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Saudi Arabia withdraws ambassador from Syria

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posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 08:53 PM

Surprised this hasn't been posted yet....unless I'm missing it?

Saudi Arabia says it is withdrawing its ambassador from Syria in protest against the crackdown on Syrian anti-government demonstrators.

In a statement broadcast across the Arab world, King Abdullah said the violence was "unacceptable".

It came hours after the Arab League issued its first official condemnation of the repression in Syria.

The Gulf Cooperation Council have also condemned Syrian actions. There was never going to be any action against Syria unless the Middle East nations came together to call for an end to the violence. Now they have. This could now escalate into a wider conflict if the Syrian regime doesn't back off. The fuse has been lit...
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posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 09:23 PM
that along with medvededs "grave fate" remarks I do believe its time for a full scale nato operation. He is coming out of syria because there will soon be no syria imo

posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by Curio

Let's hope this desn't translate into military action between middle eastern countries. World economy is too weak for more regional conflicts.

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