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Returning From The Dead

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posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 02:19 PM
I don't think I've posted this here yet so enjoy.

"Out of all the people who inhabit this planet, you are the only one who really matters. One life is perceived as it passes through time and space making ripples throughout the universe, and it's yours. Your life is unique. No one else can see what you've seen or be where you've been. There are limits to what you can share and what can be perceived. No one else can feel what you feel when you encounter bliss, love, confusion, anger, or despair. It is uniquely yours.

You wake up from a dream that felt like the Odyssey. Crazy # just went down, you've been gone for a while, and you have no idea where you are. You don't particularly mind. The epicness of what you've just been through surmounts any possible pleasure this new day could bring. Slowly the battle is lost as you fight to hold on to the last fading memory of your black out fueled tale. Even if you could share this dream with someone else, they could never experience it as you experienced it. All of your epic journies will be lonely. The entirety of your life will be nothing more than a dream to other people, and it too will slowly fade away and be forgotten.

I like to think at the very moment you realize this, there is another, a chinese man sharing your epiphany. Foreign and indigenous profanities fill the air. Everything else at his arm's reach is close behind. He is unable to accept this truth and having no way to logically defeat it, he loses control of his mind and becomes hate itself. The only way to end his suffering is to forget what he has learned. Unable to consciously proceed, he returns to his mental realm of pretend, the matrix.

You have no desire to pretend. Confronting this truth has brought you no pain, only humble acceptance. You are limited to your own life, to your own experiences.

Even I have to admit that was an odd way to open this, but it was not without meaning. You define what is real and what is not by making your beliefs your reality. The paradox in all of this is that most of you do not know who you are thus your beliefs are not really yours. It's quite tragic actually. However, there are other bases that need to be covered first so I must apologize for the cliffhanger. Sorry.

The things you believe in that aren't real put you inside the matrix. It becomes one with you making your lies seem real but a lie, no matter how good, can only be a lie. Even when you try and free yourself from it the matrix will fight to keep its hold with every last breath. Remember the chinese man? He couldn't escape it. The truth was shown to him and he could not replace his failed belief with it resulting in a system reboot.

It doesn't matter the truth nor the person, so try this for yourself. Fire one OBJECTIVE truth after another at someone who disagrees with your facts. They will gradually get angrier and angrier until they lose their mind / themself (temporarily of course) and became hate itself. It's very much like a computer that is asked to do more than it can handle and then crashes. It reboots forgetting everything that just occurred and goes on like the incident never happened. A person who is free is not robotic and in case you haven't figured it out yet, the matrix is the ego, sort of. It's a bit more complicated, but for now imagine humanity's collective ego bearing in mind that there is power in numbers.

My reason for writing this, my only intent is to free you from the matrix so that you may heal and become who you are. In order to do that we're going to have to cover a lot of ground and this will not be easy for either you or me. I will do my best to back up everything I say with logic since I won't be around to answer questions. If I do miss something, please research and feel free to post what you find here.

To start this we need to define you. You are both your conscious mind and subconscious mind. One of them is extremely more active in your life than the other and it's probably not the one you're thinking. Your subconscious mind is like a tape recorder constantly picking up everything you see, hear, and experience. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, 95% of your life will be lived through it. A Harvard study suggests the same thing finding that 95% of our shopping purchases are made with our subconscious minds.

The problem is a simple case of monkey see, monkey do. We pick up and repeat the most random information and in some cases we have no idea where we got the information. If you strongly disagree with something you hear then it's likely to have little to no effect. If you hear something regarding a subject you have no thoughts about, you've hit a crossroad. You can consciously think about the information and make up your own mind or you can pay it no attention. The latter has dire consequences.

It does not matter if it was paragraphs of information or a faint and short whisper heard from across the room, what goes in the mind stays in the mind. Knowledge can be forgotten, but never lost. Without consciously overriding what you perceived, your subconscious goes on to believe it without regard altering your reality. Just to give an example, I once read an article entitled "Television Made Me A Racist" which for the record I found hilarious.

Television and music are two of the biggest offenders. In both cases you have a ton of information being thrown at you quicker than you can logically think about what's being said. Television is a hard habit to give up though so really question yourself on why you watch it. I personally watch it as a last resort to stave off boredom, but even then I'd rather be doing something else. On the issue of music, look up lyrics. Don't fall victim to mindlessly (subconsciously) chanting something you disagree with.

Mainstream songs are typically the worst at having immoral lyrics. It's how the music industry operates. Go back and look up an artist's song lyrics before they made it into the industry and then after. You'll learn that a lot of their later songs weren't even written by them hence the complain of selling out. Odds are that if they've made it big then they've sold you. Perhaps try some "Bad Religion", "Tool", "Rebelution", or even "Iron Horse".

Be aware of the trance music being added to all genres of music nowadays. It's becoming increasingly more prevalent and it does what the name suggests. It puts you in a minor trance comparable to hypnotism and it makes you much more suggestible. There's one last issue on the TV box I'd like to clear up since I forgot it earlier. Even if you disagree with something you're watching, violence for example, constantly seeing it will desensitize you to the point where it becomes normal. Drama is a much better example. People have seen it so much that they've become drama, constantly seeking out negative interactions like addicts.

Advertising is another angle I absolutely must touch up on. It's so effective that people deny it works at all (matrix) despite the studies and billions of dollars spent on it each year. Really think about this. The next time you find yourself eating fast food ask yourself whether you consciously chose to do so or you had a random craving (subconscious). As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the great evils that should be destroyed. There's no gray area. It is psychology being used directly against you but the way it's taught is just as bad.

Despite being aware of all this, I'm still vulnerable to a McDonald's commercial advertising a tasty food-like substance, but my conscious mind knows better. This brings us to our next topic. Your body and mind work together. If you put low quality fuel in your body then both your mind and body will run at a low quality. If you don't know what something is then don't eat it. You don't randomly cram objects that you've never seen before down your mouth hole, so don't do it when it comes in a package labelled food. Take the time and research the ingredients.

There are countless studies available to you on everything you can imagine so get at it. Read it thoroughly, make sure it's logical and not crap science, and look up who funded it. What you'll find out is that you shouldn't be eating anything in a bag, can, box, or a food product that's labelled as "processed". Processed foods are rather interesting but I'll just say there's no human energy put into the manufacturing process which you'll understand later. Also, the purpose of eating is to refuel the body and if you're consuming that has zero vitamins and nutrients, that kind of defeats the purpose now doesn't it?

One final thing I'll give you on this is an experiment. Try to drink a Diet Mountain Dew. Immediately, you will notice that it taste like chemicals and it personally reminds me of a mixture of bleach and laundry detergent. After a week of drinking it, it will begin to taste very similar to a regular Mountain Dew. No, the recipe did not change. Your body got used to the chemicals and your brain now interprets it as a different flavor because bleach flavored soda is not going to sell.

By this point I hope you understand the importance of keeping a healthy body and mind because that was the easy part. If you can't accept the aforementioned truths then there's no point on continuing. What follows will seem much more difficult by comparison but I will not lead you astray. Now that you know what makes up your consciousness, it's time to talk about what makes up the rest of you.

We live in a world that is very much ran by fear. It's this fear that causes us to hide our true selves behind metaphorical masks, acting out a part for whoever we're interacting with per given moment. Our inner selves are silenced so that we may not be rejected or so that we can keep people at a distance. We torment ourselves trying to be something we're not. We completely die on the inside shortly after "teenage rebellion" when we become adults and encounter "life". To even call this majority practice "life" is a mockery of the word. It shall be replaced with "meaningless crap we do until we're incapable and die".

Right now, at this moment, you need to make up your mind. Do you want to feel alive or dead? I can only show you the door, I can't make you walk through it. Everyone seeks to be happy and it starts with bettering your own life and being good to other people. It feels nice to be good to other people, there's satisfaction in it. That isn't a very complex idea but it is so overlooked.

Before you can love any other person you have to love yourself. You can't give someone something you don't have. That's fake love but we'll get into that later. No, I'm not referring to self-worship but loving yourself from an almost third person perspective. You love who you are, the things you do, the things you're capable of. No one knows you like you do. However, there are circumstances that can prevent us from loving ourselves.

You have to heal, not doing so isn't an option. We have ALL done things we're ashamed of, things that make us cry, things that fill us with rage. You must forgive yourself. It is in the past and we can not go back to change it. Even if we could we shouldn't because these are our greatest opportunities to learn from our mistakes and grow. A minor mistake gives a minor lesson but a huge mistake will bust your balls with knowledge. The events that you can recall should be dealt with first since they're on your mind but unfortunately, there are some events that have caused us so much pain that we've repressed them to the point where we've convinced ourselves that they didn't actually happen.

Before I get into retrieving repressed memories I want to reaffirm the importance of getting over these events. They caused you a lot of pain when they happened and hiding them away deep inside your subconscious didn't heal that pain. You can bury an object but the object is not gone, only buried. Besides, it leaves a scar. You can look into someone's eyes and see their suffering even if they're not consciously thinking about it at the time. Deal with your problems and it will only make you stronger.

There are several methods for retrieving memories but only one will be discussed. Some of you know I did it gangamatically, but I neither encourage nor discourage this option. I only strongly suggest that you research it like there's nothing else that exists for you to do to pass the time. I'm all tapped out on this other method but it took nearly three years to reflect on 22 years of life. Meditate, meditate, meditate.

Sit in silence with your eyes closed and no outside distractions. Attempt to silence your mind. I assure you that thoughts will come and when they do, deal with them and let them pass to deal with the next one that pops up. The reason I don't do this so much anymore (for those curious) is because I can sit in silence for 30 minutes with ease where it used to be difficult to go a mere 30 seconds only to have a thought pertaining to the future pop up regarding something I'd like to do and has no relevance whatsoever with reflection. I'm at a stage where I meditate with my eyes open almost every second of the day, but don't try this yet. It comes naturally, it's not forced.

When you find what's causing your pain you then must ask yourself why is it causing you pain. What can learn about yourself from the incident? Did it direct your life on a new path? When you are healed you will no longer think of it as a bad memory, but rather something to laugh about. As each burden is removed you grow stronger and more comfortable with both your past and present.

You can't love what you hate and now that you're in the process of removing hate it's important that you understand love. Love and hate are black and white. There are no acceptable grey areas. Love and hate is all there is. Every action, every emotion, every single thing that exists is a result of one or the other. It is the duality that permeates the universe, the yin and yang, free will. All you need to know about love is the feeling that you had when you had your first crush as a small child. It was innocent and pure. Love just is. There's no effort involved. Hate is the matrix and it requires you to let go of love.

I know I've tried to describe a feeling I had as a child on here several times before that made the world seem magical and I was curious about everything. Childhood magic I called it. After a while it dawned on me that it was just love. I didn't know hatred. All aspects of it were non-existant in my life. It took many years and many events to break me on that because I didn't want to stop loving. Getting back to this "feeling" is the holy grail, the return to nirvana. I have more to add on this later.

Relationships and love seems to confound people and the divorce rate being what it is backs this up. You're certainly capable of loving everyone so how people choose to limit themselves to one person who doesn't meet all their needs blows my mind. Free love is right in this regard. I could go from person to person loving them all for different reasons, repeat the process from the beginning because I miss people, and live a perfectly happy life. Let's look at the situation in reverse though.

Imagine you were with someone you love and they cheated on you. They cheated on you in this case because you weren't giving them what they need, not because they stopped loving you. You both still love each other. You're in pain because of your ego and they're feeling guilty solely because of you and your ignorance. All that really occurred is the realization that one or both of you didn't have to offer what the other needed to grow. There's zero point in tormenting yourselves. This isn't to say a monogamous relationship couldn't work, it's just so rare I don't recall ever seeing it.

Quickly familiarize yourself with the concepts of soul mates and twin flames because I am going to give some credence to the theory (yes, theory). In all my existence on this planet I've only encountered one person who fit me like a glove. No one else has made me consecutively nervous since the day I met them up until the present (10 year period). It feels like nothing I could say or do would be good enough (to me, important difference), there's always more to express, and I could play this game of shenanigens for all eternity, at peace, even if I did nothing else. I would say she makes me uncomfortable but there's no place I'd rather be. You figure out what the hell that is because I'm out of ideas.

Thankfully, my thoughts on soul mates are fairly straightforward. What I would consider a soul mate is someone you've never had to wear a mask for. You were always naturally comfortable being your true self around this person as if you had already known them when you met them (wink wink). This would generally be someone you're very silly with because we all know it's not pleasant to be silly towards someone who doesn't get you. Sillyness is a very pure expression of love for this reason. Also, if you've met more than five people who fit this description in your lifetime I would be highly impressed.

Animals also happen to be a great reference towards love. We've all seen someone who really loves a pet. We should all treat each other like that. Why people reserve it only for their pets who don't understand what the hell they're saying I do not know. Not to get off topic but they do understand intent / energy and you can communicate with them efficiently if you know how. One expression IU'd like to end though is "yelled at like a dog". Don't yell at any animal. A dog can only be a dog. It does not understand your words, only your crazy hatred.

Understand love yet? Can we move on? Once you've started to heal and love yourself again you notice an inner contradiction. Moments occur where you want to say or do something, like something funny said in the moment, but you choose not to express it and then regret missing the opportunity. Let your inner self out. It is paramount that you start being yourself.

The true self and the mask can not exist simultaneously. The reasons for wearing the mask before should no longer exist. You are stronger now. If someone doesn't like you for who you are then your past relationship with them was built on a lie (matrix). It's not healthy to be in that environment. It only feeds your addiction to something that isn't real. You can only be happy with who you are if you're being who you are.

Truth be told, when you let all your (good) crazy out you will constantly be tripping people out. Brain farts will be all around. People inside the matrix expect your responses and actions to be within what they can perceive. They do not have free thought, theirs is imprisoned and limited. They want you to be like them and when they can't achieve that they turn to hate. It is the nature of the matrix. The love you feel for yourself and others makes you a light surrounded by a world of darkness. Do not let them stamp out your light. It will only cause you pain.

Having found this new existence you should naturally want to share it and make the world a better place. If you truely love someone and see that they're in pain then you would naturally try to end that pain. Meditate on why certain individuals are the way they are and confront them when you find the answer. If you do it in a loving way then you can do no wrong despite how they respond. Ask them what makes them act like they do and remind them of your intent. You have the capacity to heal others.

We should all want to have loving relationships with one another and that's only possible when we heal. I know a good majority of people who don't have a relationship with their parents but would like to. They don't know their kids and their kids don't feel like they can be themselves around them usually due to a sense of ownership. You will probably have to be the bigger person. Try to understand their psychology and confront the issue. I highly recommend reading Stefan Molyneux's book on raising children because it highlights a lot of injustices and you can find it for free by Googling his name.

I have not addressed fear at all really and I know it's going to come about because this is not easy. Fear is the king of irrationality and it is a burden on your life waiting to be conquered. Ask yourself whether you want to be afraid or not. When you say no and then don't want to do what it takes to get over that fear it is proof of irrationality. Face your fears at a comfortable pace and lose that feeling. This is a primary reason I like the green stuff. They say it makes you paranoid but it's just your fears cominhg out. You realize you're afraid of the things that you had no idea of before. It expands awareness, so once again, please research. Be aware that any epic moment of bad luck could go down at any time and you can't stop it. Come to terms with that.

Once you begin to overcome your fear you'll develop a greater trust in yourself which is key. If you can't trust yourself then you certainly have no buisness trusting others, and once again, the only thing preventing this trust in yourself is fear. Intuition is one of the biggest advantages in your mind's arsenal (more to come later) and once you learn how to use it properly it can do no wrong. There's protection with it that can only be experience by the aware and to maintain its flow you must remain unafraid.

Bruce Lee was on about the exact same thing with his flow like water metaphor and I've always thought about it in a similar way. Imagine being out on the ocean watching the waves go by. If you were to surf one then you would wait for the one that feels like yours, claim it, and ride it as far as it will take you. Intuition can be felt, not controlled. It is the inner voice urging you to follow its lead. Some of you might say that you don't have an inner voice that works like that. After you've meditated, dealt with all the issues on the surface and those that are hidden, it will return.

The importance of this part of your subconscious can not be stressed enough. It will absolutely not function correctly if you bog it down with junk information from TV or what have you. Instead of reciting insightful information that you've developed, you'll be popping off random meaningless crap. A new question should arise as your awareness increases, so remember, you're only done asking why when you choose to quit asking why. If your subconscious has come to the front has your conscious mind went to the back?

Through intuition your subconscious is what's verbally speaking and your conscious mind is sitting quietly in the back of your head, that is until you become aware that it's there and you realize that you can use both simultaneously. You can analyze your surroundings, think about something else entirely, or even sing the Meow Mix song. It's there for you to do whatever you want with. I can drive with my subconscious, albeit it's not generally intentional. It does a safe job. However, when I'm staring blankly forward lost in thought and I come back to, the "Oh #! I'm driving!" realization is more dangerous than letting my intuition handle it. The point is do not impede your flow.

Have you ever wanted to express an idea to someone where the idea has at least five parts that are connected to each other and each part has several subparts? It is quite ridiculous to try to organize all that information in your head so don't try. Trust yourself, start speaking, and go with the flow. The information will come, you already have it. Before I started writing this I brainstormed and had about 26 different topics to go over. For 10 seconds I thought about the order before declaring the hell with it and in my opinion this has turned out well so far.

I understand that this is a lot of information to take in. You don't have to learn it all in one go. If it helps then feel free to take notes. While on the issue of intellect, perhaps you've noticed that society looks down upon smart people. Well, just for them let's do some dumb people math. A dumb person has limited ways to have fun and enjoy life based on the amount of things that they can think of. A smart person can think of more ways to have fun, enjoy life, and even have an appreciate for things a dumb person will never understand.

As you expand your awareness you begin to pick up on useful things that you wouldn't otherwise notice and the more you do it, the more natural it becomes. For example, let's say you begin to notice the different tones in people's voices and the different ways their eyes look as they make statements. With time you'll be able to decipher the different meanings for each circumstance such as whether they're lying or not, and before you know it you won't have to do it consciously. It'll be intutition. Meditation can help with this, albeit it is slow, or you can go the other route. Your mind is like a search light surrounded by fog in every direction. Both paths help to clear the fog, but one is much more effective.

Let me get off this topic who's very definition means "to elevate" and tackle another aspect of awareness. How many of you realize that you're telepathic? For those of you who definately refuse to believe, how many times has someone else said exactly what you were thinking or vice versa? Did you establish who thought it first and how long it took for the other person to receive it? The mechanics behind it I'll get into in a bit, but the night I discovered this I had it happen around 10 times in a few hours. There was a divine push to make it happen frequently enough to make me notice it. These coincidences, as you call them, have an intelligence behind them making numerous circumstances take place to the point where there were so many circumstances that the circumstances themselves became more coincidences. I won't have to tell you what this is, but I like to think of it as an older brother.

The mind is that on thing everybody has but rarily uses. Our brains are capable of so much and it's a shame that we don't even try to crack the potential. When you close your eyes you have a mental screen that you can put anything you want on, whether it be images, text, or whatever. Are you aware that it still exists in the same place when you open your eyes? The potential for this is vast, but to give an example, there's no reason why you can't use this space like a chalkboard and do double digit multiplication with your eyes open. I'm aware that some people have more trouble visualizing than others because I used to be one of them. However, one thing that we all do is daydream and that counts. So why not daydream something pleasant and practice?

The last issue on this comes in the form of something you should be starting to feel, mental exhaustion. If you're not mentally fatigued by the end of the day then it's clear you're not using what you're capable of. I hit quite the conundrum with this. I've built my mental capacity up to such an extent that it's nearly impossible to burn through it all in a day without medicine making it extremely difficult to go to sleep. This is just a word of warning to those of you who don't want to experience 18-20 hour days while still wanting a full 8 hours of sleep making the 24 hour day useless for waking up and going to bed at the same time.

Now that you've been cautioned, we return to the mechanics of telepathy. Similart to if not the aura, you produce energy that spreads out in all directions. It can be consciously felt by other people if they're aware enough. Take for example someone who is either angry or depressed. They don't have to say a word or even be facing you (facial expressions) in order for you to pick up on what they're feeling. It also works in the same instance when you listen to someone who's angry rant for a length of time and then become angry yourself although you have nothing to be angry at and you were happy before the conversation started. You've absorbed the anger like a sponge.

The universe works in the exact same way as our thoughts constantly manifest our futures. The more energy you put into an idea the more likely that is to come to fruition. Pretend that you had been constantly thinking about an old friend you hadn't seen in many years and you had no way to contact them. One day you go out to town and run into them. This act of creation happens all the time with varying circumstances. Although we define our futures with our actions, we get to it with our thoughts. Black and white magic of year's past work upon the same principle differing in intent, producing either a curse of a blessing.

Where this becomes a problem is with our collective imagination. When you have a billion people believing in the same idea it's hard to stop it. This beast that is the matrix infects us all through common sources and we display our ignorance by calling it enertainment. The violence, fear, and drama that is broadcast to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a perfect reflection of the world in which we live. It has defined decades and continues to do so by telling us what to think, what to say, what to wear, and how to act. This media churns out robotic people one by one falling into their predisposed cliques based upon the programs (television shows) their subconscious minds clasped to, and then they turn around and have the arrogance to say that they're an individual. I simply ask of them to state how so.

Very few things exist on this planet with the power to change or create mass belief in an instant. Don't fall victim to this constant onslaught of negativity. Be mindful of the major themes going around world-wide and you'll be able to recognize the future before it unfolds. Just as we're able to control the future, there are forces at work that are able to control us.

Take a moment to Google "scientific proof for chakras" as I can not recall the specifics, or you can take my version, your choice. Your seven major chakras line up with your spine and responsible for different aspects of how you operate. For instance, when you first get that feeling of love for someone that includes nervousness, you feel "butterflies" in your stomach exactly where one of these chakras is located. Alternatively, when someone breaks your heart you get that sinking feeling in your chest, but if you'll notice, it's in the center of your chest and not to the side where your actual heart is. That's an example of your heart chakra shutting down making it so that you're not ready to feel love again for a while. (Google "chakra test" for further information)

These seven glands (chakras) all vibrate at different frequencies which happen to coincide with the different planets in our solar system. This is the reason for horoscopes and astrology. The information on how to accurately chart and interpret these horoscopes is as good as lost since it only exists today in secret sects that are built around gradually imparting knowledge to the select iniated. Other similar things such as palm reading are very much real while the knowledge to correctly interpret the meaning of said palms is almost non-existent. The things that are unique to your body exist for a reason.

The eyes I found to be more interesting. It's said that any black streak (absence of color) in the colored part of your eye represents a particular instance of trauma that has taken place in your life. As you heal, the black will change into color. There may be credence to this theory since my eyes changed from dark brown to hazel over a 3 year period and a friend of mine had a similar experience. Rather than that, I have no way to test it because I've yet to encounter someone willing to deal with their issues. Nonetheless, if you apply this and it does change then most definately post about it because it is intriguing.

Having brought up the issue of controlling forces, let's discuss something you shouldn't do which is trying to control others. Try all you like, it's not going to work, and if it succeeds in anything then it's angering the person you're trying to control. Minus the fact you're trying to take away someone else's freedom, there's a good chance at least one parent did this to you and you probably didn't like it. Understand that people are free to make their own decisions and even if you don't agree with them, love them regardless. These disagreements do cause problems though that are worth discussing.

The first rule is to drop all of your opinions and deal only in facts. An opinion is an admission to a belief that has no evidence. Doing this alone resolves the issue of creating disagreements for the most part. If you say "Lady Gaga makes good music" then that is a highly disputable opinion. Instead, saying "I like Lady Gaga's music" makes it a fact and the only person who can argue against that is you, and I would recommend it in this case. Another issue with this that is a bit more tricky is casting judgment. If you state a fact about someone and it just so happens to be negative then it's not a judgment, but a fact. It took me a while to learn to seperate the two.

Once you quit dealing in opinions you shouldn't have a lot of stones to throw at others.Blind prejudices cause probably more problems with this than anything else. Everything is different from one person to the next so look at things on a case by case basis. You don't know all the circumstances that led a person to do whatever. The main point of this though is to quit negativity, especially to someone who may be doing something negative. Who's the real monster anyway when you could be helping someone and you choose to demonize them? Love and hate, all there is.

All of your emotions, anything that you feel is felt because you allow yourself to feel it. If you're frustrated then you feel frustrated until you resolve the issues causing your frustration. The issue that's causing it could last longer than your life does so be the bigger person and make peace. Once you learn and apply all of these principles your ego becomes something you use at extreme and rare circumstances as opposed to living through it all the time. You start to perceive the world as it is and you question things you didn't know were questionable. All the conspiracies that I've mentioned in the past I'll never have to say another word about.

You all have to make a decision. It's time for you to decide what the meaning of life is going to be. Do you seek materialism or do you seek meaning. What makes you happy? Do not think for an instance you have to follow a path that someone else has made. You are free to make your own. Live by your own morals and rules, have no authority over you. I have left my mark on the Mods here because of this, but I have no regrets. Given the opportunity, I would do it again. Letting someone else control what you do is a ridiculous concept if you believe that you were born free. You only answer to yourself.

As for the holy grail, the return to nirvana, it is but a choice. It is complete inner peace. I've only experienced it four times. Imagine being in a constant state of bliss where nothing, no matter how bad, can take away your bliss. You always see the positive side of things in a complete sense of humility. Everything is wonderful yet there is no reason why nor the need for one. How do we get there? You become love and forget hate. As many a sacred text suggests, only a child can enter the kingdom. That childhood curiosity returns and regardless of what you're doing, you're always playing."

posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 02:24 PM
If you are talking about mentally rising up from a mental death then yes I have done it, physically I am not Jack Harkness so I don't know what you are expecting of me

posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 05:31 PM
a child is an ‘I’-saying entity. it still is that much one with everything, with its mother or father or any authority in the environment, that it does not know better and has no concept of the ‘outside’ or of ‘you’. it is in an innocent state of bliss.

when the child dies to itself, it is totally at the mercy of ‘you’. may that be the family, the education system, tv or pop songs, any literature for that matter, good or bad. the entity is still saying ‘I’ - however now it is antagonistic to the ‘you’ (a healthy state that should last as long as the entity needs to process its resistance to the fake reality around it and allows itself to grow beyond) - or it is totally absorbed by it and dead, so to speak. it is not bliss at all.

to free itself from this weird experience is extremely difficult. the OP is so accurate in explaining this, that I just marvel at the simplicity installed. truly an insightful light.

the ‘I’ entity learns then to see the world as ‘we’. and that happens when ‘love’ is fully known. we then are in a consciously activated state of bliss.

this is also the time when the twin flame can be experienced.

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 11:30 AM
You should write a book.

Wait a minute, you DID!

Well, I thought you made a few good points. A bit over-the-top in idealism, but sorry to say you'll probably outgrow that.

Your specific advocacy for "free-love" is sure to catch some attention. Seems like it has been tried from time to time, without much actual success. Don't get me wrong, it sounds great, just not sure it can work with humanity, as it is, not to mention pesky biology screwing things up too.

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 02:46 PM
Ultimatley, when nature allows one to succeed, the victor does so because his prey was unaware at the moment of capture, likewise, to spoil the joke, is basically to undo the effects of events that have already come to pass, and in doing so, there is a form of destruction.
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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 09:33 PM
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Thanks for reading, I'll be sure to notify you on the release of future books.

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