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The biggest religious movement you never heard of

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 11:29 PM
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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 06:30 PM
Another great one M. S&F.

If it hasn't been said bears repeating.

Facism will come to America wrapped in the flag and waving a cross. S. Lewis

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 03:30 AM

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by Misoir

"they literally demonize religions outside of evangelicalism, including burning of Mormon, Catholic and Native American artifacts

To those who know their history - and I know we are rapidly becoming an endangered species - the Bible as we know it is a direct result of the Council of Nicaea and the Ecumenical Councils which followed. Many have nit-picked that no Canonized Bible resulted from the First Council of Nicaea, which is true. The Catholic Elders were working on their version of their enemies list long before, and only released it later on, but the First Council of Nicaea was where they received the official endorsement from the Pagan Emperor Constantine I. What resulted from the issuance of this decree was murder, genocide, and book burnings for centuries, all whitewashed with the brush of heresy.

Who comprised the attendees of the Council of Nicaea? Well Wikipedia says;


The Council was the first effort to attain consensus in the church through an assembly representing all of Christendom.[2]

Hmm! Maybe I am off base here, but look there is that little number 2 there. Shall we look? Yes, lets.

If we scroll down the page to nearly the bottom. Look for where it turns blue. It tells who recognized these Councils.

West & East
E. Orthodox, Roman Catholic & Old Catholic Nicaea I (325) · Constantinople I (381) · Ephesus (431) · Chalcedon (451) · Constantinople II (553) · Constantinople III (680–81) · Nicaea II (787)

I attended a series of Catholic Private schools all my life and I was taught that the main difference between E. Orthodox was that they were stricter, and did not believe in the infallibility of the Pope. So what we see here is basically Catholicism, not Christendom. Hmm!

How can they base their faith on the Bible, which is a Catholic artifact, and then say they want to destroy Catholic artifacts. Hello? Earth to NAR, come in please.

First I've heard of this "movement". I suspect though that it is Government funded, monitored and controlled. It almost has to be. George Bush's behavior in office was anything but Christian, and yet the honestly devout who are scared and worried, as we all are, will be herded into the voting booths to vote Ja in the next plebiscite for the next appointee. The sad part is that they will believe they are doing it for good reasons, and that it was their decision.

Those of us who have them, have really let our children down. Look what we left them. A runaway train.

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 05:17 PM
This is one of the few threads that actually scares me....

everyone here will laugh at me.... I think I will be changing plans....

revolt in 2100

The afterword describes three stories which describe the beginning of the theocracy and subsequent beginnings of rebellion against it. "The Sound of His Wings" would have concerned a televangelist named Nehemiah Scudder who rides a populist, racist wave of support to the Presidency. "Eclipse" describes the subsequent collapse of American society with particular emphasis on the withdrawal from space travel by the new regime. "The Stone Pillow" offers the rise of the rebellion which the protagonists of "If This Goes On-" later join; it is noteworthy that the Rebellion (styled the "Second American Revolution" in later stories of the Future History) includes Mormons, Catholics, and Jews, groups suppressed by the Theocracy, working in concert with Freemasons. Internal evidence of the series, particularly conversations in Methuselah's Children and Time Enough For Love place the Scudder election in the year 2012.

the voting percentage was 35%...


I am going to have to find something I may have found a conspiracy a long time ago and done nothing with it... this is a piece...

if perry is elected and the religious aspect is true their will be no election in 2016....

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