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The West Bank

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posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 01:47 AM

Interesting, eh?

Considering these facts that you now know . . . why do you suppose that they are not talked about much?

posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 02:52 AM
I'm guessing because Palestinians(jews, muslims and christians) were living quite happily before the jews took over half their land. Just a hunch

I wonder how you'd like it if the world turned around and said oh their is 300million muslims from around the world who are being oppresed so we're going to divide America up and give the 300million Americans currently living there less than half the land and give the rest to those muslims, oh and then we are going to give the muslims a **** load of money and weapons to make sure the Americans wont stand a chance of fighting for the land back, and if they do attempt to fight for that land with what little we leave them then we'll do our best to make sure the world calls them terrorists. Oh and then we're going to perform false flag operations in countries that give the Americans any aid to make it look like the Americans are attacking them in order to get these countries to have sympathy for the muslims cause.

I dont expect a zionist jew like yourself to understand though.

posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 03:15 AM
Right, well some of these facts are incorrect. If you have read resolution 242, in the caluses (the numbered articles) which are the legally binding sections you will see that no where in it does it state the borders are to be negotiated.
Here is a link to UNSCR 242.

Secondly his analysis of the Oslo accords is entirely flawed. Firstly the percentages are incorrect and secondly he does not go into depth at all about zone A and B. Zone A was to be administered entirely by the Palestinians, both security and and civillian affairs. This made up about 4% of the West Bank. Zone B would see civillian administration under taken by the Palestinians andThe actual fact is that the original propsed borders drawn up by Israel under Barak left Israel in control of 13% of the West Bank including settlements and the seperation border. Baraks final offer reduced it to 12%. However the most alarming factor is the actual borders. Firstly it split the West Bank in half with one area of proposed Israel land extending passed Jerusalem and all the way passed Jericho to the Jordanian border. Another area ensured Ramallah was almost virtually encircled by Israel. The areas which were to be administerd entirely by the Palestinians included Tulkam, Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah, Jericho, Bethlehem and Hebron. While Oslo marked an important time ending Israels coercive control over the Palestinian people, it also was taken as somewhat of a joke by the natives. Shlomo Ben Ami the Israeli foreign minister under Barak himself said that were he a Palestinian he would reject the offer.

It is also imporant to note that Israel pulled out of the Taba negotiations on January 27, earlier than planned and ten days prior to the Israeli elections schefuled on Feb 6th. The two parited (Israel and Palestine) offered a joint declaration stating they "have never been closer to reaching an agreement and it is thus our shared belief that the remaining gaps could be bridged with the resumption of negotaitions following the Israeli elections. Of course we all know who won the elections.

Here is another fun fact and that is water distribution. Israel takes 80% of the Water extracted from the West Bank aquifiers. Water is the most vital resources in this arid area. It is a long standing fact, that while Israel has been able to use its water to create a beutiful Oasis (as I call it) its water managment has essentially been flawed and a complete joke. Many may try to deny so but they would be lying through there teeth to claim Israeli water managment is unsustainable. It is creating useful land but it is resulting in the over use of water thus the necessity to obtain more from the West Bank.

Most of the other facts in this video were spot on primarily those relating to the Jordanian occupation. However it is important to note that a Palestinian state is not a Jordanian state.

Lemon.Fresh I regard you as a generally honest and rational individual, I respect your opinion and believe it has both weight and merit. Yet I highlight that as the honest individual you are, it is important that you actually check the facts regarding information you post on this forum. One source and that one source being a propagandized pro-Israeli youtube video is not reliable. None-the-less. S+F for the interesting video, however most of these facts have been discussed on this forum.
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