i can see is more smoke and mirrors where absolute clarity and very useful information should be.

Also like to say to the guy that had his posts removed, jventuring sure that wasn't Jones Venturing onto his own boards?.
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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 06:45 PM

Originally posted by John_Rodger_Cornman
Look at all the people that registered this year just to bash alex jones and try to discredit the truth movement.

Just like a paid PR agent.

I cannot help but wonder.....

We have seen a new influx of AJ Bashing threads... at the same time we see a huge surge in Ron Paul bashing threads. It is no secret AJ is a HUGE Ron Paul supporter.


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