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Paul (Alien Comedy Film) the Anti-Christ and Luciferian Cult Media (SPOILERS)

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posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 04:01 AM
Interesting take on the movie and it was very entertaining to read.

I for one loved the movie. I didn't think they would let a main stream movie like this, that openly bashes religion out.

I do not think I would say this is a god/Satan movie, I would say it is a make fun of religious people. Of course it's entertainment but, the fact they made the religious believer so idiotic was so damn funny. Kristen wigg is funny enough as is, but the role she played was great.

I am all for making fun of religions, it seems as if it is the only thing that is frowned upon anymore.

They're crazy, they believe in the grown up santa clause, now that's funny. It's not satanic to think this, that is just more of their rhetoric to make their weak followers believe their loving god is going to make me burn for eternity.

If there is a heaven and hell, why would Satan punish you when you got there? He would be like a buddy, wouldn't he? He would embrace you, give you hugs, perhaps a cigar.
And anyways, hell is where all the hot chicks are, who wants a bible follower in the bedroom? And drugs...there's no drugs in heaven...


posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 11:33 AM
MasterGemini, I enjoyed all your observations on Paul.

I thought the movie was good, but I felt some of the character dynamics were lazy, and fit right into "us or them" American stereotypes.

For example, if you renounce faith in a belief system, you must instantly begin cussing, drinking, smoking, fornicating...etc.

Evolution is for the fornicators, and creationism for the rednecks, with no shades of grey.

And although the part of Paul was written for Seth Rogan, it's hard to imagine a space traveling, cloaking, biologically healing entity to have the ego of a high school sophomore.

Anytime a major film deals with aliens, religion, science, and secret government agencies, I wouldn't be surprised to find hidden symbolism slipped in.

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 10:59 PM
just watched the movie yesterday. It was pretty good, I liked all the movie references throughout the movie. You went way in depth with all the symbolism in the movie. I was mostly watching the movie with the whole "aliens as demons" concept, as that is something I have been looking into a lot lately. I wasn't looking for things in the movie to necessarily fit the concept, as I was just mainly having a good time, but some things I noticed:

Pauls eyes are definitely human looking, not the dark black that is normally depicted. Maybe to give him a more "human" look so we can relate. I found it interesting because I have read some things about how the black eyes may be just coverings to protect their eyes, and they actually have more human looking eyes. Of course no way to prove this, but I thought it was something interesting to note.

The whole Darwin concept with the daughter and how Paul was trying to play the evolution card. Then she was awakened by Paul's "mind meld" and basically put her religious views to rest. Also the miracles that Paul would perform: bringing the bird back to life, only to eat it, giving the girl her eyesight back, and also bringing back Simon Peggs character back to life after a gunshot wound. Made me think that the alien/demon can perform the same miracles as God, only to deceive man to not believe the miracles of God and to not have any faith in religion.

There were some other things that Paul said in the movie that I thought were anti-religion, but can't remember off hand. Also, did you notice the photo of G.H.W Bush? Can't remember what it had written over it, but it clearly looked like he was giving the "O-Kay" sign, or 666. Also the address at at one of the stores they were at was 119 or 9-11 backwards, the same store has a sign in the window for something for sale at $9.99, or the mirror of 666. Of course they were pretty subtle, and were only visible for a few seconds, but they were there. Most people probably wouldn't even have a second thought to it or even notice it. Once you recognize the symbolism used in the occult, you start seeing it in everyday things, TV, movies, etc... and you start to realize it's pretty blatant and in your face, if you know what you are looking at. Of course not everyone has an open mind or understands the concept of this hidden symbolism.

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by HarbingerOfDoom

Wow. . .

LoL and you say you were just enjoying it and you caught that? Good stuff!

Yeah, GHWB is CIA Skull and Bones and all kinds of nasty. A prisonplanet documentary connects him to the Bay of Pigs through his oil company Zapata oil. The bay of pigs was called operation Zapata. Too bad this was before Georgey boy was ever in the CIA officially.

In skull and bones his nickname is supposed to be Magog or the army of Lucifer. And He has taken America into any wars over the years.

It could all be true.

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