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SCI/TECH: Republican Websites Targets for “Hack-tivism”

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posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 05:39 PM
Practitioners of “Hacktivism,” or “Electronic Civil Disobedience,” use technology to accomplish a political or social goal. The latest targets for this online activism are the web sites associated with the Republican National Convention which is scheduled to kick off August 29th in New York City.

Hackers Take Aim at GOP
Online protests targeting GOP websites could turn out to be more than symbolic during this month's Republican National Convention, possibly blocking a critical communications tool for the party.

In the past, activists have been able to shut down the website of, say, the World Economic Forum for a few hours. But the impact of such a takedown was nebulous at best: It's hard to argue the organization really suffered from a few-hour lag in posting its press releases online.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Along with the protests expected to occur on the streets of New York, another type of protest is shaping up. This one is in cyberspace, with the ultimate goal of lessening the effectiveness of Republican campaigning and fundraising at the convention

With the increasing popularity of the internet to raise funds and get the party’s message out, the threat against web servers takes on a more serious tone than it has in the past. The actual impact of such attacks it not fully appreciated, but will, at the very least, re-direct time and money into hardening the party’s internet presence against intrusions and denial-of-service.

Several hacking organization have been recruiting individuals and distributing software with the aim of flooding Republican websites with enough traffic as to render them inaccessible. At least one group is not limiting the targets to computers. They will attempt to disrupt the convention by jamming email servers as well as phone and fax lines.

Groups and individuals opposed to this action consider it to be little more than online vandalism. Many technically savvy computer users object to the use of the term “hacker” in association with the effort because many of the participants will be largely unskilled in programming and networking, merely using pre-written software for the attacks, and because the act of preventing access to websites is in opposition to the free exchange of ideas and free speech that are inherent to the “hacker” philosophy.

The disruptions are intended to continue through the end of the convention, September 2nd.

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posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 07:26 PM
As a strong Democrat, I do not agree with any "hack-tivism" by anyone , that is totally wrong ! I beleive I can respectfully state that the Democratic Party would not approve of it either.

I willl say that I find this "url" interesting that is below v , I think it kinda goes along with this thread and the thread I started the other night " lawsuit filed in NYC over the Battle for Central park".

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 09:07 PM
In my personal experience I have not found anyone who supports this sort of activity, so I am curious to see exactly how much trouble it causes. All it would take is for someone with access to a large network of worm-infected computers to cause some real headaches, but there isn't a profit motive in that. The armies of "zombie PCs" seem geared toward spam and blackmail which make money.

I included that Yahoo! News link in my story as well because it did seem related, also because I couldn't believe that title made it into the final draft. Somehow I don't think the ATSNN editors would have let me get away with that!


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